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10 Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet

Article written by Joan Jennings

One common question that we at LBEB get asked is, “what are some different ways I can incorporate protein powder into my diet”? Most people just consume protein powder with water in order to get their daily fill, but I’m here to tell you there’s more interesting options than just mixing with water. Here’s how I make everyday foods and drinks better by adding protein powder.

1. Pudding

Tapioca and pudding are some of my favorite snacks, and I take this to the next level by adding half a scoop of vanilla protein powder to it. Make sure to add a flavor that makes sense so it doesn’t clash. Since tapioca and vanilla pudding are my preference, I add vanilla protein to make the flavors consistent.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is one food that’s very versatile in terms of adding protein powder. Since there’s so many yogurt options, any fruit flavor would work. I personally prefer Greek yogurt since the consistency is thicker and can mask the powder taste a little better.

3. Coffee

Thanks to the official LBEB protein coffee connoisseur Fletcher Pierce, we’re now obsessed with adding protein to coffee. Like many people, I enjoy a cup of Joe every morning so including a bit of protein is a no-brainer. Due to my love for anything cinnamon-related, I like to add cinnamon bun flavored protein to it which works really well. If you’re feeling a little more daring, Fletcher will tell you that mango protein with coffee is the way to go.

Fletcher and his Bubba Mug

4. Milkshake

While this isn’t something you drink on a regular basis, you can make your milkshakes better by adding a scoop of protein to it. What can be better than dessert with 40 grams of extra protein?

5. Granola & Cereals

If you’re a simple breakfast kind of person, adding protein powder to your morning cereal is a great way to go. It’s easy and tastes great. I like to use something generic like vanilla or chocolate protein so it doesn’t clash with the cereal.

6. Pancakes & Waffles

If you’re more ambitious and make the effort to prepare pancakes or waffles for breakfast, those can also be great options for being an extra source of protein. Just add a scoop of vanilla protein to your batter and mix before you begin cooking.

7. Baked Goods

There are tons of baked goods that would work well with protein powder without ruining the flavor. Making blueberry muffins? Add a scoop of blueberry protein to the batter mixture. Making brownies? Add a scoop of chocolate protein.

Depending on what you’re making, adding protein to these foods and drinks can taste a little grainier than you’re typically used to, however mixing with the right protein powder will not compromise the flavor if done correctly. Plus, in the end, what’s wrong with a little change in texture if you’re wanting to make gains?

Since there’s so many different food and drink flavors, I keep a collection of different protein flavors to be able to mask the powdery flavor. Most places will sell protein in 5lb bags which can get pricey if you’re looking to purchase multiple options. My favorite site is True Nutrition ( which actually sells it in 1lb containers, so it makes purchasing multiple flavors much more affordable. Luckily, since True Nutrition is also the official supplier for LBEB, everyone can get an extra discount on their purchases by using the code: LBEB5.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate protein in your diet? Share your ideas in the comments!

11 thoughts on “10 Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet

  1. I’ve found that adding gelatin to my herbal tea is an easy way to add a small amount of protein each day. Sure it’s only 7 grams each time, but I drink 4 cups of tea, so really that’s 28g of protein I wouldn’t otherwise get.

    I buy Great Lakes brand gelatin, which has the benefit of coming from all grass fed cows.

  2. I tried whey isolate and coffee a few years back. Definitely did not work even with a blender for me. Protein also doesn’t seem to mix well with beer, if you are trying to add more carbs in at the end of your day.

  3. Cottage cheese and casein. Tastes great and keeps me full overnight. Add some granola for a great contrast in textures.

  4. I’m going to have to get into the pudding – I forgot about that. I enjoy my fair share of cottage cheese and I also have a new found love for hard boiled eggs. I work long 12-13 hour shifts in the hospital and grabbing a hard boiled egg and some almonds does the trick to give me a boost. Sometimes eating is the hardest part of working out…

    I can’t believe someone tried beer and protein powder haha…

  5. Killer oatbran recipe (yes, oatbran can actually taste good!)

    Oatbran (stone ground)
    protein powder
    peanut butter
    syrup (or molasses)
    raisins (or prunes or both)
    almonds (or other nuts)
    milk (or water…milk tastes better but doesn’t last as long)
    make per instructions on the box and add all this good stuff in while its hot so it mixes easier.

    put in fridge for up to 5 days (I’d say 3 days with milk maybe).
    can easily cut into squares and microwave, just add a bit of h20 or milk before microwaving.

    add in bananas/apples/berries after microwaving!

  6. Probably a silly question because you can always use more protein but I eat eggs and sausage in the morning, a large helping of meat (chicken, beef, or fish) for both lunch and dinner, and then a pre-workout of BCAA and a post-workout protein shake with my evening workout. Should I still be adding an additional protein source throughout the day, like a shake or one of these ideas?

  7. Aren’t there issues with protein becoming less effective when exposed to heat due to some of the bonds being broken down?

  8. Are the other three ways a secret? I only see 7.

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  10. This could be shortened to about a paragraph. and here it is.
    1. Buy LBEB protein (it’s delicious btw)
    2. Find any food that is in a somewhat liquid state at any point in the cooking process.
    3. Put protein powder in it.
    4. Consume.

    Also, if it’s not in a liquid state. Blend it up with heavy cream, and put protein powder in it.

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