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Announcing the LBEB Recipe Subscription Service

Lifters, followers, countrymen: lend me your ears (and eyeballs).  I love cooking, and I love experimenting in the kitchen with new techniques and recipe combinations. However, it is a mountain of work just in the kitchen, not to mention the time it takes to take photos & videos, write recipes and edit videos for Youtube and Facebook. In addition to this, there is a significant financial cost as well: for the kitchen tools, the hosting fees, and the ingredients themselves. As much as I enjoy working on the recipes for free, I have to be able to justify the time and labor spent on those recipes, or I will be unable to continue making them.

Because of this, I am announcing a new service for those interested in the daily meals and kitchen experiments I post: the LBEB Recipe Subscription Service.

With this service, you will get exclusive access to recipes that I will not post anywhere else online. You will receive a unique and original recipe delivered directly to your email inbox once a day, five days a week. Some of the recipes will include photos with the step-by-step instructions, based on how much work is involved with the recipe, some will include a video, but all will include a photo of the final product. The recipes will be straightforward meals:  I don’t cook under a paleo/low-carb/keto/etc. umbrella. If a recipe falls under one of those categories, then that’s great! But they won’t be limited by any of those options.

Now, you may not use every single recipe that I send out, as some may involve kitchen equipment you don’t currently have, but the majority of them will be recipes that can be used by the average cooking enthusiast. There will, of course, be sous vide recipes, as you know I love my sous vide cooking.

The subscription will be very affordable, with the three options as follows:

Monthly Subscription: $9.99
6-Month Subscription: $29.99
Yearly Subscription: $49.99

You can cancel the subscription service at any time, although there are no refunds for this service. Your emails will start arriving 2-3 days after you sign up, so make sure you use your current email if your Paypal is tied to another account.

By signing up for this service, you will help support the LBEB brand as I continue to make original content, free articles, videos and tutorials, and finally, help lay the groundwork for my cookbook. You can register on the signup platform below. Bon appetit!

Recipe Subscription Options