August 2017

Pump Dragon Is Now Available

August 2017

A Sample of the Pump Dragon Training Program

July 2017

Get Ready for Bratsgiving with Johnsonville
Finding Inspiration to Drive Motivation and Enhance Performance

June 2017

Don’t Believe The Memes
A Guide To Flexible Dieting

April 2017

Bloody Shins Don’t Mean You’re Deadlifting Properly
Squat Hand Placement
Why Your Training Sucks and You Keep Getting Hurt

March 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Forming Unbreakable Habits

February 2017

Four Nails in the Coffin of a Strength Coach

December 2016

LBEB Mental Health: Suicide

December 2016

Two Reasons Why You NEED to Pinch Lift
Weak Backs Are Injury-Prone Backs

November 2016

College Students: Science-Backed DIY Eating Guide

October 2016

Inner Dialogue: Why You Need to Toughen Up
College Students: Meal Prepping
Using Rest-Pause Sets To Your Advantage
College Students: Bulking on a Budget

August 2016

Nutrition Mythbusting: Does Paleo Reset and/or Boost Your Metabolism?
Nutrition Mythbusting: Are Cleanses A Scam?
A Review Of My Own Coaching Services
How Serious Athletes Deal With Intentional Weight Gain
Nutrition Mythbusting: Sugar vs. HFCS
Mental Illness Isn’t A Competiton
Nutrition Mythbusting: Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice
Nutrition Mythbusters: Food Cravings
9 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Competitors

July 2016

Are You Ready To Compete On The Stage?
Why Your Training Needs Focus

June 2016

Dedication or Disorder?
10 Things I Wish I Would Have Learned Sooner
Physique Sports & Eating Disorders
When Workout Endorphins Replace Unhealthy Addictions
Complexity versus Simplicity: Human Factors in Sports and Fitness
The Cascade Strongman Challenge
The Importance Of Filming Your Lifts

May 2016

Is Working In A Gym The Best Thing For Your Own Training?
Eating Disorders In The Fitness Industry: A Marketing Tool?
Is Your Warmup Preventing Progress?
Rack Pulls: Helping or Hindering?
Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
Getting Started In Strength Training Later In Life

April 2016

Lost In Translation? UK vs USA Gym Life
Building Muscle On A Vegan Diet
Product Review: The Muscle Masher
Strength Training & Menopause: What To Expect
Programming For Success

March 2016

How Your Female Body Mechanics Affect Your Lifting
Get Over Yourself
The Surprising Mindset Changes Of Every Female Lifter
Reintroducing Training As A New Mom
Vegetarian Nutrition For Strength Training

February 2016

Female Anatomy, The Q-Angle, And Lifting
Set A Strong Mindset Before You Transition Out Of The Fitness World
Highland Games: Why It May Be the Sport for You
Keep Your Head Up: Deadlift Neck Positions
A Little Something Special: A Brief Guide to Specialty Barbells
When The Search For Silver Lining Holds You Back

January 2016

Keep It Real: How To Set Realistic (But Ambitious) Expectations In Strength & Physique
Training & Recovery During Your Menstrual Cycle
The Importance of Absolute Strength For Crossfit Athletes

December 2015

Female Guns: A History of Women in Strength & Physique Sports

December 2015

Wasted Energy: Deadlifts
How To Get Out Of A Funk
Re-thinking The Need To Snatch

November 2015

Weight-Gaining Tips From A Pro
Eating Disorders And Lifting

October 2015

Brine Your Meats For Increased Moisture Retention
When Athletes Act Like Children
Why Are You Doing That?
Weightlifting and Trigger Points: Scalenes
Nutrition Made Simple
Meat and Agriculture: Separating Fact From Fallacy

September 2015

Wasted Energy: Squat Walkouts
Freshman 15: Eating Like An Athlete On Campus
Interview With J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
My Top Three Lasagna Recommendations
Get Stronger Now

August 2015

Stop Waiting To Be Proud Of Yourself
Mobility For Sitting On Your Ass All Day
Warm Up Like You Have A Clue
The Problem With Confidence
Deadlift Cues & The Paused Deadlift
Workout Nutrition Timing: Fact vs. Fiction
Cookoff Challenge w/ Gentleman & Meathead

July 2015

Health At Every Size & Obesity: My Thoughts
Correcting The Two Big Deadlift Sticking Points
Superior Training For the Military Athlete

June 2015

Kettlebells For Strength Gains And Fat Loss
Four Exercises To Eliminate Lower Back Pain

May 2015

Zercher Squats: The Beginner’s Guide
How To Flip A Tire 101
Strongman Recap: 2015 Ronnie Coleman Classic
Supplements That Actually Work (Without The Hype)
Stop Liking What I Don’t Like!

April 2015

Top 5 Ways To Stay Motivated
Protect Your Neck Pt. 2
The Ideal Performance State
When Shouldn’t You Just Train Through The Pain?
9 Mistakes That I Made At My 9th Competition

March 2015

How To Build Your Lats
A Simple Approach To Bulgarian Training For Powerlifting
Mastering The Circus Dumbbell
Corrective Care: Protect Your Neck
Knee wraps: How, When, and Why
LBEB Sponsorships Are Now Open
The thin line between Champ and Chump; Squat depth in Powerlifting

February 2015

Exercise Addiction (It’s a thing)
Adolescents and Strength Training: Busting the myths
42 tips & tricks to improve your deadlift
What Is Alpha?
Rehabbing with a purpose
Dumbbells or Dumbasses?
LBEB is Pro-Science
The Best Exercise You aren’t doing: Zercher Squats

January 2015

Strongman Training Combos for Strength and Size
Caring For Your Traps
You can’t JUST deadlift
Brandon Powerlifting Meet Recap
How blowing out my back added 75lbs to my squat (so far)

December 2014

Squat Variations For Increased Performance

December 2014

Psychological Strategies For Gaining Weight
The 12 Days Of LBEB Pt. 3
How To Tell When Science Reporting Is Bullshit

November 2014

Training For Strong(wo)man Without The Implements
Using Holidays Cheats To Stay JACKED
Lifting On The Road
Trigger Points & Weightlifting: Sternocleidomastoids
Conditioning For The Combat Athlete
You Have No Idea What You’re Doing
Three Exercises I Wish I Would Have Started Sooner
Sleep: You’re Doing It Wrong
Lift Big Eat Big Forums Are Now Open!
How To Develop Power Like A Freight Train

October 2014

Caffeine & Training: The Most Comprehensive Article On The Internet
Five Beginner Questions Answered, Pt. 2
Is A Back Injury The End Of Your Lifting Career?
Becoming A Firestarter: How To Burn Bright Without Burning Out
Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Lift Big Eat Big
Why Your Gym Total and Meet Total May Differ
You Aren’t Made of Glass: Strengthening the Lower Back
Eight Beginner Questions Answered
No B.S. Bench Press Programming For Strength Gains
Corrective Cardiac Output Circuits for Strength Athletes

September 2014

Our Top Five Supplement Recommendations
Bulking The Lean Way
Do You Want To Squat Big Numbers?
Eight Ways To Become a Better Lifter Right Now
So You Want To Be a Heavyweight?
Should You Be Doing a Smolov Cycle?

August 2014

Do You Want To Squat Big Numbers?
Bulking The Lean Way
Athlete Interview Series: Kevin Oak
Tips for a Successful Powerlifting Meet
Want To Cut Weight For Competitions? This Is How I Do It
Building A Thicker & Stronger Upper Back Pt. 2

July 2014

Think You Don’t Need Sumo Deadlifts? You’re Wrong
Want A Bigger Deadlift? This Is How I Got Mine
Different Muscles For Different Presses
Athlete Interview Series: Allison Moyer
Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Coaching
Five Ways You Are Holding Back Your Own Strength
Athlete Interview Series: Stefanie Tropea
Training Your Core
Athlete Interview Series: Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson
Athlete Interview Series: Grant Higa “Monster”

June 2014

Athlete Interview Series: Erika Drinkard
Me vs. Myself: Why You Need To Compete
Athlete Interview series: Jay Holder
How To Warm Up For A New PR
Athlete Interview Series: Rory Zambard
Maxing Out: Singles Vs. Reps
Memoirs of a Strongman
I Have A Bad Back: Training with Back Pain

May 2014

You Don’t Like Crossfit? Get Over It
What’s Your Press?
Shin Splints: What You Need To Know
What Is It Like To Be Married To A Strongman?
Interview With Pat Mendes

April 2014

How And When To Use A Belt
Elbow Pain: What You Need To Know
Being A Purist Won’t Make You Stronger
How To Build The Best Training Environment
It’s called a deadlift for a reason
Training The Farmer’s Walk
It’s Time To Shut Up About Rounded-Back Deadlifts
Why You Can’t Just Squat, Bench, & Deadlift Forever

March 2014

Direct Calf Training
Thoracic Mechanics: Ditching the Quasimodo
Conditioning for the Strength Athlete
How To Build Your Superior Posterior
5 Common Beginner Athlete’s Questions Answered
Alanna Casey: Arnold Strongwoman Champion
How To Get Bigger & Stronger Quads

February 2014

10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Progress In Your Training
Deadlift Cues & The Paused Deadlift
Training Deadlift: Targeting Your Weakness, Part 2
Box Squat: You’re Doing It Wrong
The Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet Wrap Up w/ Alanna Casey
Lifting Etiquette
Foot Position in the Squat: A Sports Medicine Perspective
Best Accessory Exercises for Strongman
Practical Training Advice
Training Deadlift: Targeting Your Weakness Pt. 1

January 2014

Today I Had The Worst Squat Session Of My Life…
Interview With Nick Best-Pro Strongman
Starting Strong(wo)man: Leave Your Ego at the Door
How Can I Get Sponsored?
Controlled Aggression

December 2013

The Clean Eating Myth; Why Insulin Isn’t the Bad Guy

December 2013

Interview With Ian Wilson
Training To Failure
Body Image Shaming Is Body Image Shaming
Strongman, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Weightlifting, OH MY!
What Weight Class Should I be In?
LBEB Holiday Wishlist For Strength Athletes
The 12 Days Of LBEB
Women: Building the Upper Body
How Much Volume Should I be Doing?

November 2013

Women: Training During ‘That Time’ of the Month
Making Time For What You Want
Training With Axles
10 Little Tips To Help You Sound Like A More Seasoned Athlete
Fixing Your Atlas Stone Technique
Fasted Cardio
Arm Training For Strength Athletes

October 2013

Tangible Goal Setting
Let The Healing Begin
Keeping It Simple
Why I Don’t Promote “Clean Eating”
10 Things Succesful Athletes Do
Hardening Your Brain

September 2013

Powerlifting VS. Strongman For Crossfit Training
How Often Should I Test My Max?
“Hey, When Do I Use…”
From Gym Bro To Strongman
3 Things You Are Doing To Help Your Olympic Lifts (That Aren’t Actually Helping)
High Bar Squats VS. Low Bar Squats
3 Ways To Increase Your Deadlift

August 2013

Competition Preparation
Deadlifts: Bounce Vs. Reset
Bands, Chains, Speed Work, Oh My!
Beyond Running: Simple Conditioning Pt. 2
Simple Conditioning For Fat Loss
“But I Eat Sooooo Much!”
Birth Control & Muscle Gains

July 2013

10 Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet
Call It A Comeback
The Snatch: What You Need To Know
LBEB Warmup Series: Deadlifts
LBEB Warmup Series: Front Squats

June 2013

Shove Your Knees Out!
10 Reasons Why Heavy Lifting Is Terrible For Women
Am I Plateauing?
3 Ways To Improve Your Grip Strength

May 2013

Juicing Cleanses and Eating Disorders
The Rules Of Dragging Sled
Building A Thicker & Stronger Upper Back
Fixing Your Dip Issues
Changing Your Overhead Press

April 2013

Pick It Up
Fixing Your Early Arm Bend issues
The LBEB Training Method
A Case Against “Active Rest” Days
Do You Need To Stop Lifting In The Morning?
Stronger Than Before

March 2013

The Importance of Overhead Work
The Myth Of Perfect Form
High Heels And Athletic Performance
How Much Rest Do You Need Between Sets?
How To Be An LBEB Woman
Step Up Your Confidence Game

February 2013

Bad Habits Of The Power Clean
How To Eat Big On A Budget Pt. 3
What Are The Top 5 Movements?
Olympic Weightlifting For Sports Performance
Which Method of Squatting Should You Choose?
Sweeping The Bar: How To Fix Your First Pull
Fixing Your Overhead Wrist Position

January 2013

Powerlifting Misconceptions
How To Get Big While Doing Crossfit
Training Music
Keeping Women Down

December 2012

Picking Your Battles

December 2012

Is Stress Making You Weak?
When Listening To Your Body Doesn’t Work
Anabolic Gardens for LBEB
The 12 Days of LBEB

November 2012

Competition Preparation
The Importance of Spandex
A History of The Food Pyramid & Corporate Influence
LBEB Programming & Weight Jumps
Deloads For Powerlifters
Compression Straps for Recovery

October 2012

Mobility For Sitting On Your Ass All Day
The LBEB Hierarchy Of Training
The Continental Clean
Eating Bigger On A Budget
Proper Form
Deep Tissue Massage & Heavy Lifting
Motivational Failure
The Anatomy Of An Olympic Bar
Free or Box Squatting: Which Should I Use?
Muscle Imbalances Pt. 2: Mobility VS. Stability

September 2012

Dynamic Training
“Don’t Let your Knees Go Past Your Toes!”
Squats: Barbell VS. Smith Machine
Training Hard & Smart
Amino Acids 101
Upper Back Training
You Need To Compete Pt. 3: Picking Attempts

August 2012

Molding Your Athlete’s Brain
Adrenaline & Mental Preparation
Foot Strength & Mobility
Maximize Your Training Time
Shove Your Knees Out
How To Achieve Strongy Mchugeness
A Woman’s Guide to Cutting Weight For Meets
Coffee’s Gym & Lift Big Eat Big
Muscle Imbalances Hindering Your Performance?
PR Frequency For The New Athlete
The Press-Out
Hormones & Sleep
The Stretch Reflex
“But It’s Not What Nature Intended!”

July 2012

You Need Olympic Weightlifting Shoes
Deadlift Grips
The Benefits Of Assistance Gear
The Importance Of Sleep
Improving Your Jerk In 30 Minutes Or Less
Decrease Reps To Increase Performance
Digestive Enzymes
Tweak Something?
Beards & Strength
You Need To Compete Pt. 2
25 MORE Signs That You Lift Big & Eat Big
Tight Hip Flexors
LBEB & The Tactical Athlete: Conditioning
Decide To Be Big

June 2012

The Community
Strong Spinal Erectors
LBEB & The Tactical Athlete: Part #3
Mile High Traps
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Bombing On The Bench
Time for Training
Lift Big Eat Big & the Tactical Athlete
Squatting Raw-3 Keys to Success
Setting The Record Straight
The Beginner Mentality

May 2012

How to Increase Your Squat With Your Warm-Up
The Deload Week
Grip It & Rip It
Do You Really Need 48-72hrs Between Workouts?
Body Image
Stop Looking in the Mirror
Your First Meet
Self-Myofascial Release
LIFT BIG EAT BIG State of the Union Address

April 2012

Eating Big 101
Talking To Your Athlete
The Superiority of Eggs
Keeping the Heels Down
The Valsalva Maneuver
Onion & Garlic for Increased Testosterone
Fish Oil
Approaching Your Set-up
5 Ways To Spot A Good Nutritionist

March 2012

You Need to Compete
20 Ways To Identify a Bad Nutritionist
Leaking Plastics & Hormone Disruption
The Optimal Position For #2
Romaleos vs. Adistars
Faux Meat VS. Real Meat
No Time To Lift?
Sweat Does Not Equal Fat Loss

February 2012

Worst Celebrity Diets
The Evolution of the Big Booty
Strongman 101
Fight or Flight
Your Health Is Not Profitable
Sex, Testosterone, and Iron
Putting Objects Overhead
Back Pain? Do Your Squats & Eat Your Fish Oil
Arguing 101 For The Strength Community
20 Easy Phrases That Will Piss Off A Big Lifter

January 2012

Making The Transition From Cardio To Strength
Improving Your WarmUp
The Positive Side of An Injury
The Butt Test
Assistance Exercises For The Powerful Athlete
Social Acceptance of Mediocrity
8 Scientific Facts I Learned In Hot Yoga
Head Position On The Back Squat
Static vs. Dynamic Stretching
Squatting Below Parallel
8 Of The Laziest Attempts At Diet & Exercise

December 2011

Greasing The Groove

December 2011

“Gluten-Free” As a Marketing Tool
414 Tire Flips With 400lb Tire For Charity
How Long Will You Hate Yourself?
10 Excuses For Not Exercising & Why They Are Horsesh*t
Kinesthetic Awareness & Proprioception
Muscle Memory
So You Think You Can Squat?
Strongman Training for Men & Women
Hacking the Human Body
Turning the Holiday Feast Into a PR

November 2011

What’s Really In That Protein Bar?
The Sugar Deception
General Physical Preparedness
How Strong Is Your Desire?
25 Tell-Tale Signs That You Lift Big & Eat Big
The Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting
Improving the Front Rack Position
3 Reasons Your Progress Has Stalled
10 Songs Scientifically Proven to Increase Your Squat
The Benefits of Weightlifting During Pregnancy
Exercise Can Speed Up Healing of Wounds
Why Raw Sprouts Can Be Riskier Than Raw Hamburger
How Extended Cardio Will Inhibit Your Strength Gains
The Great Myth of the Core Workout
How Ibuprofen Will Hinder Your Performance

October 2011

The Top 3 Reasons to Track Your Workouts
The Shoes That Make The Lifter
The Relationship Between Proper Form & The Confident Athlete
How To Eat An Elephant
Protein Absorption: The Myth of 30 Grams
Imagining A Successful Lift
Stop Training For The Mirror
How Birth Control & The Menstrual Cycle Affects Weightlifting
The Top 3 Reasons Avoid Soy Products
3 Ways To Eat Big On A Budget
Debunking The Myth of Self-Discipline
The Relationship Between Meat and Testosterone
The Top 3 Ways To Prepare The Legs For Squatting
Weak Glutes: The Plague of The Mediocre Athlete
How To Unlock Your Inner Beast Mode
5 Ways To Increase Your Press

September 2011

The 10 Best Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Squat
Strength Training and The Hormonal Response
Correct Bar Position On The Back Squat
Increased Bone Density: Strength Training For Life
Inside The Microbiome: Balancing Bacteria For Fat Loss
The Top Worst Weight Gain Mistakes
The 10 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes
The Damaging Effects of Forward Head Posture
The Culture of Pain
Lifting Big & Eating Big: Not Just For The Boys
Chug your 40oz: How To Stay Properly Hydrated
Vitamin D(oping): Why You Need To Become A User
The Muscle Confusion Myth
The Difference Between Discomfort & Pain
Getting The Most Of Your Human Growth Hormone
A Failed Theory: Flaws Of The Lipid Hypothesis
The Role Of Active Rest in Training
Is Going Organic A Necessity?
Ice Baths: Recovery Aid or Inhibitor?

August 2011

5 Basic Things You Are Doing All Wrong
What Does Your Recovery Look Like?
The Most Common Strength Training Mistakes
The Myth of an Unfair Advantage
The Most Neglected Muscle: Deloading Your Brain
4 Reasons You Are Still Skinny
Sodium: Your Secret Weapon
Accountability: Why You Need a Training Partner
Smelling The BS: Puffery In Advertising
Are Humans Designed To Be Vegetarians Or Carnivores?
Is The BMI (Body Mass Index) A Flawed Method For Measuring Health?
The Third World Squat
Debunking My Favorite Food Myths
The Adonis Complex: Muscle Dysmorphia Disorders
Caring For Your New Calluses
Progressing From the Hang Power Clean To The Power Clean: A 4 Step Model
The Optimal Strength Training Program
The Effects of Caffeine Consumption on Exercise

July 2011

Strength Training and its Effect on a Youth’s Physique
Common Mistakes on the Clean & Jerk
The Potential Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate
The Real Deal With Saturated Fat
Be A Little Different Than The Norm
Myths and Facts About Weight Loss
Warrior Dash Recap
Sticky Balsamic Ribs
The difference between exercise and training
Ditching the mirror in your workouts
Interview with a Rider from the STP 2011 Bicycle Classic
Meat Sweats
Using A Cheat Day To Your Advantage

June 2011

The Overrated Image Of 6-Pack Abs
Summiting Mount Rainier
Myths Of The Squat
Benefits And Proper Use Of Weightlifting Belts
A Comparison Of Protein Sources.
Epic Mac n’ Cheese Pie With Bacon Topped Lattice
3 Tips For Adding Pounds To Your Press
What To Do When You Reach A Plateau.
GOMAD: How To Gain 25 Pounds In 25 Days With Squats And Milk
Crossfit Total
Back On The (Cow) Juice!
Becoming A Master Of Your Domain
A Guide To Maximal Strength Development
Bigger, Stronger, Faster. The American Pipe Dream

May 2011

Certification Complete
Short post
The Illusion of Perfection
F.N.G’s And Anti-Paleo
A Week of PR’s, Chicago Pizza, and Burgers
The Importance Of A Strong Posterior Chain and A Swole Belly
Why I Am Starting This Blog