Article written by Joe Nissim New Year! New You! This is going to be the year where I drink less, eat better, get rid of the jelly rolls, and make more money. First things first, detox. I need to get this crap out of my system. The week between Christmas and New Years […]

In my never-ending journey of self-analysis, I have decided to film a video, in which I review my own coaching services. I think it’s very important, both as a business owner and coach, to know what you are good at, and more importantly, what you are bad at, in order to round yourself out. In […]

  Ladies & Gentleman, Let’s get ready to RUMMBBLLEE!! Tonight we are going to talk about the evil and awful high fructose corn syrup and the less evil, but still evil, sugar.       In the left corner,  dressed in white and ready to be put in your coffee is SUGARRRRRR. In the right […]

A few months ago, I made a video about my mental illness, and how it has shaped my existence. I decided to make a followup video regarding mental illness, and discuss how opening up to others about your issues can cause the listener to think it’s a “competition”, because they know someone else who has […]

Article written by Joe Nissim Nutrition Myths, Decoded Before you start reading this article and the ones that follow in this series, I am going to warn you, I am going to upset you.  Since the time you were a kid, you have been fed (no pun intended) information about health, nutrition, and fitness, of […]

Article written by Rachelle Reinking Athletes are ambitious people. As an athlete, you’re always setting new goals to better yourself, whether it’s for a competition or your own personal satisfaction. Having goals keeps you motivated and gives your training purpose. You decide that you’re going to hit new PR on deadlift. Oh, and you’ll shave […]

Article written by Rachelle Reinking No matter what sport you compete in, hard work and discipline are essential to your success. You carve time out of your busy schedule for training sessions. You meal prep to ensure you don’t stray from nutritional goals. You check the scale to see how close you are to dropping […]

I am VERY excited to announce that I will be working with Kill Cliff and Xplore CrossFit to put on The Cascade Strongman Challenge for this coming September! The weights and events were picked by me, to be most applicable to the most amount of athletes. Check out the info below, as I think Strongman competitors will […]

Rack pulls are a fantastic assistance lift for building up the deadlift lockout, as well as a training tool for Strongman competitors who perform raised deadlifts in competitions, such as deadlifts with hummer tires or wagon wheels. However, there are a few ways that different athletes perform rack pulls, and this article will make a […]