When you push your body to the absolute limits as we do in strength sports, injuries are bound to happen. However, how you react to them will dictate how long you will last in the iron game, and continue to get stronger despite these setbacks. Aside from poor technique, the most common way a muscle […]

Rest-pause sets are one of my favorite techniques to first add some size with extremely high volume, and second, to greatly increase strength.  This method started in the penitentiary where prisoners had to be creative with their training, and do more work in less time.  There is also plenty of research to back this, as […]

  I was lucky enough to start weight training at a fairly young age.  Of course with starting young, I had no clue what I was doing, other than what I read out of bodybuilding magazines.  With starting young I made so many mistakes, but with mistakes I was able to learn what worked, and […]

I find programming for strength training something most people know they should do, but rarely take the step to do so.  I have known many people who say they are going to follow (insert the latest training program here) and maybe follow it for a week or 2 before jumping on the next program.  Program […]

The head position in the deadlift has been a big debate in the strength world for the last couple of years.  Recently, I have been hearing more and more coaches teaching to “pack the neck” and look down to tuck the chin.  I don’t know where this came from but I am telling you: it […]

I’ve said this many times before; if you want to know how to lose weight rapidly or gain weight, talk to an experienced strength athlete or bodybuilder.  I always have to laugh when a skinny teenager comes to me and explains that regardless of how much they eat, they just can’t seem to gain weight.  […]

Nutrition Made Simple


Most folks who have competed as a strength athlete or a bodybuilder know a thing or two about nutrition.  Like most of you out there, I have tried just about every diet there is to see what works best for me.  Bodybuilding, I must say is more simple, as strength is not an issue, only […]

Get Stronger Now


We live in a world where everyone wants results yesterday, so here are a few ways you can dramatically increase performance right away Remember that strength is a skill, and it is something that needs to be practiced.  I have seen my lifters who have a ton of brute strength put up some big numbers, […]

  Article written by Matt Mills Here at LBEB, we are all about the deadlift, and with good reason:  If you want to get bigger, you have to deadlift.  Want to compete in Strongman, Powerlifting, or Crossfit?   Well you better be deadlifting, and deadlifting a lot for that matter.  When it comes to novice and […]

Pre, intra, and post workout nutrition has always been something that I take very seriously when I train.  When I was younger I would simply have a delicious PB&J sandwich, hit the gym, then down a protein shake right after.  However, if you are a serious strength athlete you want every advantage there is to […]