Kettlebells are generally something that get laughed at by powerlifters and Strong(wo)man competitors alike. However, kettlebells used correctly can be a vital tool to any lifter. When I originally started my gym, my main clientele were interested in fat loss. I thought kettlebells were fairly useless, and anything you can do with a kettlebell you […]

I have been a gym owner now for nearly 10 years, and have been a trainer/coach for 12 and I can honestly say the number one reason why people quit is lack of motivation.  I have heard countless times from people that they “wish they had my motivation”.  Speaking to avid LBEB readers, I’m sure […]

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be your typical article from a muscle magazine about how to get your “wings” so big that you can fly. What I’m going to outline will definitely grow your lats, however, this is a focus for the strength athlete to improve your lifts, and to decrease chance of injury. […]

I have written quite a bit about deadlifting, so it’s no surprise that it’s my favorite lift.  It’s also a lift I coach nearly every day while working with competitive strong(wo)man, and powerlifters.  Here is a list of 42 cues I use to coach the deadlift.  When deadlifting for strength, keep your reps in the […]

The sport of strongman requires strength, power, and even conditioning.  Training heavy events year round is a sure way to get really beat up, and sacrifice your recovery.  After my last big show of the year I generally take 2 months off or so to let my body recover, and just get stronger on the […]

The old saying by powerlifters is: if you want to squat more then you have to squat more.  No this doesn’t mean get on the Smolov program right away, but adding different squat variations are guaranteed to help.  I’m a very big advocate of training weak points, and using a lot of accessory work to […]

As a trainer and coach in strong(wo)man, one of the most common questions I have been asked is how to train events when you don’t have access to the equipment.  First go to and check out the strongman gym locator to see if there are any gyms nearby.  Many of the people I program […]

If you are a strength athlete of some kind, then I’m sure you have your training all planned out, your nutrition is on point, and you only use the best supplements.  However most of us forget that recovery is absolutely crucial to making progress.  To maximize your recovery, you need a good night’s sleep, or […]