LBEB Athletes

These athletes have shown true dedication to the Lift Big Eat Big lifestyle, and serve as positive ambassadors to the brand. As Lift Big Eat Big continues to grow, so will these athletes grow as they continue to set PR’s and do the impossible. Watch for them at upcoming competitions.

*The LBEB roster is full. We are not currently accepting new athletes, and due to the sheer amount of emails, applications will not be accepted or replied to.


Matt Mills
Age: 31
Weight: 255
Height: 6’1”
Location: South Windsor, CT
Gym/ Training Facility: Lightning Fitness, South Windsor, CT

Deadlift: 800#
Backsquat: 665#
Front Squat: 515#
Axle Continental Clean & Press: 365#
Log Clean and Press: 360#
Bench Press: 445# (with pause in contest)
Strict OH Press: 300#
Atlas Stone: 425# for 2 to 48 inches
Husafell Stone: 400# for 200 feet
Farmer’s Walk: 410lbs for 60 feet (no drops)
Yoke: 955# for 75 feet (no drops)

Favorite Workout:Deadlifting is by far my favorite mainly because it’s what I’m best at.  Strongman events the Log Clean and press is my favorite press, and by far my overall favorite is Stones.  I prefer a stone series to podiums but anything stones works for me.

Biggest meal ever eaten:
I’m lucky to have a great all-you-can-eat sushi place not too far from where I live ,so after big training days myself and my lifting partners will literally go for 3-4 hours until they kick us out.  A few times we have eaten until we are nearly sick and then have gone for frozen yogurt which is right next door!

What else should LBEB readers know about you?I got into weight lifting when I was really young, about 12 years old.  I started reading all of the muscle magazines, and immediately had to know everything there was about training, and nutrition.  I was a wrestler all through high school, so training became a huge part of my life.  I went to school for exercise science getting both my Bachelors, and my Masters from the University of Connecticut.  After graduating I decided to open my own facility which I can honestly say is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but more than worth it.  I began competing in powerlifting at the age of 27, and the only regret I have is not getting into it sooner.  After winning a few powerlifting meets I was told I should give strongman a try.  I signed up for my first contest I was immediately hooked and competed in 12 competitions in my first year, and won my pro card shortly after.


Matt Falk
Age: 24
Weight: 265

Height: 6’2”
Location: Seattle, WA
Gym/ Training Facility: Lift Big Eat Big gym, Gold’s Gym


Matt Falk

Age: 26

Weight: 240-245

Height: 6’2”

Location: Seattle, WA

Gym/ Training Facility:
CrossFit Bellevue (Lift Big Eat Big), CrossFit Deliverance

Deadlift: 725#

Sumo Deadlift: 685#

Snatch Deadlift: 600#

Back Squat: 535#

Front Squat: 405#

Close Grip Bench Press: 325#

Strict OH Press: 225#

Atlas Stone: 375#
 to 52”

Husafell Stone: 360# for 160’

Farmer’s Walk: 310# for 50’

Yoke: 815 for 20’

Favorite Workout:
Conventional deadlift max. If I could, I would everyday.

Biggest Meal Ever Eaten:

I’ve had some big ones, but I don’t think anything beats this: 2 double bacon cheeseburgers, 4 tacos, 2 chicken sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake… Followed shortly by a large all meat pizza and an order of cheesy bread. It was almost an out of body experience.

What else should LBEB readers know about you?

I’m an annoyingly proud Washingtonian and have lived here my entire life. Professionally, I operate a training company called Falk Strength & Conditioning as a full-time strength coach. Hobbies include playing percussion/kit, snowboarding, fishing, and spending time in the great outdoors. I don’t own a real dress shirt and still don’t really eat my vegetables.


Chelsea Nicholas
Age: 27
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150 lb
Location: Seattle, WA
Gym/Training Facility: CrossFit Bellevue

henry house

Snatch: #165

Clean: #220

Jerk: #235

Strict OH Press: #140

Back Squat: #280

Front Squat: #240

Deadlift: #315


Favorite Workout:
In my training I see workouts that range from 60 min max distance row to 30 squat cleans for time at #155 and everything in between.  Some days are long and aerobic, others are quick and dirty.  I have love and appreciation for all the work I do, but my favorite kind of workout is something long and gritty with heavy overhead elements and gymnastics movements. I also love building to a max weight for lifting complexes, especially those that include squat cleans and jerks.


Biggest Meal?
I have never attempted a “food challenge” or anything like that but Sundays are when my unsupervised eating happens (i.e., I don’t count my macros). They are my off day from training and I like to recover by eating and sleeping.  Breakfast usually includes biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon and an americano.  Second breakfast is a cupcake (or two…)  from my favorite cupcake store followed by a nap then meal prepping until bedtime (AKA cooking and snacking).

What Else Should LBEB readers know about me?
My athletic background includes gymnastics, cross-country and track and field (mainly pole vault).  I started CrossFit in 2012.  Initially I competed as part of a team, then transitioned to an individual competitor focus mid 2014.  I finished 5th in the Northwest Region in The 2015 CrossFit Games Open and 21st at the 2015 CrossFit Games West Regional (top 20 women from the Northwest and Canada West regions).  I also have a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering and work as a Structural Analysis Engineer for the world’s largest aerospace company when I’m not at the gym.

@chelsnichs on Instagram


Samantha RiceAge: 25
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180lbs
Location: Ada, OK
Gym/Training Facility: CrossFit Kairos & Gym 210IMG_9639Personal Bests:Deadlift: 405lbs
Back Squat: 345lbs (no knee wraps)
Front Squat: 295lbs
Zercher Squat: 245lbs
Overhead Squat: 215lbs
Bench: 205lbs
Clean: 215lbs
Clean & Jerk: 215lbs
Snatch: 160lbs
Strict OH Press: 155lbsFavorite Workout:

Well that’s not too hard to guess… ALL THE SQUATS! I recently did a squat everyday “challenge” for about 5 months. I would rotate between back squat, front squat, and overhead squat… and throw in Zerchers a couple times a month. My go-to workout would be a heavy 5×5 back squat, usually around 275-295lbs depending on what kind of day I had prior to my training. Crank up the “Teach me how to dougie” Pandora station and lose myself in the squat rack.


Biggest Meal:

There is a little piece of heaven called, “The Mellow Mushroom.” It is a hippy inspired place that makes the best pizza I have ever tasted. Think of a melt in your mouth doughy garlic crust that comes with beer cheese… yes… beer! Topped with any meat that you could imagine. * That’s what she said * My favorite is the Mighty Meaty with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and Applewood smoked bacon. Demolishing a large pizza, with 3 pretzels (they’re made out of the pizza dough.. urghhh my goshhhh) and paired with the biggest draft dark beer would be my biggest meal I’ve ever had.

What else should LBEB readers know about you?

I found weightlifting a little late in life. Prior to lifting, I played soccer ever since I could walk. I’m originally from Fort Worth, Texas and played club soccer with Fort Worth Futbol Club as well on my high school team in Azle, Texas. I was offered a scholarship to play at East Central University, a D2 school here in Ada, Oklahoma. My senior year (2012′) we won The Great American Conference title. I have my bachelors in exercise science with a minor in business administration. This is when I first found my love of squats… I mean lifting. After graduation, I stayed and became a graduate assistant for soccer while getting my masters in sports administration. I was finding myself in the ECU weight room more often than not. After graduating…again, I joined a couple of local gyms where I could continue to grow as a weightlifter. I went and got certified in CrossFit to help CrossFit Kairos with their Olympic lifts and powerlifting as well as come up with some pretty brutal workouts. Gym 210 is my “classic” gym, where I do some of my powerlifting/ “bodybuilding” workouts. Both gyms are like home, where it’s like a scene out of Cheers, you walk in and everyone knows your name and asks, “How are you?” and sincerely means it.


Kevin Becker
Age: 26
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 200lbs
Location: Plano, TX
Gym:Destination Dallas/Home gym


Deadlift: #635
Back squat: #520
Front squat: #407
Log clean and press: #325
Circus Dumbbell: #230
Strict press: #255
Atlas stone: #365 to 54”
Farmers: #285 120’


Favorite Workout:
I love lung burning medleys and log (viper) clean

nd press for reps, they require a mental element and not just brute strength. I’m not afraid of the dark.

Biggest Meal ever eaten:
2014 Nationals post weigh in’s I put down a pack of pedialyte, one dozen doughnuts, four breakfast burritos, and a club sandwich with fries within the hour.

What else should LBEB readers know about you?
I don’t own a television. My computer is an old desktop. My mattress is on the floor and I don’t know what twitter is. I’m fortunate enough to have the chance to do something I love and have the opportunity to teach others around me. One of my favorite quotes is Muhammad Ali “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” I have found no greater joy than to see the face of someone lift their first stone or hit a personal best on the log. It’s what makes me tick.

Steadfast Strength
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Joan Jennings

Age: 32

Weight: 132

Location: Oak Harbor, Wash.

Gym/ Training Facility: Lift Big Eat Big, CrossFit Whidbey Island, The Garage


Deadlift: 318# raw

Backsquat: 300# raw

Front Squat: 240# raw

Clean: 155#

Clean & Jerk: 155#

Snatch: 110#

Strict Pullups: 18

Bench Press: 165#

OH Press: 155#

Yoke (if applicable): 450#

400m sprint:  working on it

Favorite Workout:

Anything with Squats and Stones

My favorite CrossFit Wod is Murph

Biggest meal ever eaten:

I may only be 132 but I eat BIG! Most post training meals are ½ lb beef add bacon and avocado with a sweet potato. My friends know I’m always down for a burger.

What else should LBEB readers know about you?

I am active duty Navy for more than 12 years now. I am a CrossFit Level 1, Powerlifting cert, and Command Fitness Leader (Navy). I am currently working on a Nutrition Cert. I love experiencing everything I have placed in several CrossFit Comps individuals and team, ½ marathons, 50K, 4 24-hour adventure races, Century Bike Ride, an Olympic Weightlifting

Meet, an Elite Total in a Powerlifting Meet, and placed 1st in Hardcore Powerlifting Federation. My goal is just to get strong and stay healthy for longevity while empowering others to do the same.