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10 Reasons Why Heavy Lifting Is Terrible For Women

Everyone knows that lifting makes women big, bulky, and less desirable. But, do they know the reasons why? I compiled my top ten reasons as to why women should NEVER EVER even think about touching a weight. Ever.

 1. You will find less and less that you are asked to go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. What will you do with all that free time?!?

2. Men on the Internet will tell you that you are too big. Can you handle no longer being the object of a stranger’s fantasy?

3. Pants won’t fit because your butt has gotten so big. Imagine actually filling out a pair of pants, the horror!!

4. Your children might see that a woman can be something more than a frail object meant to please a man. Challenging the status quo is never a good thing.

5. You can eat a much larger amount of delicious food and not gain a pound. Disgusting! Pass the tofu and skim milk please.

6.  Men will avoid you at the gym when you lift more than they do. How are you supposed to know how to lift without their constant coaching?

7. You will be able to open a pickle jar without a man or a knife. No one should possess that much raw power.

8. Your bones will maintain a thick density throughout your life. Do you really want to rob a surgeon of your money for osteoporosis treatment?

9. Heavy lifting can be as diverse as you want to make it. Your time would be much better spent on a treadmill every day watching CNN.

10. You will be shunned from old friends that want you to go clubbing every night. Those are the kinds of friends you just don’t want to lose.

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173 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Heavy Lifting Is Terrible For Women

  1. Can you please put this on the Facebook page!?!? It’s needs a sharin!!!!

  2. You will miss out on the extra cardio you get from having to take multiple trips to the car to carry in groceries just 2 bags at a time.

  3. #2/#3 might not be preferable to a not so skinny chick

  4. By the looks of her legs, I don’t think she needs that belt. Am I right?

  5. Awesome pic!

  6. Neither of the two are exactly thin. I see gym-tards like these finish last in triathlons all year long…functionally useless.

  7. Is the last guy who commented serious? Functionally useless? Because they are not “thin” and do not come in first in triathlons? So, triathlon athletes are functionally useful? Buddy, I think you need to do some research on the term “functional” followed up with some research on what exactly strongman training entails, then try again.

  8. dumbest comment to be ever posted on LIFT BIG – EAT BIG…..unbeliveable….

  9. Keep in mind I am in the military, so perhaps if my job was more endurance oriented these numbers might be different.

    Number of times I have needed to run 6 miles, bike 20, or swim 1 in the past year: 0.

    Number of times I have needed to carry a heavy weight a short distance or do some other activity that required a 1-2 minute burst of energy: Countless

    I am 5’10”, 200 lbs. I enjoy both weightlifting (powerlifting and olympic) and endurance (running, half and full marathons) events, but know that in terms of functionality and longevity, the weightlifting is what’s keeping me alive.

  10. Its called Lift Big Eat Big….not move long distances for stupid amounts of time.

    Hmmmm, lets see what have I done today? Carried a large box up a flight of stairs? What have I not done? Had to swim, then cycle, then run ANY distance. Functional whatup. Your comment in invalid.

  11. I also see triathletes who can barely lift any weight, have little gymnastic ability, poor jumping ability, the coordination of a 6-year old and who sprint little faster than they run distance…much more functionally useless.

  12. 11. You’ll attract a FAR better quality of man, so say goodbye to those evenings spent whining about the assholes you attract with your friends

    12.Whenever the Olympics come around you’ll be constantly batting away queries from cardio bunnies about how to get your ‘physique’

    13. No-one will believe you’re 40, you’ll have to take your birth cert with you whenever you go out. This also means that, sadly, you’ll have to just walk past those racks of elasticated jeans. It’s a bitch, I know.

  13. Brilliant reply!

  14. Read more books guy

  15. So true on #13! Love it!

  16. I don’t like #1 and #4 so much because they insinuate that if you do not lift, you can’t be a strong woman. I think lifting is awesome and it can help break the mold, but assuming that women belong in the kitchen and are frail if they don’t lift is still building up the status quo. Good article overall though.

  17. Hmmmm…in the end we are all really just animals right…so who would I rather mate with? A big strong burly dude who can help protect and provide for my family? Or a skinny fast dude who can out run my family and leave the rest of us behind to be eaten. Seems like a no brainer…

    This pic is awesome. I love this web site!

  18. Who wants to be thin? I want to be fit. Lifting has made me feel better about myself than I have in years. And I am 52 and “thinner” than I have been in decades!!! Cardio SUCKS!!!

  19. The entire article was satire, fyi.

  20. i love it and as a man i would like to see a lot more women lift.

  21. q mierda de articulo

  22. 14. Lifting heavy things is bad for your ovaries. Don’t you know that childbirth is the only reason you exist on earth?

  23. laugh all you want, but that pants thing is starting to be a real problem…
    a lady who just blew out a favorite pair of jeans in a squat

  24. Bwahaha! Love it! Especially #13!

  25. why is everyone bashing each other trying to convince anyone which is best….. any type of exercise is good for the body and the mind…it’s a free world, choose whatever is best for you and your body and your own sanity…. anyone that commits to any type of exercise …. kudos to you…. Quit trying to destroy each other’s passions….. this is why there is war…. “can’t you just all play nice in the sandbox”… honestly…..

  26. Replace 40 with 50 .. and BAM! # 13.

  27. Belt’s not for her legs. Obviously you don’t lift anything bigger than your laptop.

  28. I guess no one has convinced you to not use ellipses as your punctuation either.

  29. I am a female competitive boxer and kickboxer and, I have to say, the hard core lifter types don’t fare well with functional fitness in my experience. The “I pick it up and put it down” lifter types are too bulked up to hold their hands up for a two minute sparring round and often can’t protect themselves because their muscle mass impedes the full range of motion required for basic blocking. Even the less bulky ones end up muscularly exhaused after throwing a few punches with a one pound glove on… so, what’s more functional?… A better litmus for being a better mate? Id go with a scrappy fighter over a burly lifter anyday!

  30. I’d venture to guess if you would ask a man on the street who he’d rather mate with-a “big lifter” or a “cardio bunny”- it wouldn’t be a bulky or super cut woman. He would likely find that unattractive, intimidating or both. If we’re really JUST animals then we are made to procreate. Attraction and personal preference play a big part in the whole human mating process. Just sayin.

    P.S. Despite being in the best shape of my life and having the definition I’ve always wanted- I’ve been told I look better with clothes on. When it comes to protection- I guess I’ll have to protect myself!

  31. You’re right, belts aren’t for legs, they’re for babies.

  32. It was a question…and the answer is: The belt provides protection by stabilizing the spine and lower back; it also increases intra-abdominal pressure allowing for even more stability and safety when lifting.

  33. and don’t forget the poor bagger at the grocery store that looses out on helping carry that 60lbs bag of dog food to your car!

  34. I’m gonna post anonymously to talk shit.

    Carry on lifting.

  35. “Strong people are harder to kill” – Mark Ripptoe. A real fight doesn’t consist of a sparring match. It’s about who can beat who not who can punch for two minutes. You can punch all you want, when I get a hold of you, take you to the ground and dominate you let’s see if you’re able to get back up.

  36. Bulky people are sh!t at Tough Mudder. Ha, picking up weights to get big is stupid to boot. The next time a barbell falls on my chest, I’ll eat my words, but until then, kickboxer “thin” is better. The guy in the pic is fat and she has man legs…congrats.

  37. We both know you weren’t planning to tip her anyway.

  38. Yes, because the sole reason people exist is to do ‘tough mudder’.

  39. If childbirth was the only reason to exist – it would be a good one. Functional – ballet artist is as functional as a triathlete as a strongman as a bodybuilder. Your function, same as fitness, implies you are capable of doing a certain thing. If that certain thing is ballet vs bodybuilding, so be it, you are functional. Ergo, functional fitness simply means you are developing capacity for the activity of choice.
    Triathlete dude – really silly. The rest – please don’t get dragged into silly discussions with people who really have no idea what they are talking about.


    should you call me out, I completed my first triathlon at age 19, competed in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rock Climbing, Collegiate Soccer, and yes, even Breakdancing. I love powerlifting, gymnastics, Olympic, Strongman, or any other sports requiring strength, which is almost all of them.

  40. While belts to assist in stabilizing, you should try to NOT use them. Using them can actually weaken your core muscles. Only use belts when you are lifting extremely heavy. I have never used one in my life and I have NO back problems at all.

  41. fite me irl phaggot. I’ll wreck u kid

  42. The inseam on my Levis popped and all Idid was flex my thighs.

  43. Oh look, someone with functioning brain cells!
    P.S. I crossfit. Nuff said.

  44. Power-lifter, distance runner (predominantly marahon), boxer, ballet dancer, climber, cyclist, contemporary dancer, martial artist (preferred aikedo), ‘functional’ trainer, triathlete, climber & cripple. Titles that have all applied to me, though in some cases loosely, anyone not seeing the difference between me doing ballet and a real ballet dancer needs their eyes tested.
    Yes being a distance runner genetically my sprinting sucks, no being powerful doesn’t mean I couldn’t stand up in the ring giving and recieving punishment for 3 minutes, it did however mean that at the end of the last round I still had a hammer ready if I wanted to use it. Lifting stupidly heavy weights with a frame best suited to distance running and climbing means I have traded power for slower running, but now I can outlift and outrun substantially more than 70% of the population.
    Functional training, interesting concept. A lot of the things I do that get called this have had no direct equivilant in real life, but they kind of help me in various way, if nothing else it gives me gloating room. The two questions below are good examples of why functional fitness is a bit of a joke, and I still love doing it.
    How does that guy do 60kg push press standing on the wrong side of a bosu ball? His core must be awesome.
    Why the hell is that lunatic doing that stupid exercise? Will be hilarious when he fails.

    Women who lift are cool, if they love it. Women who run distance are cool, if they love it. Anyone doing either and hating it are idiots. People into functional fitness are kidding ourselves.

    By the way who on earth wears jeans to do squats in? I thought shades indoors was taking image too far.

    15. Bra manufacturers aren’t ready for women whose muscle keeps their breasts in place. How will you survive without inflatable chests.
    16. If you decide to wear a mans shirt as nightwear it might be too small. No movie roles for you.
    17. Olympic bars aren’t designed for your delicate little hands. You might even break a nail.
    18. Men might be intimidated by you. Mustn’t damage their poor little egos.

    Go ahead and insult. At my age I have been called most things, often by me, and I can’t even remember if sanity is a distant memory anymore.

    The article is brilliant. Muscular women are all masculine and all generalisations are wrong.

  45. hahahaha that’s hilarious! especially when considering lifting HELPS with childbirth! strengthens your cha-cha muscles…which also makes sex better. just sayin 🙂

  46. They will need to lift big if they want to be Navy Seals.

  47. Amy is gorgeous.

  48. From LeBell’s site:

    “Was it Joe Louis who sagely said: ‘The sport of judo and boxing should never be compared because they are so different. If I were to meet a judo man and hit him first, I’ll bury him. But if I don’t and he grabs me, he’ll bury me.'”

  49. @ Anon idiot who thinks that women should care about men finding them attractive, intimidating, or both:

    Newsflash, you’re on the wrong website. Also re-read the list, which is satirically pointing out the fact that it SHOULD NOT DETER WOMEN FROM LIFTING IF THEY WANT. The time when my ass looked the best (and didn’t fit into any of the jeans I owned) was after advanced Army training (not so much heavy lifting, but a lot of distance iron mikes, ruck marches, butt busters and the like. My arms, shoulders, and back had beautiful muscle definition, my thighs, butt and calves looked amazing. I never quite got the abs ‘flat’, but I didn’t care. My obliques were popping, and my stomach was tight. I was stronger than I’d ever been in my life, and -that- felt better than some man thinking I was attractive. Just so you know.

  50. The idea that a belt will “weaken your core muscles” is complete bunk. However, beginners don’t need them, generally.

  51. I used to teach martial arts and still train martial artists. Weight training is absolutely a performance enhancer. You just have to program correctly around competitions and different types of training sessions. If time permits, stronger is better. Martial artists who claim that being strong and muscular is nonfunctional or a detriment to fighting ability don’t know enough about strength training to merit an opinion. However, *bodybuilding* specifically can be at odds with sports performance. Not all hard core training is bodybuilding, though. Far, far from it.

  52. Why do these Crossfit girls think looking like a dude is attractive?!? I did CF for 2.5 years and quit after gaining 15lbs and becoming almost unrecognizable. Call me a gym rat, triathlete, ballerina, or whatver but I’ll keep my femininity any day over looking like that again.

  53. Nice start guys…I went through the website and I found that you made decent point here. Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanks. External Lifts UK

  54. I lift at the gym and love it, but what people don’t understand it takes a lot to look buff like the women in weight competitions. I am working on losing weight and the best advice my personal trainer is based on weights. I walk to the gym about mile and then lift at the gym for almost 2hrs total of working out. It takes me 45 min. to get to the gym but over time that will change and I will be able to run there. Lifting has made me feel great. My legs and arms look good for me being over weight. My mid area needs work but that took years of neglecting myself so it will take awhile for that fat to go away. My pants are tight after a workout but not because I gained more fat on my legs, the pants fit I just notice my legs are toned and lose fatty skin feels different then toned muscle. I am not going to bulk up because that would be gross, just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Any personal trainer will tell you to lift to lose weight and cardio to burn fat. You burn more fat doing strength then cardio.

  55. I like heavy stuff and doughnuts. My wife and kids love their 40 year old teddy bear. I’ve been in the military for 21 years. Life is great! What more could I possibly need…Besides another doughnut..Keep lifting big homies!!!

  56. This was a funny SATIRE, I understand that…but it was condescending towards men.

  57. I love when BOXERS think they can dominate others in a fight.

    Two points for you to consider.

    1. Most fights turn into a wrestling/MMA match and last less than 30 seconds.

    2. In the USA we have 2nd Amendment rights that make fighting unnecessary.

  58. This site is great. The comments from the pathetically weak and frail are hilarious. My kids beat up their kids in school;) Question: why would someone who has no interest in lifting big or eating big come to this site in the first place? Weird……….

  59. You were jeans to the gym??

  60. Pretty sure that entire post was sarcasm.

  61. Competitive triathletes are not good bodybuilders, competitive bodybuilders are not good triathletes, and I really don’t think either one cares that they’re not good at the other. Completely different activities for people with entirely dissimilar goals. I’m a sub-2:45 marathoner who probably couldn’t bench much more than 130 pounds, but that doesn’t bother me because I want to be a fast runner – not a huge bodybuilder. Saying one is better than the other is comparing apples and oranges.

  62. Find the nearest 12 year old and they will show you how to post it all by your self.

  63. No one type of exercise is better than another. You need a balance of strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance to improve your overall health and fitness. To only focus on one component of fitness is depriving your body of what it needs to get its maximal performance. The overall goal should be to live a healthy lifestyle so you live a long healthy life. All this arguing over what type of exercise is best is crazy! It’s all important!! Cardio for a strong heart, strength for strong muscles and bones, and flexibility and balance to prevent injury and mobility. I hope everyone continues to workout but PLEASE make sure to include all components I fitness! Its so important!

  64. Just the tip!

  65. Stop judging! It’s not a pissing contest! If your thing is running, swimming, biking then do it! If its lifting then do it! If its sparring in a ring do it! It’s about feeling good about yourself, liking the person you see in the mirror. Do whatever is your thing, do it to the best of your ability and fuck everyone else

  66. I have done Crossfit for almost 2 years. Before that I was a skinny distance runner that worried about how I looked and how much I ate. If it weren’t for Crossfit I never would have found my love of Olympic lifting! I have put on at least 10 lbs of muscle and although it has slowed down my running times, my body doesnt hurt when I do run now! I eat healthy foods and I eat as much as I
    want. Calorie counting and daily weigh ins are a thing of the past. I am proud of how my body looks (even in a bikini!) and everything I can do because of my new found strength!

  67. Quick fixes never last. We want you to commit to this program for 90 days. That said, most people feel greater and more consistent energy and a loss of carb cravings in 4 to 7 days. This means that exercise will become easier and more enjoyable, and THAT is the secret click here 141 day challenge

  68. I workoouutt!

  69. So much bs “hating” going on here, my question is why the hell would anyone not interested in this lifestyle spend any time here, quit trolling and move the hell on…LBEB life all the way!

  70. Well said.

  71. Sorry. Number 2. isn’t true. Some men are attracted to muscular women. Chances are you won’t be unnatractive to me unless you are on steroids.

  72. Every time I read this, I smile. I fell in love with a bar the first time I lifted one, and every time I add a new plate of any size, it’s a victory. It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend loves my revamped, rounded butt. Do I care that jeans are tight in the trunk? Hell no.

  73. We can orange them apples the way we like them… add some carrot and you have my favorite juice combo… 🙂 (o)(a) /c

    The need to put another down because you think it challenges what you want to do… is really something that should be addressed in our own personal growth as we get a life… 😉

    So long as we are doing what we want to do and it feels good and everyone concerned is okay with it… isn’t that Freedom?

  74. ^I wish I could like this comment!

  75. love it!! I too used my strength to move a fish tank at the weekend, wouldn’t do without it!!

  76. Lucky Brand, Sofia Cut
    Levi’s, Supreme Curve

    The only jeans I even bother with.

  77. Nice post! weekend is always amusing but with triathlon shorts and other short wear, facing challenge add an extra feeling to the weekends. Amazing, really amazing. Thanks for the post.

  78. No no…Brian Donnelly was correct.

  79. You know what I kept thinking while reading your response..

    “Where is my turkey sandwich?”

  80. Muscular wo=MEN are homely! Let’s be honest, unless you’re gay, you will notice that the harder a wo=MAN works out, the UGLIER she gets! Atheletic wo=MEN are attractive, meaning wo=MEN who lift moderately heavy weights. wo=MEN who are hard core athletes however look too male ish!

  81. @hexjoe53

    Carpal tunnel preventing you from typing “women” like a normal human being? Might want to get that checked by a physician.

    Also, no one cares what you find attractive.

  82. If you’d summarized the 10 reasons, you should say the only problem is that your ego becomes the size of an oil-tanker and nobody wants a woman which is too full of herself to even be able to walk properly.

    A second reason is, that if you abuse your untrained and therefore weaker husband physically, not even the stupidest man would buy into the “I am a weak woman”-excuse anymore.

    3rd reason, you better should work on become a virtuous person, that is far more challenging.

  83. Yeah, keep on trolling. Maybe you find another bridge someday. 😉

  84. Yea, I just don’t get this “women can’t get bulky lifting heavy” mantra. No offense, but to me the women pictured on this website ARE bulky. I do not want to look like them, yet I realize the importance of strength training. Oh, and I do understand that if I start lifting I won’t wake up tomorrow looking like the hulk (another stupid statement that gets parroted around the net) but I really don’t want to look like these women. So how does one go about strength training without out get big?

  85. Without stupid people, there would be much less laughter in this world and that would make me very unhappy….
    NEWS FLASH….MEN we really dont care what you like or dislike or whether you find us attractive or not. Now go to the kitchen and fix me a sandwich MITCH!

  86. hexjoe53 can’t even use a Profile pic because he might be in fear of being picked on.

  87. Hexjoe53, you’re kind of a douche. Heavy lifting doesn’t make women ugly. Women on STEROIDS makes women ugly. THAT is what changes a woman. Oh wait, nope…I’m wrong. Heavy lifting DOES change a woman. It makes her leaner and stronger, and SEXIER. Let’s face it – flab is ugly. But, maybe you like that shit.

  88. Just so you know, for every pound of muscle, your body naturally burns 50 calories. For every pound of fat, your body burns 1 calorie. Do the math. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn and the more likely you’ll be leaner. Now, imagine coupling that with clean or healthy eating? Another thing, it’s not about being “skinny”. When I think of skinny, I think of a scrawny salad-eating girl with no muscle tone. I like to use the term lean but it can be used without the implication of not having muscles.

  89. Belts are for the back.

  90. I *heart* being “bulky”. Love and kisses, Biotch.
    PS – I’m 5’3″ and I wear a size 4 on a bad day. “Bulky” does not have to be Big. And if your bulky IS big, then I’m all for it, girl. Let’s arm wrestle!

  91. It takes a lot of work and time and effort to look like these girls. Strength training alone will not make you look like this.

  92. Wow… flab is ugly so lets shoot down one terrible beauty ideal of women and put up another. Sorry but not all women can be ripped and sometime no amount of working out lifting or other wise ca fix that.
    Speaking as a single mother with abdominal damage due to emergency c-section. I will never have a stomach with out “flab”. Glad to know that it will always classify me as ugly. Since I have nothing else to offer and only a female body counts as worth anything.
    A woman gain any kind of strength is important but LRR you are just as bad as Hexjoe53

  93. Excellent additions! Thank you. 🙂

  94. Why are we working out in jeans? Restricts movement.

  95. Who cares how women look when they lift? They aren’t in a beauty contest, they are at the gym.

    Lots of women lift to exercise, socialize, and experience the benefits of increased metabolism and daily energy, all of which benefit their lives. When people make comments/judgements about women not being sexy or looking like men, or whatever nonsense opinion that nobody asked them for, they prevent some women from lifting or doing other types of workouts. The direct result of this is that those women don’t exercise. They, in turn, also don’t receive any of the benefits associated with exercise and live less healthy lives.

    If you don’t think a woman is sexy because she looks like a man, then don’t try to date her (and by the way, these women don’t look like men, they look like women who exercise. You just don’t recognize them as being feminine because for the majority of history, societies mostly refused to invest in women’s health and exercise programs so you don’t even know what a healthy strong woman looks like). There are plenty of other women in the world for you, so you can go judge them?

    By making judgements about women’s bodies you only prevents some women from gaining the health benefits from lifting. In fact, it brings no benefit to anyone.

  96. Triathletes are the perfect example of non functional fitness, the time frames for training are far exceed the demands of any real sports and you become weak and specialized with very little power in the anaerobic phase where all sports and life tend to take place. If you feel like losing muscle mass, reducing power output, slowing your metabolism and aging yourself quickly then give er. I personally will stick to short intense intervals of conditioning throw in with some olylifts and the big 3 power lifts

  97. She probably uses good technique outside the gym, such as picking up things that are on the ground or droppin it like it’s hot. Ergonomic lifestyle, folks.

  98. What did you do? I’ve been Crossfitting for 2.5 years and would pay to have gained that much muscle! My body looks so much better since I started! What’s your secret?

  99. Speaking for myself as a woman who doesn’t have a perfect body, and never will. I stand 5’4 at 135lbs. I lift heavy weight. I don’t look like a man, but I’m also not perfectly lean from head to toe. Why is lifting heavy always preceded by the idea that our intention is to look a certain way. What if we want to lift heavy because its empowering, fun, makes us strong and will keep us out of the nursing home. What if we want to lift heavy because its fun to PR and see how your performance goes up with your strength. Who ever said the combination of lifting and physical appearance have to have anything to do with each other? Ever?

  100. LOL! This blog is a joke.It amazes me that some people never grow up. You kids and your adorable teenage antics. “YOLO!”

  101. So your saying that doing Pilates or yoga will give my daughter a negative impression on her mother……….4. “Your children might see that a woman can be something more than a frail object meant to please a man. Challenging the status quo is never a good thing.” So in order to please a man I have to do crossfit? So I other women are frail if they don’t do crossfit?

    I do crossfit myself for over 2 years so I am not coming from an outside the “box” reality and I realize this article was to poke fun at the “women get bulky doing crossfit persona” but seriously! stop making everyone else in the world feel like they are less of woman if they don’t do crossfit. Ultimately fitness is about staying healthy and feeling great so whatever someone has to do to achieve that should be the focus. Not dogging out everyone else who doesn’t do exactly what you do.

  102. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and never commented, but I will now. As a woman that has only recently beat an an eating disorder that took eight years of my life away, I can’t thank you enough for articles like this. This is not the first time one of your posts has negated all the sexist fucked up bullshit that makes women feel like shit about themselves and you should know it’s appreciated. I found lifting about a year and a half ago, when I started I was still a sickly thin weight and had remnants of disordered eating behavior. I have since put on 20 pounds of muscle, and for the first time in my life, I like my body and could give a fuck about cultural pressures to look a certain way. I can honestly say lifting saved my life, and it’s entries like these that make me want to stay healthy. Thank you for you that.

  103. Agree with u up to a point.I did my dissertation on body image in women and ur correct about society opinion etc, the panoptic gaze effect etc. However believe there ha e been many athletic female role models who are both feminine and in shape/athletic. athletes hockey players, footballers, tennis player, volley ball players (in fact most sports) women are revered as both feminine and athletic/heroic.

    Most women do not find male body builders attractive, and most men do not find female body building attractive.

    However women find sportsmen Attractive (football athletics tennis etc) and most men find sports women attractive.

    I do not understand why bodybuilding women insist they’re attractive and the definition of what is sexy and healthy (pedastool) when studies Dont put them there. The male body builders Dont!

    Everyone is impressed with a muscular woman or man… but only a small minority find it attractive. And since they claim not to do it to be attractive o the opposite sex there shouldn’t be an issue.

  104. If by femininity you mean frail with high body fat and low lean muscle mass, you can have that. Oh, and the pancake butt syndrome too.

  105. Thank you! I know folks miss the point of posts like these, but this truly made my day!!!!!!!!

  106. Baaa ha ha ha haaa! FRICKIN LOVE this, EPIC!

  107. this is just another “it”s all men’s fault” type of article.
    i hear very few men saying that weightlifting makes women manly/ugly, and when they say that they actually mean the effects of steroids, not weightlifting, they just don’t know it.
    newsflash: steroid use among women is as prevalent as among men. bodybuilders, powerlifters, crosfitters from hobby and amateur levels all the way to pros.
    but most people wouldn’t even imagine that, and the women themselves at best are silent about it and deny it when asked, at worst they start throwing the usual “you are just intimidated”, “you want to protect your fragile male ego” crap around. so a lot of men, when they hear that you are lifting, have a (from their point of view) reasonable thought that you might end up looking like the roiders.

    guess what: men don’t find your average non-roiding female lifters ugly.
    now, if you spend A LOT of time in the gym, you might get a little more bulkier than most find “optimal”, but you are still very far away from getting the “ew” effect from men and they will still find you attractive.
    aside from the issue of roids, the most common issue with attractiveness is the lack of boobs. many female have very low levels of bodyfat, and that makes their chest flat like a 12 year old boy’s.

    men aren’t intimidated by you. their egos are not even near as fragile as women’s.
    how about instead of bashing them, and thus making things more complicated for the rest of us, you simply tell them that it’s the roids that make women ugly and that the same amount of women use them as men and that’s why there are that many unattractive female lifters.
    and if they just simply don’t find it attractive, that’s fine too, that doesn’t make their personal preferences any less valid. many women genuinly don’t find female lifters attractive either and they do not want to look like you. hell, a lot of women don’t even find male lifters attractive. and while you might not care if men find you attractive, the wast majority of women do. wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex is natural.
    also, in my observation, the one actual thing most men find unattractive is the huge ego that most women develop even after barely a month of lifting. congratulations sweetie! you have managed to do something that hundreds of millions of men, from the ages of 8 to the day of their death havebeen doing since time eternal, but since you are a woman, you obviously deserve extra praise!

    and even if you do find some genuine douchebags, why do you extrapolate it to all the men? all i hear from you ladies is that everybody is different and you shouldn’t stereotype people, yet that’s the exact thing you do with men whenever it gives you the “feelgoodz”. and then you wonder why, as time progresses, men in general avoid us more and more and take us less and less seriously. we aren’t living in the 40s and 50s anymore, you can’t blame all your crap on men anymore, time to put on your big girl panties and own your shit.

    and another little bit of info for you ladies: putting the issue of roiding and else aside, the wast majority (>95%) of people who want to bring you down are…. OTHER WOMEN! they just don’t say it to your face. they do it covertly. and women in general have a hard time admitting it (they still belive in the mythical “Sisterhood”) and by some twisted mental acrobatics asign the blame to men.
    other issue is that most women take men’s honest (though sometimes misinformed) opinions as a deliberate attempt to bring them down if it makes them even ever so slightly uncomfortable.

    thank you dear author for “gifting” the internet with yet another pointless, stereotyping, man bashing article. i know it was intended as just some low iq clickbait, but it’s yet another thing that will make my and other non-manhating women’s relationship with men that much more strained.

  108. @ hexjoe53

    What makes you think anyone cares what you find attractive. Here’s a thought, what ever we women do or don’t do in the gym (or anywhere for that matter, unless your lucky enough to find one to sleep with you) has absolutely NOTHING to do with you or your desires! Why don’t you worry more about bettering yourself and stop worrying about what other people are doing. Clearly you need a life. 🙂

  109. BWAAHAAA!!!! LOve it! lol

  110. right on, they act like we care what they think of us 🙂 I lift for my own reasons, which have 0 to do with what anyone else thinks.

  111. Im glad a post like this was finally put on , soooo tired of what others think, dont think. I couldnt care less if a “man” doesnt find me attractive because I lift weights. Thats his loss. maybe if they werent so judgmental and shallow they would see women are more than just something to sleep with and show off to their friends. And the looks we get from these “men” in the gym just got to show how weak minded some of them truly are. esp when we are lifting more than they are. Leave your ego at the door when you go to the gym, we have enough to juggle in life without the bs some of you like to project. I love lifting weights, I love the weight room, but some of the men in there need to realize not all women are living to please them….

  112. Strong women are beautiful. I love strong athletic women.

  113. Honestly, you’d never see an article defending why it’s OK for men to lift. I’ve been lifting for 20 years in one form or another, and quite honestly I’ve never cared what any man, woman, or child thought of it. And I still don’t. And I never will. I enjoy being 5’11” and I enjoy being strong. I enjoy being myself. So, while I do like this article and I find the humor in it. I understand it’s here to defend women lifters, but I also believe it’s sexist just in the fact it has to exist at all. What a shame. Maybe we can all just learn to shut up, be happy, and accept people for who they are.

  114. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is strength and courage.

  115. Thanks again Matt and Cornelia, definitely couldn’t have done this without you! I’ll be updating my report post over the next few days, including your pictures.The lessons learned continue to refine the hackathon-in-a-box material as well. All things considered, it was a good event.

  116. Have to say, I’m attracted to all sorts of women. Tall, short, fat, thin, all the different colours and sizes you can imagine. For me, the sexiest part of a woman has always been her brain. Eat well, work hard and be good to others (don’t bicker about why this is better than that!)

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  119. I ended up here because I honestly Googled ‘why the hell would women powerlift?’ after watching it on tv. Normally you would work out to have a good body and be healthy etc. But the women on tv are all (I mean, that’s not all muscle) fat and this MUST be extremely devastating for your knee, back and shoulderjoints eventually? I am not talking about being attractive or not, I’m talking about what’s actually healthy. I have a really bad joint-disease from birth and all of my joints are completely messed up anyway and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. But this will probably destroy your joints in the same way and I don’t see why you would want voluntarily do this to you joints? I was born with it, that sucks and can’t be helped..

    I (really!) don’t mean to bash ya’lls sport but.. I just don’t really get it. Is there like big money to be made competitively? I know that’s a thing over there in the US (money) 😉 I don’t mean to be offensive but I am just straight up wondering.. Why?

    Regards from the Netherlands, speedskate idiots.

  120. If you have to ask why, explaining it to you won’t do any good. Way to completely bash something in your question though.

  121. Lifting can be good for your joints if you do it right and eat the right foods–many people have bad knees and joints without lifting. Running is MUCH worse on the knees than lifting weights.

  122. I dont think it’s sexist it’s supposed to be funny. It’s a joke where’s everybody’s sense of humor

  123. The reason this article exists is because of all the people trying to discourage women from lifting because it’s not “womanly” to do. This article isn’t sexist, it’s responding to sexism.

  124. They stole it
    When you like something and put it on your blog, you should mention the source.

  125. We posted this article over a year ago, THEY stole it from us, and we have the proof of it.

  126. For example, look at the date it was posted.

  127. how could they steal it when the link you posted was published in 2015 but this one was published in 2013 … time travel??

  128. Maybe I didn’t say it right (english are not my mother language).
    In this site that we’re talking,it’s the original article. They stole it and put it in the other, without credits.

  129. EXACTLY!

  130. gotcha. yeah not very nice of them. I tried to comment on the other page about citing where they got their post… but it denied my comment.. guess they didnt want to get caught.

  131. For everyone saying this article is sexist, the author of this article is a man. Use some common sense. As well as this article isn’t bashing women who choose not to lift heavy, it is telling women it is okay to lift heavy. Which makes complete sense because there are A LOT more negative views about women lifting heavy verses other types of fitness. You guys are putting words and labels into the authors mouth because you’re just like the typical American population who like to voice uneducated opinions. Even though free speech is a given right from birth you don’t have the right to have a voice when you only have ridiculous words to speak.

  132. I love knowing that I am stronger than guys and can brake them. Haters gonna hate!

  133. Mate, you’re the norm. The underdog needs a say. It’s not about you.

  134. Men actually do feel threatened by women who lift heavy or play male sports. As a woman who has taken the field playing all men’s football and gotten clothes lined for it (“You don’t belong here”), or taken out at the knees playing men’s basketball (“Stay off our court”), or belittled to my captain when he dared let me *gasp* PITCH in a softball game (“You actually let her on the mound? Aren’t you afraid of her getting hurt?”) … well … maybe you’ve just been lucky enough to be around the 20 guys in the world who aren’t chauvinistic uber-men.

    Hell just this week a dude in the gym asked me if I knew what I had put on the bar for my deadlift. ((I guess because girls can’t math, and no girl could actually lift 200#)) Thank goodness for Men’s Roller Derby and the Powerlifting community – they renew my hope in the male race to be athletic WITH women.

    I also like when I get asked how long I’ve been a dyke. That’s super cool.

    Guess what? These are things that a lot of us deal with. So instead of accusing the author of being a man-hater, how about you read the comments of all the women who completely relate to the idea of men belittling them for being fit and lifting.

    Sorry, I guess I’m just a feminist that doesn’t like that I’ve been told my whole life that I’m weak, frail, and belong in the cardio section of the gym. If it didn’t happen, no one would relate. And………….. as you can see, many of us do!

    Wait, I bet you’re someone who also thinks that Feminism is bullshit. <3

    I shouldn't read the comments. That needs to be MY NYE resolution.

  135. Can you lift and eat tofu? 🙁

  136. Satirically speaking, this is funny. As a women weight lifter I love the humor in this post and the looks on the boys faces when I lift more than them. It’s a good thing I’m married to an ass man who loves the result of so many deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusts..

  137. From discussion, observation, and experience, I truly believe that most men believe everything women do, they do with men in mind.

  138. As a man, I love women who lift heavy. Of course a sample size of 1 doesn’t mean much, but there is research out there that shows that the majority of men now prefer to be with women who lift weights, as opposed to those who don’t. Things have been trending in a positive direction for a while now, but your comments focuses so much on the negative and sounds so hateful.

    Your post reads very much like someone who does have a bias towards the opposite sex, and comes across sexist. You don’t say that some men feel threatened by women who lift heavy, you just say that men feel threatened by it. You imply that around 20 guys in the entire world aren’t chauvinistic, which is very insulting, even if meant as a joke or sarcasm.

    I’m sorry if you’ve had bad experiences with men in your life, but there are a lot of men out there who support women lifting heavy or doing anything else they want to do. Feminism is a great thing, but your post is hurtful.

  139. Bullshit. Studies have shown that runners actually have BETTER knees than non-runners as they age.
    I have run for over 35 years and my knees are fine, and I have done 4 Ironmans and 12 marathons. I currently coach adult triathletes, and my athletes are having the same experience — because we train properly.

    I also competed in powerlifting for several years when I was younger, squatting 584 raw at 198 in drug-free competition at age 20 and my knees were fine after that too.

    It all depends on how you train. Train smart with proper warmup, good mechanics, and listen to your body, and you can do what you love for years. Abuse your body in the name of “no pain no gain”, and you’ll be broken down by middle age like a lot of people I know.

    But don’t blame running, powerlifting, or crossfit. They’re all great sports if done properly.

  140. Of course there are men that support women who lift. If you notice, I reference roller derby and powerlifting specifically. Bodybuilding and Crossfit communities are also super Posi on women who lift.

    Um, have we noticed though that the are all niche groups? We are not the 99%.

    Now, it’s been a year since I worked in a health club, but I believe the 2013 stat was that about 25% of US households hold gym memberships. Out of that 25%, about 65% do not go to their gym AT ALL after the first month of membership.

    We can all say that the people most accepting of a “thing” (whatever that may be) is those within the culture. Alright so numbers are against us here.

    I’m sorry if you found my post hurtful, however, myself and my sisters and my friends have been belittled and insulted our entire lives in EVERY aspect of it (whehter school, athletics, personal improvement) because we are women. Just because you don’t experience it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk about it.

  141. I like this. I hate the assumption that women will get bulky after lifting weights because it’s generally not true unless you’ve got some dense, fibrous muscles, which is determined before birth. My body is frail and weak even after lifting weights. A year into my lifting regimen, my bench hasn’t budged above 70 pounds, and that’s not my choice because I have thin, sinuous muscles. The only advantage I’ve encountered from weight lifting is that my blood cell count has improved from it’s base borderline-anemic to mid-normal levels.

  142. well thats just another instance where they are wrong. 🙂

  143. if you could see the way they guys stare at women lifting, they cant get enough of staring at their asses the whole time they squat or do glute work. And alot of women seem to do nothing but glute work ….

  144. AMEN sister

  145. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT WHAT MAKES YOUR DICK HAPPY. You talk about NOTHING but what men find attractive to look at for your first three whole paragraphs as if it matters to anyone at all. Women have far more important things to think about than whether their appearance is pleasing to men. For example, what to have for dinner, whether to wash their car tomorrow or the day after, and whether its normal for her cat’s breath to smell so bad.

  146. Your grandsons buy you really fun shirts, and are proud to see you wear them!

  147. If no one gives a shit why is this article necessary exactly?

  148. You’re just a puss if you don’t do cross fit.

  149. The title presenting something I didn’t expect. Thought it was a good article. And for the ladies complaining below, this article was meant to encourage. If you’ve lifted for years and never cared about what others thought of it (quit lying), this article wasn’t for you. Lift on lifters.

  150. This is so true. I’ve had a simular experience. So many people believe that skinny is always healthy, and it’s stupid. Keep going strong.

  151. The fact that you assume that I don’t experience being belittled and insulted because I’m a man is part of what I’m talking about. Do you think black men ever have to experience that? How about latino men? How about white men who grow up being bullied, become depressed, and then kill themselves? It’s not just women who suffer, it’s human beings.

    Speaking out about discrimination and being mistreated absolutely should be talked about. But too many people turn it into this gender war where both sides resort to stereotyping and insulting the other side, and it causes us to take a step back.

  152. this is inspirational! maybe I should be more motivated to lift weights regularly

  153. Let’s not pretend that men experience even a fraction of what women experience.

  154. Look up the word satire please…. Considering this is a website called lift big eat big you should have realized this….

  155. The…?

  156. Everything you just said proved the point that this article and all of the women who relate to it, are trying to make. Please, take a reading comprehension class and then sign up for a women’s study class. You seriously need both. This article never said all men were this way nor did it exclude women from being part of the problem. Yes, there are men who exist that aren’t total assholes. Yes, there are women who are total assholes! That doesn’t negate the sexism. I think you are also failing to realize that the whole point of this satirical article is to encourage women to “put on your big girl panties and own your shit” not to mention, THIS IS WRITTEN BY A MAN NAME BRANDON MORRISON!!!! I find it funny that while you claim to know what both men and weight lifters think and do, you don’t seem to belong to either group. Maybe you should sit down and just read the first hand accounts, or rather have someone read/explain them to you, so that maybe you can gain some perspective.

  157. Women don’t belong playing competitive sports WITH men. There are huge differences in male athletes and female athletes. You can’t fight science. Men are just naturally stronger, faster, and more athletic. If women want to play recreational sports WITH men, that’s cool. But women can’t compete against men physically. Period.

    That being said, good for the women pushing themselves in the gym. By all means, lift heavy. Break the stereotype that women shouldn’t lift heavy, or lift at all for that matter. It’s a great thing that women see the benefits of lifting weights.

  158. I have always had an interest in women who make the effort to work out. Size, shape, appearance can all be molded if the person has a “can-do” attitude. And I have seen some women lifting improperly as they would drop the weights. It’s all about technique. I want to commend you on your efforts. Good job.

  159. True ….I lift 12kg dumb-bells and it just made me look bigger …my arms look so big and bulky….honestly …..

  160. I doubt 12kg dumbbells are doing anything of that sort.

  161. This is awesomely funny! Really ladies?! Get over it! It’s a joke! I’ll be the first to admit that some women are way too touchy… That time of month maybe? Live, love, laugh and lift…. Nuff said!


  163. You sound stupid as fuck, please stop talking.

  164. As a man, I totally agree with you. Most of my female friends do lifting and I am perfectly fine with it. You really hit the nail in the head when you said we men find women on ROIDS ewwww… That can’t be closer to the truth. If you want to lift, go ahead. I am in support of it. Seeing a women with the “11” on their belly is much better than just a flat tummy of an anorexia’s.

  165. 11. You will be a constant reminder to people of how lazy they are!

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