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10 Things Succesful Athletes Do

10 things I have seen the majority of highly successful strength athletes do include:
1. Eating enough carbs: show me a strong person on ketosis, and I will show you someone who could be stronger with carbs.
2. Working hard and smart: some work so hard that others wrongly assume their spine will explode.
3. Recovering and deloading adequately: this allows them to continuously keep up with the demands of previous hard and smart training.
4. Following personalized programs: a program should address your weaknesses, not a cookie cutter design as you get more advanced.
5. Not obsessing over supplements: Very few successful strength athletes worry excessively if they forgot to take a preworkout.
6. Not bickering on the internet: Repeatedly getting into internet screaming matches cuts into eating and lifting time.
7. Adapting: being open to changes allows for greater results if things turn sour.
8. Understanding differences: Not everyone participates in your sport, understanding different rules apply to different athletes, and that is OK.
9. Squatting.
10. Learning from losing: experience is what you get when you do not get what you want. Learn from it.

3 thoughts on “10 Things Succesful Athletes Do

  1. I’m just digging through the crates and discovered this post. Someone on ketosis = Jamie Lewis from Chaos and Pain. Dude is shredded to bits and fucking strong. I’m interested to see how he would perform with carbs, as I agree with you on this. He does defy the odds though as it clearly works for him.

  2. I think this article was excellent. Eating properly is about maintenance and self control. It’s important to exercise. Also. We are all human and what is determined to be bad for you today, might not be tomorrow. You have to do what is right for YOU.

  3. Oh and water, water, and more water!

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