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25 MORE Signs That You Lift Big & Eat Big

Last December, we posted an article on 25 ways you can identify whether or not you lift big & eat big. After a few requests, we have decided to do a follow up article with 25 more easy ways to identify an LBEB community member.

1. The only time you run is when you are late for something.

2. You have a smug look of satisfaction at the doctor’s office, as they become confused as to how your back hasn’t been thrown out by all those deadlifts.

3. When telling someone what you do, your next response is usually “No, it’s not like bodybuilding.”

4. You have to lose 20lbs of solid muscle in order to be deemed “healthy” by the military bodytape test.

5. “Sorry, letting you work in during my sets just isn’t going to happen.”

6. Watching Marshall’s videos suddenly make you want to become a 340lb ginger.

7. You can repeat every set/rep scheme of Smolov at a moment’s notice.

8. You find yourself holding the valsalva at random moments throughout the day.

9. If you aren’t pooping 2-4 times a day, you are undereating.

10. The very mention of Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson, and Jillian Michaels can cause your eyes to twitch.

11. Bacon gives you a lardon.

12. You have a newfound respect for men who squat in penny loafers.

13. Listening to Donny Shankle talk gets you oddly aroused.

14. You roll your eyes every time you see someone jogging in place at a crosswalk.

15. The most important criteria for finding a suitable mate is the size of their butt.

16. The LBEB girls are your inspiration, NOT supermodels.
17. The “porterhouse for two” is now a porterhouse for one. 
18. “You look like you have put on weight” is high praise.
19. You stand ready to defend butter when a vegan incorrectly demonizes it.
20. You have heard every sexual joke that references “snatch” and “clean & jerk”.
21. About 50% of your paycheck is spent on food.
22. You win every restaurant food challenge you encounter.

23. You can’t eat a meal without sending in a photo to LBEB first.
24. You are counting down the minutes until you can teach your newborn infant how to start Weightlifting.
25. You would give up sex for lent before you give up squats.


7 thoughts on “25 MORE Signs That You Lift Big & Eat Big

  1. hell yes. you had me at #1

    I’m not sure if either of these are inspirations for the lists you’ve posted, but I thought I’d share them here:

  2. i am sorry, nothing is in front of sex. actually, i lift like a freak so i can bang like a freak. women like a man who can throw them around a bit and be ready at a moments notice. exercise squat movements take a back seat to the nasty.

    i am going to train now but only because i am not having sex.

  3. number 4 is true. the taping sytem of the military is garbage.

  4. I shit 6 times per day …

  5. Well-said Chuck!

  6. Or if you order two steaks for dinner

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