A Little Bit About Ben

Ben is an experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach, and the owner, performance director and lead coach of Sports Performance Services Ltd in the UK. 

Ben became accredited in 2011 with the UKSCA, and founded his company in 2013. He has a training facility that has provided the platform for success to 100’s of different athletes across a number of different sports. 

Having worked with athletes from weekend warriors to aspiring professional and  professional athletes, Ben has a good understanding of developing the physical attributes of athletes from multi-directional team based sports to individual sports.

Ben’s sporting background involves motocross at a young age, to what became his main sport to play - football/soccer. Despite having a few professional trials never quite made the grade!

Ben has also achieved a degree in business management as well as upskilling in areas that aren’t on his day-to-day radar such as managing ACL injuries and return to sport as well as the FIFA diploma in Sports Medicine. Ben enjoys learning from others, and generally improving knowledge in all areas of athlete development. 

Ben adopts an evidence based approach to his training methods and likes to create programs that are both beneficial and engaging for the athlete.  

You can reach him on [email protected]

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