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Colm Yoke

Colm Woulfe is originally from Auckland NZ and studied at Auckland University of Technology. 

Colm completed a Bachelor's Degree in Sport & Recreation with an Exercise Science Major. Following this he worked as a trainer at a gym for 12 months before starting and completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise. Following this he completed his Master of Sport and Exercise with first class honours. 

You can find Colm's original research HERE and HERE.

Throughout his studies Colm competed in MMA and BJJ until he started working at the AUT gym. It was here that he started to dabble in strongman.

Colms first competition was in 2011 where he placed third, he then went on to win NZ Strongest man in 2012 in his second competition. Following this he competed numerous times from 2012-2014 in NZ winning many, including NZSM these years.

Following completion of his Masters he moved to Australia leaving the NZ competition scene behind. He won the 2015 Arnold Australia Strongman Amateur division earning himself a shot at the pro show the following year and placed second in Australia's Strongest Man.

In 2016 he placed 5th in the Arnold Australia Classic Pro show and gained a spot at Worlds Strongest Man. With a disappointing performance he went back to training and didn't compete again until the 2017 Arnold Australia pro show where he placed 6th and won the truck pulling event winning out against competitors such as Brian Shaw and Mateusz Kieliszkowski.

He then went on to compete at WSM 2017 in a stacked group and came 4th in his event. Colm then moved back to NZ whangarei where he now resides.

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