Stuck In A Rut?

Get 1-on-1 attention to shatter through plateaus. Olympic Weightlifting coaching with Mona Pretorius de Lacey 

"I'll Be An Old Man By The Time I Get These Lifts Down..."

This is what I heard from avid Olympic Weightlifter Jamie. Maybe you can relate... Here's his story.

"I started Oly Lifting a few months back, about 4 to be precise. I really like Oly Lifting but I must admit I am not the most athletic when it comes to picking up really physical stuff quickly.

The gym I train at is actually an Oly Gym so this helps but the trainer there that is supposed to be training me doesn't seem too interested in me (or at least training me thoroughly).

Every once in a while I will ask him to watch and critique a lift and he will only give one or two word answers like 'More Shrug' or 'Faster Snatch' then go and make a phone call for 15 min.

I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked to in these 4 months and when I express this concern to my coach he tells me it takes time to get the technique right but I feel at the rate I'm going I'll be an old man by the time I get these lifts down."

Unfortunately, many coaches don't have your best interests at heart. They're looking for physically gifted guys and girls that they can attach themselves too to bring their coaching levels up.

Don't give up because of that guy.

Let me give you the coaching and attention you need and deserve when paying a professional for their services and turn around your lifting and destroy this rut. 

What My Athletes Say

Dr. Meghan Faulkner

Texas, USA

I have always loved Mona’s positive and passionate approach to coaching. She is incredibly detail-oriented, patient and encouraging. I have made HUGE progress working with her in my technique and strength.

Elijah Rumfelt

Texas, USA

Within the first year of her coaching I qualified for the 2018 U.S. Youth National Championships and placed 7th in the 13 and under 44 kg weight class. Mona has a very high knowledge of the sport and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that I can easily understand. In January 2020 I competed at the Texas Championships and not only won the gold medal but also set three state records in the process. I am now the Youth National Champion in 2022."

Desiree Beattie Erasmus

South Africa

I started using Mona's Weightlifting expertise to help my CrossFit am I am loving it!

Let's Work Together!

Here is what you get when working directly with my coaching services 1-on-1

Weekly Programming

Weekly program on your personal Google sheet. Anything from 3-5 days a week of training depending on your schedule.

Unlimited Contact Through WhatsApp

Send me a message anytime and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

On-Going Video Analysis

Send me videos of your lifts through WhatsApp so we can iron any technical faults.

Flexibility With Programming

Have something come up that week where you can't complete a workout? No problem, just message me and we can make adjustments.


Is this for beginner Weightlifters?

My coaching caters for Olympic Weightlifters of all levels. I have advanced athletes I coach at the National level and recreational lifters that may compete at local club competitions. Whatever your goal, I'm here to help you.

How Much Does Your Coaching Cost?

My coaching is $350/month in USD. This price includes the unlimited messaging contact and video analysis.

Do You Coach Masters Weightlifters?

I do coach masters Weightlifters and am well experienced in this area.

Do You Coach Youth Weightlifters?

Youth Weightlifting is my true passion and I'd love to work with your youth athlete!

Giving You The Attention & Expertise To Perfect The Lifts

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