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New & Improved Beard Care Routine

I am growing out my beard another three inches, so I need to change my beard care strategy to get my hair straighter as it grows. Here is what my new routine looks like: using a boar hair brush, blow dryer, sea salt spray from Blind Barber and beard control from Billy Jealousy.

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The Science Behind GMOs & The Future Of Food

Happy Monday, team! As many of you know, I had the absolute privilege of touring the Monsanto Research & Development facility in St. Louis this past weekend. I have never been in a room with so many individuals who possessed at least one Ph.D. in my life.

Talk about imposter syndrome!

While not in possession of a P.H.D. myself, I was told that I was picked for the tour and roundtable discussion due to my view on bioethics, my sociological views on the subject matter, and the uniqueness of an individual in the world of fitness that accepts GMOs with such open arms.

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Are You Ready To Compete? 3 Factors to Consider

Competitions, regardless of your preferred strength sport, are a great way to put your training and practice to the test. They are a way to show strengths and weaknesses with your approach to the sport, a way to have measurable progress in a controlled environment with judges watching you, and they’re a great way to motivate you to make necessary changes with your lifting style.

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You Should Probably Hate Your Coach

Hey team, quick rant here, concerning the role that your coach is supposed to play during your lifting career. I recently ran across an Instagram page that I spent way too long hate-scrolling down, where the athlete consistently talked about lifting for 8, 9, 10 days in a row without taking a break. The athlete would do near max/max singles that weren’t in the original program, and the athlete routinely bragged that they were able to convince the coach to let them do these singles, even though that’s not what the coach programmed.

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The LBEB Mental Health Series

Below is a collection of videos I made on various topics regarding mental health, including depression, suicide, my developmental, and the comparisons of mental health issues like you’re trading Pokemon cards. See the videos and their descriptions below.

I get pretty personal and introspective in my video today, and I want to discuss my learning/developmental disorders, and how they have shaped me as a person, a lifter, and a business owner.

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How Long Do I Rest In Between Sets?

A very common question we are asked, by both online and in-person clients, “How long should I rest in between sets?” Here I outline how long I recommend resting for each of the following:

Compound lifts.
Assistance lifts .
Bodybuilding movements.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.


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How The “Real Woman” Movement Can Harm Itself

In today’s video, I discuss what I refer to as the ‘Real Woman Movement” (Real women have curves, no thigh gaps, etc), how it can actually hold itself back, and can cause more harm than good. I use some examples from my own experiences as a coach, as well as examples from the experiences of African-American women during the period of second-wave feminism.