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Finding Inspiration to Drive Motivation and Enhance Performance

Article written by Elizabeth Holmes

Whether you’ve been an athlete for years, are just starting your venture in strength training, or want to live an overall healthier lifestyle, at some point you will likely confront an absence of motivation. Taking the time not only to recognize but also examine your initial motivation, where it came from, why you want to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself, and how practical your goals are will be greatly beneficial in making lasting change and seeing growth.

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Don’t Believe The Memes

Don’t believe the memes, don’t take the inspirational posts as gospel, don’t destroy your body to save face:

Take a rest day. Take a week off, or a month, or even half a year. Do something besides lifting, find a new hobby for a while, or volunteer somewhere to help the less fortunate. Do something to make the world a better place, and not just yourself.

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A Guide To Flexible Dieting

Article by Beth Holmes
In the world of health and fitness, there is a constant influx of conflicting information that can often times present dogmatic opinions of what is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, and right or wrong. Most websites and magazines provide explanations as to why their “evidence based research” is the answer to all your problems, offering to solve this complex formula for you.

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Bloody Shins Don’t Mean You’re Deadlifting Properly

Much like how having torn calluses doesn’t mean you’re hardcore, having bloody shins does NOT mean you’re deadlifting properly. If you want to break it down to very simple terms, think about friction: If the bar is so close to your leg that it is breaking the skin and drawing blood, that means you are causing friction against the bar, and slowing down its ascent.  
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Squat Hand Placement

A real quick write-up here, reposted from my Facebook post:

I get an ungodly amount of questions regarding hand placement on a back squat. Besides my height, it’s the most frequent question I’m asked. Here is the answer:

I keep my hands close to my shoulders, I keep my thumb off the bar, and I keep the bar in my fingers instead of in my palm.

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Why Your Training Sucks and You Keep Getting Hurt

Part I: Beltless Training is NOT Core Training

Alright, fellow lifters of heavy things…I’m back! After a long hiatus from writing for LBEB due to the demands of life and residency, Dr. Meathead’s clinic is now open again for business, and I’ve returned with a very important message: your training program is bad, and that’s why you feel bad. Now don’t be offended; this may not be entirely your fault!

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The Ultimate Guide To Forming Unbreakable Habits

Article written by Tom Foxley
Coaches are quick to talk about the physiological adaptation to a stimulus: the energy pathways, muscle recruitment, recovery time, Vo2 max etc. but they often neglect the adaptation at the heart of the matter: the psychological one.

What could be more important?

There are two sides to adaptation to a stimulus: neural adaptation and habituation. In this article, I’ll be discussing habituation.

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Four Nails in the Coffin of a Strength Coach

Article written by Pete Stables

As a young and upcoming strength coach, your goal is to make your client bigger, better, stronger and faster. But beware; breaking records, diagnosis of injuries and discounted sessions, could leave your income revenue down and your business belly up…

We all want results for our customers. That’s how we generate more business, right? Word of mouth is free marketing, and happy lifters should equal a happy and prosperous work life.

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LBEB Mental Health: Suicide

In the latest installment in my mental health series, I have decided to discuss a topic that I spend a great deal of time dwelling on; suicide. There has been a great deal of death in my life this year, some voluntary, some not, and combined with the suicide of my uncle before I was born, I felt it was a good topic to bring up.

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Two Reasons Why You NEED to Pinch Lift

Article written by Peter Baker
I know what you’re thinking. It sounds something like this: “My grip will be just fine doing regular old deadlifts on a plain bar.” And that might be true, to an extent. But if you want healthy hands, a better deadlift, a stronger grip, AND more function, you need to pinch lift. So I will tell you why you need to and show you how.