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How Serious Athletes Deal With Intentional Weight Gain

Have you put on weight training for strength sport? If you’re struggling, read this.

Strength sports come with plenty of challenges for women. And we don’t mean training and dieting. Prioritizing strength and size still goes against so many cultural expectations for females. It might be 2016, but if you’re a big, strong, physical female, be prepared to fight for your rights.

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9 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Competitors

Grab the best bits of being a strength athlete without ever competing!

You’ve been around this strength training game for a while. And you’ve decided you don’t ever want to compete. Bodybuilding? Nah, the tan and sparkly suit just isn’t calling you. Powerlifting? You prefer to measure your progress in the gym. Oly lifting and Strongwoman look fun, but you don’t want to focus all your training on one niche.

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Are You Ready To Compete On The Stage?

Is now the right time for you to go all-in for bodybuilding prep? LBEB helps you work it out…

“Wow, you look great! When are you going to compete?”

It’s a question every woman in semi-decent shape has heard at least once. And it’s becoming more common. As bodybuilding contests grow more popular, you’re like to face the question of competing.

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Physique Sports & Eating Disorders

Is there ever an easy way to ask someone if their fitness goals are masking something worrying?

What came first; the chicken, or the egg (white)?  A large number of women who take part in physique-judged sports display disordered eating. But does physique sport trigger the disordered eating? Or does it attract people with latent food problems?

Let’s be clear: lifting weights and eating healthy is good for our health.

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When Workout Endorphins Replace Unhealthy Addictions

On the face of it, getting fitter is great. But when exercise gets out of hand, can it become just one more addiction?

You’ve had a tough day at work. You can feel stress clawing at your nerves. You need to do something to calm yourself, find some way to redirect that negative energy. Other people might light a cigarette, reach for comfort food, or find the nearest bar.

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Is Working In A Gym The Best Thing For Your Own Training?

Do gym owners and trainers slam the brakes on their own progress?

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. The sentiment in this famous quote is what makes fitness fanatics turn their hobby into a career. Working as a trainer, or even owning a gym, seems an ideal way to combine your passion with paying the bills.

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Eating Disorders In The Fitness Industry: A Marketing Tool?

We expect this to ruffle some feathers, but we think it’s a topic that needs airing. Read, share, discuss…

Like it or not, this is an industry based on appearance. Physiques are judged on looks (even if they win by strength on the platform). And a good before-and-after “transformation” photo can open doors.

Instagram and the fitness industry are a match made in heaven.

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Lost In Translation? UK vs USA Gym Life

As social media brings the wide world of lifting closer together, we need to be able to communicate. Our UK representative explores gym life on both sides of the pond.

Good day! Jolly nice to meet you. Nicola Joyce here (that’s “NIC-co-la, not “Nic-OH-la”) with LBEB’s handle transatlantic guide to gym etiquette, cheat meals, and lifting attire.

Gym Life

In the USA: your vast country is peppered with plenty of College gyms, all of which have rows of squat racks and platforms.

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Building Muscle On A Vegan Diet

Is it really possible to build mass, increase strength, and optimize your athletic performance without eating any animal products? Vegan strength athletes think so! Here’s how to do it the right way.

Bodybuilding and strength sports have traditionally been built on a hearty diet of animal protein. Even the general public automatically associate gym-goers with eggs, chicken breast, steak, and whey protein shakes.

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Strength Training & Menopause: What To Expect

For most women, the idea of impending menopause is scary. We spoke to post-menopausal readers who gave us some surprising news about lifting after the menopause…

Menopause 101

The menopause refers to the stage in a woman’s life where her ovaries stop releasing eggs, and she naturally stops having periods (not because of medical treatment). This most commonly occurs between the ages of 45-58.