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Back On The (Cow) Juice!

By direct orders from my wife, I am going back on GOMAD. Which is fine with me, it means I get to eat more. This time around I will do more work on the GHD to keep my core strong, that was something I did not focus too much on last time. So basically for the next month I will be assuming this position:
Beard and flannel sold separately.
I have also decided to upload pictures of everything I ate yesterday. Hopefully I can put on roughly 20 pounds to get up to 230 and stay there. I will probably outgrow all my trousers again. Enjoy the food, I know I did!
5:10 AM-14 ounces coffee with whole milk
7AM, 24 ounces chocolate milk (Note: choc. milk does not contribute to the GOMAD)
7:30AM-4 eggs, cream, 4 ounces ham, 2 ounces cheese. and 3 grams fish oil.
Don’t know why its upside down.
This will put hair on your chest.
8:30AM. Grapes.
Christina refuses to hand-feed me these.
  9:30AM- 20 ounces of broth. (Made in a crock pot, using carrots, celery, onions, and the femur of a mammoth. If you don’t have a mammoth femur, cow bones will suffice)
Drink broth everyday. It is step #1 to becoming superhuman.
Drippin that brothy sauce.
Gallon of milk drank throughout the day.
Double fist time.
12PM- 3 cups spaghetti and sauce, 1 large roast beef sandwich with au jus.
One plate for each paw.
2:30PM-24 ounces of chocolate milk.
4:30PM-Spaghetti, meatballs, cheesy bread. 
This meal is always a challenge. Rise to the challenge.
6:30PM-2 Enormous sloppy joes plus leftover meat in pan.
Total Calories? I don’t know. A gallon of milk has 2400, so more than that. Eating has become my third workout of the day. I hope I can keep this up for next month! Report your epic accomplishments in the comments.

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  1. This is all paleo, right?

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