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How To Make The Best Spaghetti In Existence

Forget marinara sauce. Forget everything you think you know about spaghetti. Today I am going to show you how to make the best spaghetti you’ve ever had, or your money back: Spaghetti Bolognese. This type of spaghetti is light on the tomatoes and heavy on flavors that are brought together from a variety of ingredients you don’t normally see in a spaghetti sauce.

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How To Make Your Own Butter

Today, I will show you how to make one of my all-time favorite ingredients: butter!

I use butter in nearly every single meal I make, and I love knowing that the butter in the dish was something I made with my own hands. It couldn’t be easier to make, and gives you a great forearm pump to boot.

All you need is a large Mason jar and 16oz of heavy whipping cream.

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How To Render Your Own Beef Tallow

I have always found something special about being able to figure out how to make my own ingredients, instead of just my own meals. It’s easy to make cookies, or pies, or dressings, but how about making the ingredients that go into the recipes themselves? It brings me a warm fuzzy feeling when I drop a slice of homemade butter into a pan instead of butter I bought at the store, or making pasta from noodles that started out as a pile of flour only 30 minutes before.

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Pump Dragon: Return of the Dragon is now live!

Return of the Dragon is the sequel to Pump Dragon: a groundbreaking program designed to give you the biggest pumps of your life, while simultaneously increasing your strength and decreasing body fat.

Purchase your copy of Return of the Dragon here:
Find the original Pump Dragon here:


Pump Dragon is an 8 week strength AND size program designed to fill in your weak links and add some weight to your main lifts while giving you the pump of legend.

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Shoulder Health: Mobility vs. Stability

You Care Too Much About Shoulder Mobility and Not Enough About Stability


“Mobility.” It’s one of everybody’s current favorite fitness buzzwords, right up there with “functional.” Don’t even get me started on that word. Look anywhere in the heath and fitness blogosphere and you’re bound to find articles, products, and videos to improve your mobility. Hell, I’ve even written about it myself.

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5 Tips For Your First Competition


In today’s video, I outline five things that athletes should keep in mind for their first competition: these things will help ensure that you have a good time, hit all your lifts, and leave the competition with a fire lit under you for your next competition.   1. Don’t worry about your weight class. 2. Generally not going for PRs in your first competition.
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Pump Dragon Is Now Available

Not everyone wants to chase big singles all the time, and that is perfectly fine. Sometimes we need a break from the 1RM chase, to give a little more focus on size, and general feel-good sessions. I have been in that mental state for a few months now, and because of this, I have decided to write another eight-week training manual designed around this approach.

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A Sample of the Pump Dragon Training Program

For those who inquired, below is the foreword section of the Pump Dragon manual, a description of what the manual will entail, as well as one of the weeks, to give you a better idea of what it will look like. I will put the video demos for the movements in the manual itself, later this week. This program is absolutely for both women and men, as are all my programs.

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Get Ready for Bratsgiving with Johnsonville

This article is sponsored by Johnsonville. 

Johnsonville is making my sausage dreams come true. No, they’re not giving me another dachshund (though I would definitely accept a doxie puppy as payment). Instead, we’re partnering up to celebrate Bratsgiving: the hot doggiest, most delicious day of the Summer.

While the actual Bratsgiving, or National Bratwurst Day, is August 16, Johnsonville is getting the party started early by kicking off the celebration in Seattle on July 29 at the Seattle Seafair.