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Short post

I don’t have time for a long post today, but there a few quick points I would like to address:

1) All of that accessory work has started to pay off.

After expanding from the usual squats, deadlifts and pressing, into things like weighted pull-ups, weighted dips, 8 minute WODS focusing on being explosive for 3 reps at 75% of my max, EMOM(every minute on the minute).

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The Illusion of Perfection

Perfection seems to be something that we all strive for. We all have the notion that if we could just be perfect at that one thing, then everything would simply come together for us. This could not be farther from the truth. If you start to obsess about something, like your diet, I feel that the stress of needing perfection will eventually cause more harm to  your body than the types of food you are trying to avoid.

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F.N.G’s And Anti-Paleo

This has been a great week, it has gone by very quickly but there are a few highlights that I would like to point out.

1) My first real week using the “conjugate method”.

For those of you that dont know, the Conjugate Method is a system used by Louie Simmons for all of his clients at Westside Barbell. In my opinion, based on results alone, it is the best powerlifting gym in America.

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The Importance Of A Strong Posterior Chain and A Swole Belly

If I had a list of things that were of greatest interest to me, a strong posterior chain and a swole belly would hover somewhere in the top ten every time.

For those who don’t know, a posterior chain is defined as “a group of muscles, tendons and ligaments on the posterior kinetic chain of the body. Examples of these muscles include the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, posterior deltoids, and so on”.

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Why I Am Starting This Blog

Good morning loyal subjects, this is my first blog post, on my first blog, after years of saying I would never start a blog, it looks like I caved in. I may as well tell you a little about myself, and why I started this blog.

I am 23 years old, recently married, currently trying to attain my Bachelors in Strategic Communications, I am a huge fan of eating amazing food, especially food that my wife cooks,  and  I am an avid Crossfitter but have recently started to focus more on Strength and explosive speed, specifically the Powerlifts and Oly Lifts.