5 Months Taking Bulk Supplements Creatine (My Review 2024)

December 12, 2023



Creatine Monohydrate

5 g


  • There's just one ingredient — pure micronized creatine monohydrate. No unwanted extras or fillers.
  • You can get it in powder or capsule form, making it convenient for frequent travelers.
  • It's affordable, especially when you consider the bulk options. It's the most cost-effective creatine supplement.
  • Third-party tested for contaminants to ensure it is pure creatine.


  • There's no scoop, so you need to use a teaspoon measure or food scale.
  • There are no flavor options, so you either need to dry scoop or add to your protein smoothies.
  • Pouches wear with daily opening and closing and the seal eventually breaks.
  • It's not entirely flavorless. It has a slight chemical aftertaste when taken on its own.
  • Even though it is third-party tested, it has no informed sport tick, so competitive athletes must find another option.





Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate

Types of Bulk Supplements Creatine

Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate Review

Bulk Supplements sells two main creatine supplements in powder form:

  • Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester

Avoid creatine ethyl ester. It is not as bioavailable as creatine monohydrate and doesn’t saturate the muscle entirely compared to creatine monohydrate, as some of it is degraded to creatinine in the blood [1].

Therefore, this review will focus on Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate.

Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate Review


Bulk Supplements Creatine stands out due to its uncomplicated and straightforward approach.

It offers 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate per serving, which hits the recommended dosage for enhancing muscle mass, improving recovery times, and increasing power output [2][3]. There's no extra fluff or fillers.

Taste and Mixability

Bulk Supplements Creatine Mixability

This creatine isn’t entirely tasteless. There’s a slight aftertaste you’d typically expect when ingesting white powder.

Because it's micronized, the finer particles dissolve more readily than standard creatine powder.

But with all creatine, some residue remains, so you must swish your drink each time to not leave any at the bottom.

Side Effects

Creatine has no known adverse side effects. If you experience side effects of creatine, it is likely either a placebo or a poor-quality creatine.

Bulk Supplements Creatine is dairy, soy, sugar, yeast, and gluten-free, which minimizes the risk of reactions, especially for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing means Bulk Supplements Creatine is tested for purity and contaminants.

It’s also manufactured in a cGMP standard facility and lab-tested in-house. Unfortunately, you have to request the data as it’s not readily available. So I did that for you.

Bulk Supplements Creatine CoA


Breaking down the price per serving is a way to compare between brands. The closest size to other brands is their 250 g pouch, which comes to $0.32 per serving. It gets even cheaper as you buy in bulk.

It's why we've ranked Bulk Supplements Creatine the best creatine for beginners on a budget.

For example, a 200-day supply (1 kg pouch) is $0.18 per serving. Compare this with Transparent Labs Creatine HMB, which is $1.67 per serving, or our Lift Big Eat Big Creatine Monohydrate at $0.80 per serving.

However, our creatine comes with free shipping and transparent third-party testing data.

Who Is Bulk Supplements Creatine For?

Who Is Bulk Supplements Creatine For

Bulk supplements creatine is best for anyone who wants to buy their creatine in bulk so they have an ample supply and are on a tight budget.

It's the most cost-effective creatine available. Further, if you mix flavorless creatine in your shakes, then Bulk Supplements creatine is for you.

However, if you like to take your creatine standalone, you're better off using flavored creatine to not suffer through your daily routine.

How to Take Bulk Supplements Creatine

Dosage Recommendations

There are two primary approaches when taking creatine: loading and non-loading. Your choice between these depends on how quickly you require performance enhancements.

With the loading method, you consume 20 g of creatine daily for six days. This amount can be divided into 3-4 smaller daily doses for easier digestion.

Following the initial loading phase, a maintenance dose of 2-5 grams daily is sufficient to keep elevated muscle creatine levels [5].

Alternatively, the non-loading technique involves a consistent intake of 3-5 grams of creatine daily. This approach gradually increases muscle creatine saturation for up to 28 days [5].

My advice is to opt for the non-loading strategy, taking 3-5 grams daily to establish a routine, unless there’s an immediate need for rapid performance improvement.

We break this down further in our article “how to creatine load.”

Timing of Creatine Consumption

The timing of your creatine intake isn't crucial, provided you're consistent with daily consumption.

Limited studies suggest consuming creatine post-exercise might be more beneficial for muscle growth, though this doesn't seem to impact strength gains [6].

The speed at which creatine reaches the muscles isn't well understood, and since creatine doesn't stimulate like caffeine, it's most practical to take it at a time that fits your daily routine and ensures you won't forget.

Bulk Supplements Creatine Alternatives

Lift Big Eat Big 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate

Lift Big Eat Big Creatine

Our Lift Big Eat Big 100% pure Creapure creatine monohydrate is entirely flavorless with readily available third-party testing data, so you know it's only creatine you're getting.

Further, we offer cheaper bulk prices, as low as $0.66 per serving, with free shipping. Our creatine contains no other fillers or extra ingredients that serve you no purpose.

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

If you're a competitive athlete subject to random drug tests, you need a creatine with the informed sport tick.

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB provides that. But with most informed sport tick supplements, you pay for the cost of having supplements tested for banned substances.

You also have flavor options if you prefer mixing creatine on its own. Be aware that HMB likely has no beneficial effect, and you're paying for an ingredient that provides no further benefit to your training.

I explain all of this in my Transparent Labs Creatine HMB review.

Is Bulk Supplements Creatine Worth It?

Is Bulk Supplements Creatine Worth It

Value for money, Bulk Supplements Creatine beats every brand, being a fraction of the price of its competitors, making it worth it.

There are no unnecessary additives; you can purchase them in bulk, providing up to 3 years' worth of creatine in one pouch.

Frequently Asked Bulk Supplements Creatine Questions

Is Bulk Supplements Creatine Good?

Bulk Supplements Creatine offers high purity, excellent solubility, and cost-effectiveness. It undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring quality and safety for consumers, and stands out for convenience and effectiveness in supporting muscle growth and recovery.

Is Bulk Supplements Creatine NSF Certified

Bulk Supplements are NSF-certified as it's produced in an NSF Certified, FDA Registered, and Inspected cGMP Manufacturing Facility.

Is Bulk Supplements Third Party Tested?

Bulk Supplements creatine is third-party tested but not informed sport certified so it is not tested for banned substances. Competitive athletes subject to drug tests should look for the banned substance tick.

Is Bulk Supplements Made In China?

Bulk Supplements sources its raw materials from many countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, India, and Germany. They only source from the top worldwide manufacturers registered and inspected by the FDA.

It’s flavorless and has no other ingredients. It’s pure creatine monohydrate. However, we do not have an informed sport tick.


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Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate

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