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Transform Your Body In The Time It Takes to Watch Your Kid’s Saturday Morning Cartoon

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The Busy Dad’s Secret Weapon to Fitness Success

Do you remember the last time you looked in the mirror and felt genuinely good about what you saw? If you're like many of us, juggling the demands of work and family life, that may feel like a distant memory.

We've all been there — thinking back to the days when we were in better shape, more energetic, and could tackle the world without a second thought.

But as life piles on responsibilities, finding time to hit the gym and reclaim that vitality seems like an impossible feat.

The idea of spending hours at the gym is not only daunting...

It's downright unrealistic when you have kids to raise, a partner to support, and a career to manage.

We see these chiseled figures on social media, preaching about dedication and sacrifice, and can't help but wonder, "When do they find the time?

Oh yea...

They don't have kids.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to carve out hours of your day to transform your body?

What if there was a way to effectively use the brief window of time while your kids are occupied with their favorite Saturday morning cartoons?

Imagine using just those 30 minutes in a way that could radically change your health and physique.

The Busy Dad's Book Of Workouts

Time Saving 30 Minute Workouts

Get in and out of the gym with the most effective 30 minute workouts to build strength, muscle, and endurance.

Become Powerful

These workouts are designed to make you a strong, powerful dad. That means full body strength to handle daily tasks.

Boost Energy & Confidence

There's nothing more confidence building than knowing you can handle yourself through lifting heavy weights. You'll feel revitalized and full of energy to pass on to your wife and kids.

Be The Role model

Take control of your physical health and make it a part of your children's life. You can lead your family to better health.

Get Instant Access To The Busy Dad Book Of Workouts Now!

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What Other Dads Are Saying

James is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coaches I’ve ever had the opportunity of working with. 

His understanding and application of the many facets of Strength and Conditioning is beyond comparable. Not only does he bring professionalism and vast experience to novice all the way to elite level, he is also patient and clinical when it comes to coaching. If you get the chance to work with him it will be one of the best opportunities you ever experience.

KAZ A  //  Coach & Busy Dad Of 2


James de Lacey is, without question, one of the very best strength & conditioning coaches I've come across.

His depth of knowledge in strength & conditioning is exceptional, second-to-none. He conveys his comprehensive knowledge with carefully thought out programs that are sensible and efficient in a clear and concise writing style. He's able to break down complex topics and make them easily understandable for the layman. This is one sign that someone knows what they're talking about and James definitely knows what he is talking about in spades.

LITO ANGELES  //  Author "Fight Night", Black Belt Magazine Columnist, Retired 29 Year Police Officer, & Busy Dad

What You Get In The Busy Dad Book Of Workouts

  1. 1
    60 Strength/Hypertrophy Workouts: These are designed for building real dad strength and muscle to show with it. They emphasize big compound lifts and heavy loading to make the most of your short workout.
  2. 2
    10 Strength & Conditioning Workouts: Dads can't be "big for nothing." We must have the capacity to last. There are 10 workouts that include cutting edge conditioning/cardio protocols that'll push your limits.
  3. 3
    10 "No Gym" Workouts: Traveling for work? Don't have time to get in the gym? No worries. These 10 "no gym" workouts can be done in your living room.

JAMES DE LACEY  //  Author

I’m James de Lacey and I love to help Dads like yourself make REAL physical change. I have a Master’s in Sport & Exercise Science and spent my career working in professional and international level sport as a strength & conditioning coach before dedicating myself to busy Dads like yourself.

My passion lies in helping Dads cut through the absolute dogshit training advice presented on social media from various weekend-certified “trainers.”

I love the science behind training but I also love the raw, gritty training style of the pre-steroid era employed by the old-time strongmen. I’ve published research in the exercise science space and continue to avidly read, interpret, apply, and collaborate with various coaches and researchers on the latest findings.

This program is based on the years of experience working with athletes and training myself. I hope you enjoy this unique take on time efficient training for busy Dads!

James de Lacey

Sustainable But NOT Easy

I must preface this book of workouts...'s NOT easy...

If it were easy workouts you could do at your desk, in your office, or your living room that popular magazines drivel on, you wouldn't make ANY positive change and I'd be selling you snake oil.

These workouts will push you.

They are NOT for the faint hearted.

But at some point, it's time to nut up and put in the required work to FORCE the result you want.

Dads don't sit by idly hoping and wishing things will change.


You take action to MAKE things happen.

You probably already do this in other areas of your life.

Working harder or starting businesses to make more money.

Dating your wife to keep the romance and spark alive in your marriage.

Carving out play time with your kids and potentially even homeschooling them with the poor public school system.

This Book Of Workouts will push your for 30 minute workouts to FORCE change within your body.

You'll have more muscle, more energy, less body fat, and be the example of hard work to your family.

The Best Time To Take Control Of Your Fitness Is Now!

$27 $67

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

There are no refunds for this program. Once you've purchased, you already have access to everything you need.

Is this a subscription?

This is a one-off purchase and not a subscription so you'll have this program for life.

What equipment do I need?

You will need basic gym equipment. Barbell, plates, rack, and a bench. If you have these, you can do 95% of the workouts. Dumbbells, sandbags, and a spin bike are a bonus. If you go to a commercial gym, you're set.

I've never lifted weights before, is this for me?

You will need to have a coach or personal trainer teach you how to lift before embarking on these workouts.

How many days a week is this program?

You can do as little or as many fit your schedule. Because it's not a set program, you can do the workouts when they fit your schedule. I advise a minimum of 2 but you can even do 6 if you have the time and dedication.

How long are the workouts?

All workouts will take you approximately 30 minutes including warm-ups.

My goal is to build muscle, will this work for me?

100%. As long as your eating is aligned and you train hard, you'll build muscle.

My goal is to lose fat, will this work for me?

Yes this will help you lose body fat. As long as your eating is aligned in a caloric deficit.

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