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Shoulder Health: Mobility vs. Stability

You Care Too Much About Shoulder Mobility and Not Enough About Stability


“Mobility.” It’s one of everybody’s current favorite fitness buzzwords, right up there with “functional.” Don’t even get me started on that word. Look anywhere in the heath and fitness blogosphere and you’re bound to find articles, products, and videos to improve your mobility. Hell, I’ve even written about it myself.

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The 10 Best Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Squat

There’s very little in this world that thrills me more than tinkering with an athlete’s squatting technique and watching him dominate weights that felt incredibly heavy just seconds earlier. Here are ten great tips for building a big squat in record time – regardless of whether you’re free squatting or box squatting, Olympic-style or Powerlifting style:
  Tip #1: Sit Back, Not Down.