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Certification Complete

Last weekend was amazing. I learned a ton of things to help my form in ways that I did not know I needed help with (like my front squat, which is one of my strongest lifts). I also learned more than a few techniques on faults that cause train-wreck form and ways to correct it. The best part of the weekend though? I received my certification!

Now the stars will align and everything will come together for me, just like the fine print says in the CF manual. Or something like that.

The trainers were also amazing and explained a lot of topics to me that I did not think about before. My clean and sumo deadlift high pull has also improved dramatically, mostly because I was finally able to do it with a barbell and not a kettlebell.  I also realized that there has not been a single WOD at my gym where we have done full squat snatches–a serious problem, in my opinion. Time to start cranking out some serious snatch.

The awesome people at the cert. I am sunglasses on the right.
I have also decided to attend the powerlifting seminar in September at Local’s Gym in Lynnwood. Who better to learn some more powerlifting skills from than man/bear/beast Mark Bell? I hope to get at least a few PR’s out of that seminar.
Now, on to food consumption:
 Standard chicken nugget serving size.
 Sweet pie, bro.
Rigatoni pasta pie w/ mozzarella, cheddar, marinara and ground beef.
 You want a piece of this?
Triple egg & cream bread bowl w/ southwest hash browns.

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