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Crossfit Total

I hosted a small group Crossfit TOTAL yesterday and it was a great success. Everyone hit big PR’s on their lifts, most notably on the squat and deadlift portions. There were a few failed reps, but overall it went really well. I am thinking of turning this into a monthly invitational event. Possibly followed by massive meat consumption.

The Crossfit TOTAL follows the same basic structure as a powerlifting meet, except instead of bench press, you have strict press. Rippetoe states that this is more of a test of real strength because like the other two lifts you are standing up and using your whole body, whereas on a bench press you are seated and your whole core has a nice support under it. Other than that it is the same. you work in a rotation of people, and you get 3 attempts to improve your 1RM of each lift, starting with squats, then presses, then deadlifts. If you fail an attempt on a weight, you cannot move down, you have to stay at that weight until you get it before you can move on. If you do not get it, well tough beans.

Roughly where you place according to body weight and barbell weight,

I scored a total of 810, which is a 30 pound jump from my previous score. 20 pounds of that was on my squat, which has been increasing by 20 pounds every 9 days. Thanks Conjugate Method! Big Steve totaled 700 flat, which was a huge jump for him especially after starting CF not too long ago. Megan totaled 380, so our training methods must be working, and I think Arnnie totaled  about 765. He moved so fast I did not get a chance to see his score. I hope to do this again soon, hopefully with a few more beasts and a little more sunshine, but this is Seattle weather so take what you can get!

Arnnie, Steve and I taking a break.
Warming up
2nd successful squat PR of the day.
This belt made me feel like I was going to crap my pants.

375. 10+ pound PR.
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