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Eating Bigger On A Budget

This was larger than an infant. True story.

At least once a day, someone will write in and ask how to get huge without spending their entire paycheck on meals. Roughly one year ago, I wrote an article detailing 3 ways to eat big on a budget .  I am going to expand on that article and discuss a few ways to eat big that aren’t exactly perfect in the eyes of the paleo gods, but still fairly decent meals nonetheless. Getting big is hard and uncomfortable enough without breaking the bank along with it, wouldn’t you say?

The first thing you will want to do on your gaining journey is increase your water intake to 150-200% of your normal intake. This is a mistake I made two years ago by not having enough water. Water will actually help decrease some of the feelings of bloat you will encounter, as well as flushing your system of excess junk that will inevitably accumulate.

The next thing you will need to do is get yourself a 5-8 quart crockpot. This is your crockpot, there are many like it, but this one is yours. Without your crockpot, you are nothing. Obviously, the greatest thing about a crockpot is you can throw in all the ingredients, go about your day, and come back to a crockpot that will contain at least 2-3 meals worth of food.

Loco moco

A couple of my favorite crockpot dishes are loco moco and crockpot lasagna. These ingredients can be found reasonably cheap, especially if you live in an area with an ethnic grocery store.  These stores don’t usually look as crisp and pristine as your local grocery store, but the food is the same, so get over it, ya freaking snob.

If preparing food isn’t your style, you can go to Costco and get prepared meals that you just have to stick in the oven. No, these meals aren’t technically “paleo”, but none of the world’s biggest/strongest people are paleo, so that is something to chew on. One of my favorite Costco meals is their Kirkland Signature Lasagna (yea you know the one I’m talking about). The label says it feeds a family of twelve, but I just ate half of one for dinner. Nevertheless, for the low price of 13 dollars with ingredients you can actually pronounce, that is incredibly cheap. In my opinion, lasagna is one of the greatest meals to get big on: It contains numerous meat and protein sources (beef, sausage, ricotta cheese) fats (swiss and cheddar cheese) and carbs (noodles, tomato sauce).

Crockpot lasagna

At LBEB, we are all about eating out of giant bowls, it makes easier to finish a large meal when you don’t have to keep going back to fill your plate because it’s a small plate. I like to take this one step further and eat/prepare meals that are what I like to call: “all-inclusive”. Casseroles, meat and rice dishes (rice should be your best friend by now), and any meal that is cooked with equals parts of all macronutrients. Grilling steaks is delicious, but when time is a factor, making 3 separate parts of the meal can be a pain in the ass. Try to start cooking more all-inclusive meals to save yourself some time.

Getting big isn’t always pretty

Another way that you can eat big without spending big is to buy a few staple ingredients like beans, white rice, ground beef, chicken, avocados, and various vegetables. Then, buy a butt-ton of spices. A few different spices can change the same macronutrients from a Mexican meal to an Asian meal.

Again, I advocate buying yourself a 1/4 or 1/2 a cow from a local butcher who specializes in grass-fed beef. It will cost a good chunk of change up front, but when you can buy high-quality beef for less than $5 for EVERY CUT on the cow, it makes the offer hard to turn down.

A lot of people want to get big with minimal fat gain. This is possible, but it can take a very long time, and honestly a little fat never hurt anyone. Are you a bodybuilder? Do you need less than 10% body fat? How much time do you really spend with your shirt off in anterior trunk flexion? Getting big is about getting strong, you can lose the fat later. It is better to gain strength quickly, with 5-10lbs of fat gain. You can easily lose the fat after you have gained strength and muscle size. If you are afraid of a little temporary chub, I really question your desire to get huge.

Now, get out there and bury your face in a lasagna.


23 thoughts on “Eating Bigger On A Budget

  1. Top advise! Lift Big, Eat Big! Cheers Sean U.K.

  2. can you tell us how to lose the fat without losing that hard-earned strength?

  3. case and point, I went from 170 to 210 over the summer
    Im 200 and change now as I am leaning out, expect to dip just below 200 when I hit where my coach wants.
    Losing fat is easy when you have huge muscles underneath..

  4. With all this lifting and eating and eating and pooping and lifting and wiping and eating I’ve developed a bad case of hemorrhoids. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

  5. Any advice for those with lactose intolerance? Just get some lactaid pills and suck it up?

  6. About hemorrhoids, take fiber supplements. soften up hard foods. example, instead of nuts eat nut butter. rough hard textured foods can rip u up on the way down if eaten in bulk. drink more more more water throught the day

  7. Whats your opinion on milk in general as a means for more gain. Its cheap

  8. Thoughts on a fella who is 5’11” 215 14% BF downing a gallon of raw milk, straight out of the cow per day?

    Reason I ask is because everyone I talk to seems to think the gal per day method only works for beginners.

    So, if I do this ON TOP of a 3500kcal/ day diet, good idea or bad idea?

  9. Good questions, guys. I used to promote GOMAD for everyone, but now I usually just promote it as a last resort for someone who has budget issues. GOMAD comes with its own sets of problems, especially if you are drinking cheap standard milk from a plastic jug.

    Absolutely take lactaid if you have LI, no question.

    If you have hemorrhoids, get some more fiber and water in your diet, and try to not force your bowel movements as much, basically wait until the mast minute so it can leave your body quickly. Instead of holding valsalva and forcing it out. Not good long term.

  10. As I’ve been reading this blog, I have noticed that a lot of you guys eat white rice, I was wondering why you choose the white over brown rice. I would think that the brown would be better since it has more vitamins, especially the b vitamins, and more fiber. Thanks for your input! ~Lara

  11. I choose white rice for the same reason I don’t recommend a lot of bread and the same reason I peel my sweet potatoes: The bran shell of brown rice can cause digestion issues for some people, and so can the sweet potato skin. Plus, I get fiber from vegetables and vitamin A from sweet potatoes, so I am not worried about it. I want a fast carb, not one that is going to keep me full for a few hours.

  12. I’m probably dating myself by asking this question, but when I was in school my football coaches stressed the importance of consuming as much peanut butter and raw eggs as possible. I know now the reason not to down raw eggs,(“Don’t let me find you walking the streets alone ‘Coach’! You know who you are!”); but as far as peanut butter goes, what is the consensus for including peanut butter in ones diet? After 20 years I’m still addicted to the crap. Amazing site LBEB!! Keep up the great work!

  13. If you watch the “Eating Big” video w/ Marshall he eats a good amount of oatmeal. Oats are extremely cheap and a decent source of energy. I would add this to the list of good inexpensive food.

  14. For your hemmeroids start drinking lots of water. Start taking a fiber supplement/bulking agent; such as Metamucil and also find a stool softener/laxative; Kondrumel is highly recomended! Both get mixed with water which helps keep fluids up. Prep H also helps with the pain and discomfort. Don’t strain and lay off fatty foods until you heal; they make stool hard and difficult to pass.

  15. Cannot agree more with either of these posts. I joined a local Sam’s club and use it to obtain my protein sources exclusively. Picked up a foodsaver vacuum sealer and seal up all the meat in freezer bag meals. Take out, thaw, cook, go lift something heavy.

  16. Hey Brandon Morrison, could you elaborate on your issue with cheap standard milk from plastic jugs? I’ve researched this topic a thousand times over and can’t, for the life of me, find an unbiased logical explanation on the whole milk topic. I drink 1/2 a gallon of standard full fat milk each day to help meet my calorie requirements.

  17. “How much time do you really spend with your shirt off in anterior trunk flexion? “

    Living in Miami, quite frequently… #justsaying

    Great post.

  18. If your already a plus size guy looking to put on muscle and +gains in weights thrown around would you still eat big while trying to gain muscle and worry about the weight loss after?

  19. Peanut butter has good fats and plenty of protein.
    Good for snacks or to add to your meals.
    But best to find the low sodium natural kind.

  20. I’m 25 % bf. Looking to get big and muscly and would like to get to 15% bf. Would you recommend eating big and lifting big then worrying about the fat later.

    Any advise?

  21. Being completely serious, don’t push hard when you’re on the can. If you do one you can ice it away pretty fast.

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