Four Exercises To Eliminate Lower Back Pain

August 19, 2021

Lower back pain can be an absolute killer to your training. Luckily, injury prevention specialist Matthew Ibrahim has four exercises to rid you of your nagging back pain. So here is what you need to know.

Self-traction techniques can be absolute game-changers in your training. Learn how to protect your spine to increase your lifts.

Even those who work 9-5 desk jobs are able to use daily routines to eliminate back pain. All it takes is a little bit of effort and time.

Stuck on how to advance your warm-up routine, especially for that stubborn lower back? I have you covered below.

Post-training recovery is a huge piece of training that often goes overlooked. Below, I’ve provided examples for you to follow and implement.

Common issues we see today, both in society and training, can be linked to some form of lower back pain. This shouldn’t be the case.

Whether you’re forced into a job that caters to poor posture and positions, or you’ve been looking for the best warm-up/cool-down routine from training to no avail, or even both (double whammy!), your lower back is screaming out for help.

The bottom line: you’ve done nothing to address it. It’s time we change that in a very big way.

Why Your Lower Back Is Important To Me

I’ve been in your shoes. In fact, I’ve been in them multiple times. I know how crappy it is to not be able to exercise, train and perform at optimal levels because you’re back is pissing you off. Trust me, I know that frustration.

Several years back, piss poor form, technique, and misunderstanding of loads put my lower back in jeopardy. My lower back was irritated, plain and simple. Each morning I’d wake up with an entirely stiff lower back and posterior chain that didn’t want to move at all.

Quite simply: I felt glued down and stuck. I knew something was wrong in a big way.

I needed to jump into some rehab and corrective exercises to get it back up to speed again. After being re-educated on form and technique, while also incorporating self-traction and new warm-up/recovery drills, I was able to come back stronger.

Suffice to say, this was probably the biggest learning lesson of my life, which is why I wrote this piece – I want to help you avoid these mistakes and setbacks I’ve made so that you can enjoy your training without going down the ugly pain path I did.

Nowadays, I’m pulling and pushing heavier weight than I’ve moved before. On top of it all, I’m feeling much stronger now.

However, the most important piece to me in all of this is how I treat and prepare my body when I’m not in the gym in addition to what I do before and after training, which has helped me make big strides in performance.

Everyone should know how to perform self-maintenance techniques and drills to prevent injury and bulletproof their body, especially in their lower back. You are in that “everyone” section, so let’s get you started.

4 Exercises To Implement For Lower Back Pain

Self-Traction For Your Spine

Sit All Day For Work? Do This Every 20 Minutes

Additions To Pre-Training Warm-Up Routine

Additions To Post-Training Recovery Routine

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Matthew Ibrahim is a Hybrid Strength & Conditioning Coach and Injury-Prevention Specialist, due to his background and expertise in physical therapy with a trained eye for movement. He is the owner of Mobility 101 in Medford, Massachusetts, a relentless pursuit to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance, ultimately building stronger, more efficient overall human movement through educational tools. Feel free to contact Matthew with questions at [email protected].

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