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About Mona

Mona holds an Honors degree in Sports Psychology and has spent the last 22 years of her life dedicated to representing South Africa on the world stage.

She's competed at the elite level in three different sports:

  • 6x Karate World Champion
  • CrossFit Games Competitor
  • Commonwealth Games Medalist Olympic Weightlifting

She continues to coach and help women get their dream bodies through her years of experience.

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Praise and Testimonials

I have always loved Mona’s positive and passionate approach to coaching. She is incredibly detail-oriented, patient and encouraging. I have made HUGE progress working with her in my technique and strength.

Dr Meghan Faulkner Chiropractor

I started using the LBEB Weightlifting program to help my CrossFit am I am loving it! The videos make it easy and the app calculates your weights based on your 1RM - awesome!

Desiree Beattie Erasmus Corporate

Mona has a very high knowledge of the sport and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that I can easily understand. In January 2020 I competed at the Texas Championships and not only won the gold medal but also set three state records in the process. I'm now the National Youth champion.

Elijah Rumfelt Youth National Weightlifting Champ


Lose 5 Lbs In 7-Days With Our Wickedly Effective 3-Step Blueprint