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How To Be An LBEB Woman

Article written by Talia VanDoran

All the ladies if ya feel me help me sing it out….this one is for you!

Let’s get real for a minute. There are some very specific and unique issues that women have to deal with when it comes to training. That of which men will never experience and can’t understand. The biggest of the big happens to be the lovely monthly occurrence of getting our period. We all know that it’s unpleasant enough to deal with what our body does naturally. Throw in being an athlete, training on top of feeling like you’ve been pummeled by the menstruation fairy, wanting to cry, scream and simultaneously get your murder on and you’ve got yourself a little predicament.

So how do we cope with and overcome the negative effects of our monthly cycle? Here are some of the things that I have found to work in my favor:

1. DO NOT….I repeat DO NOT stop training. It’s easy to wallow around in your aches and pains, but the best medicine is activity. Unless I am in so much pain that I can’t walk (which is extremely rare), I will not miss a training day. Keeping my body moving relieves stress physically and mentally. If I’m irritable or aggravated, the best way to get that aggression out is to resolve it in the gym. Your friends and family will be thankful that they are clear of your warpath and you just may hit some PRs. Who doesn’t like cracking the whip on some weight? This is LBEB!

2. After you’re done training, REST
. I know you probably think you do rest, but you need more rest during this time of the month. It sounds contradictory to my first point, but what I’m trying to say is be diligent in your rest post-training and on designated rest days. Make it a priority. Get quality rest. Now is the time to pop them Bonbons and catch up on some TV shows or Facebook to your heart’s delight. I personally enjoy ordering some sushi, snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and popping in a funny movie. It makes for a happy JuggerNugget.

3. As per the LBEB mantra…..EAT BIG! A lot of women I know eat well leading up to their period, but then it takes a back seat because they are tired, moody, and feeling a little lazy. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the food in. We have all been there and I am no exception. You may not feel like eating, but guess what? There are things in life that are just plain old good for you and a hamburger and sweet potato fries can never be a bad thing. Plus, you MUST feed the booty. Always feed the booty.

My first two strongwoman shows were blessed by visits from my monthly treat. I was thrilled! Luckily, I knew what I needed to do to compensate for not feeling 100% and still go to work on competition day. Just call me The Menstruation Sensation!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could add to this list, but I find that these are the most important tips I can impart on you lovely lifting beauties. If you happen to know of something else that is helpful, feel free to share your wisdom. We encourage it!

For the male coaches/training partners etc, I’ll tell you this…..have PATIENCE. Hormonal fluctuations are no joke and the women in your lives are dealing with stupid amounts of physical, mental and emotional stress during this time of the month. Coming into the gym and hitting big lifts requires an extreme amount of commitment and badassery when a woman is wanting nothing more than to crawl in bed and never leave. A lot of times it’s hard for us to tell our male training partners and coaches what we are experiencing. Pay attention to your lady lifters and if they are having an off day or tell you to jump off a bridge when you suggest they go down in weight, ask yourself if this may be one of those times you should give her some dark chocolate and a few kind words.

Champions aren’t made overnight and champions aren’t going to use excuses to get out of putting in work. While it’s a sucky situation to deal with your period during training and competing, it’s a fact of life. Accept it, embrace it and learn to deal with it to the best of your ability. Strong women aren’t strong for no reason. We understand how to push ourselves to limits that others only dream of. In my opinion, that makes women some of the best strength athletes in the world!


18 thoughts on “How To Be An LBEB Woman

  1. I love this! Personally I have endometriosis and have blogged a bit about being a powerlifter with endo. Funnily enough you don’t hear much about this subject!! Really glad someone’s brought it up!

  2. Oh, Talia. This is perfect! haha I love it. We DO need some extra lovin’.

  3. Such good info and perfect topic. I’m really good at going apathetic about food the first 2 days of my period. Menorrhagia SUCKS and sucks the life out of me, depletes me of iron. Being a recovering chronic dieter gives a lot of fun struggles too of the lack of “willpower” to maintain some semblance of control during PMS so when the shark finally attacks, throw in the ‘guilt’ with the inherent moodiness, I end up eating 4 advil every few hours and brooding for two days. Your blog convinced me to try a different approach when shark week attacks. We’ll see what happens!

  4. Does your strength take a dip around that time? I seem to miss lifts near my max right before shark week. Don’t know if I’m playing mind games with myself. 🙂

  5. Great advice. Too many women let themselves take a back seat to their monthly visitor. Thanks for this!

  6. Anyone out there struggle with endometriosis? This is another problem to deal with, especially during your period. I struggle to make my lifts because the pain is so unbareably intense…but I never miss a workout because of it. My mindset: I can either be on the couch in pain or at the gym in pain…I’ll choose the gym everytime! Would love to hear how others cope.

  7. Great post – just as a quick add… when you’re feeling bloated beyond your gym shorts – drink more water. It helps the body shed the water that it’s holding onto. Lift big, eat big, drink big!

  8. Really appreciate this advice! My giblets and I are barely on speaking terms some days. Onya!!!

  9. This is awesome! I don’t get a lot of cramps now since cleaning up my diet, but still get moody and my low back gets sore. Like really sore. I’ve found that heavy deadlifts and mid-back assistance work (like rows, etc) get me straightened out again. And contrary to how I think I’m feeling, I’m usually pretty strong on those days. Ps. Men, when in doubt, always go with the dark chocolate and kid words. 😉

  10. I do! Or, I did – I’m currently having a bit of relief from it after having an ablation last year. Back when I was still bleeding I took tranexamic acid & mefenamic acid to give myself *some* relief.

  11. When I’m about to cry or get super angry at the gym over something insignificant it is then that I realize than men and women really are different. The answer is always squats.

  12. LOVED THIS. More articles from the ladies please 🙂 “Plus, you MUST feed the booty. Always feed the booty” – > Best.Line.Ever.

  13. Thank you Talia for this post. I was wondering if it was a good thing to workout on those day and you had answer my question. blessed you are the women of lifters. I will have to agree with Anastasia that that is the best line I have ever read.

  14. I find that I have super strength right before but feel a bit weaker during this time. Thanks for the article!

  15. I’m weak the week before my period. I mis lifts and I have a lot of backpain. During my period is oke, but I almost stop eating. Thanks for the info. I will try to eat more. 🙂

    Great article.

  16. I feel the same way. Right before I’m super energetic and have amazing strength but once it hits it’s like I took 10 steps backward and every ounce of energy is completely drained from me for a good 3 days. =/

  17. So I was looking up why squats are so good because I was squatting 3 days a week. My husband thought it was impressive and said I could probably do more. Why would I want to? Lol. I found your website and decided there were a whole lot of reasons why I would want to. So last night I did my first max out attempt at squats and got a hard 155 pounds!!!

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