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How To Flip A Tire 101

First, flipping a tire is absolutely not performed like a sumo deadlift. Placing the entire stress of the lift on your biceps is a great way to tear them, I have seen someone tear both at the same time on a tire flip with that technique.

Instead, place hands outside legs, similar to a snatch grip, and move your feet backwards. This will allow you to push FORWARD, rather than pull UP.

Push your shoulder into the tire (this is better performed with taller tires) and once the tire clears your knees, push a knee into it. At the same time, flip your hands over so you are able to push it, similar to a bench press or pushup, rather than trying to curl it with your biceps.

Once the tire is stood up, push it down and forward as hard as possible. This will make it move a couple more inches forward, which could be the deciding factor in a competition.

I was moving a little bit sluggishly by the last set, but you should chase the tire as it’s hitting the ground so you can get right back to flipping it. Remember that in a competition, it is an event for time, so move it quickly!



4 thoughts on “How To Flip A Tire 101

  1. Awesome walkthrough. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a tire but realized that I don’t have the best technique for flipping it in the first place. Perfect timing. Do you tend to perform these solo, or do you stack them with something else. I’m guessing these pretty well gas you out after one set.

  2. Good question. If I am training for a competition that has a multiple-implement medley that includes tires and something else, like farmer walks, I will do them together. Otherwise I will just do more reps on the tire, it is definitely a gasser!

  3. Wow. How heavy is that tire??

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