How To Use Mass Gainer: 4 Easy Steps

August 24, 2022

It’s a simple and easy process using mass gainer. However, there are some tips and tricks you should be aware of when creating your mass gainer drink. It can be tempting to adhere to the serving size presented on the tub, but many mass gainers give serving sizes too large with fluid volumes too small. Here’s how to use mass gainer properly.

How To Use Mass Gainer Properly

Step 1: Fill A Shaker Cup With Water Or Milk

When Should You Use Mass Gainer

I prefer my mass gainer with water. When using milk, it can get thick. One pro tip is always to use ice as it acts as a blender ball so you don’t have clumps of powder after shaking it. Plus, nobody likes warm mass gainer.

Never stick to the recommended fluid servings on the tub, as it’s always too little for the powder to mix. This was approximately 450 ml for half a serving of mass gainer. This is the recommended volume for a full serving.

Finally, always add your ice and water first. If you add mass gainer first, clumps can get stuck to the bottom of your shaker. If you are on the go and taking your mass gainer to the gym after a workout, then use a blender ball to help reduce clumping.

Step 2: Add Mass Gainer

How To Make Mass Gainer Properly
Chocolate mass gainer in shaker cup unmixed

When scooping your mass gainer, measure it by weight. As the serving sizes are so large, the scoop can be inaccurate. For example, one Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer serving is 200 g and is noted as 6 scoops. I wanted 100 g for half a serving which should be 3 scoops.

However, it only took 2 scoops to reach 100 g. I would be drinking a ¾ serving instead of a ½ serving if I didn’t weigh it. This is more important for anyone who is tracking their macros in detail.

Step 3: Shake Or Blend

Mass gainer mixed in shaker bottle with tub next to it

Feel free to use a blender instead of a shaker for easier mixing. If you can’t be bothered with the clean-up, use a shaker bottle as I’ve done.

Step 4: Consume

Whether you chug your shake like a frat boy at a party or sip on it like a cup of tea is entirely up to you. Chugging may lead to stomach discomfort, so I would advise taking your time.

When Should You Take Mass Gainer?

You can take your mass gainer any time of the day. There is no benefit to taking it before or after a workout compared to a regular meal. However, if you are rushing back to work from the gym and don’t have time to eat a meal, this would be the perfect time to drink mass gainer.

It also makes a great meal replacement. The mass gainer I made in the pictures for this article is a meal replacement. I added an extra scoop of whey protein to make it a more effective muscle-building meal.

It came out to 38 g of protein and 25 g of carbohydrates with only a couple of grams of fat. Another good time to take mass gainer is your last meal of the day. That way, you fit your regular daily food intake and then create a caloric surplus when drinking the mass gainer if your goal is to gain weight.

How Much Mass Gainer Should You Take In A Day?

How much mass gainer you take depends on the serving size of the brand you bought and your daily caloric needs. For a meal replacement, you can use anywhere from ½ to a full serving to replace a meal.

Always look at how many calories are in a serving. Some mass gainers can have over 1000 calories which does you no benefit even if you’re a skinny guy gaining weight.


Using mass gainer is a simple process; all you need is a shaker bottle and water. Mass gainer works any time of the day and can even be your breakfast!

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