Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness Review (2024)

January 24, 2023

Iron Neck are well-known for their halo-like neck training device. But since then, they have reinvented the neck harness by creating the Alpha Plus Neck Harness.

It's unique to other neck harnesses because the added features provide more versatility, taking your hard-earned dollars further. I've put it through the test and giving you my thoughts!

Pros & Cons


  • 4-way D-rings so you can perform isometric exercises for strength development.
  • Inner soft neoprene, so it doesn't rub against your ears and face causing discomfort.
  • Made from durable nylon so it can be pulled with heavy bands or hang heavy plates without tearing.
  • Head adjustment strap so it can fit any size head.
  • A nylon tether strap to hang plates means they stay centered and not on either side of a chain link.


  • Not your budget neck harness. There are cheaper options, but none will give you the comfort and versatility of the Alpha Plus Neck Harness.

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness Rating

The Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness has taken the traditional neck harness and given it several upgrades. No longer are you constrained to nodding your head. You can perform isometrics and even rotational exercises with resistance bands. The Alpha Plus Harness must be in your toolbox as a neck training tool.

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars




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Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness

Iron Neck ensured the comfort of the Alpha Plus Harness was front and center. I own and have used other neck harnesses that are rough on your ears and face. This is a no-go if you are part of any sport involving your ears rubbing against other humans, like combat or rugby.

Further, I didn't use my old neck harness very often because of this reason. I didn't want to deal with the discomfort of having my ears and face scratched every time I nodded my head. Iron Neck solved this by using a flexible, durable nylon with soft neoprene stitched inside.

This makes the Alpha Plus Harness feel like you’re wearing a hat. I don’t get any scratching of my ears when nodding my head.

Regarding the fit, the Alpha Plus Harness has a unique head strap allowing you to raise or lower the neck harness. For anyone with a small forehead, this is where it shines, as you can raise the harness, so it sits higher on your head.

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness Head Strap

You can also adjust the circumference so if you have a large head, you can loosen the harness to provide a snug fit instead of crushing your skull.

There's also a chin strap which is typically only needed if you're doing neck flexion with a plate hanging behind you (a great exercise, by the way).

Quality & Durability

The quality and durability go past the materials used. The stitching is embedded within the harness, so there's no way for it to start unraveling with use. The extra thick nylon surrounds the D-rings so they can be pulled with extreme band tension.

Alpha Plus Neck Harness Stitching

The Velcro straps are the same width as the nylon harness, so you don't have problems with it coming loose during use. The inner neoprene has a honeycomb pattern which means it doesn't have the typical friction neoprene has.

Think how hard it would be to pull a wetsuit over your head. It would drag and pull your hair. The honeycomb makes the neoprene smooth and easy to put on.


This is where I believe the Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness is most impressive. Traditional neck harnesses allow one movement—heavily loaded neck extension. But the Alpha Plus Harness gives you multiple neck training options.

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness D Rings

You can perform your traditional neck flexion and extension to get a thick neck. But for strength development and sports performance, you have the four D-rings to perform various isometrics and neck rotations.

All of this is within a neck harness and not needing to add extra pieces of equipment.


The price of the Alpha Plus Neck Harness is $89.99. You might be thinking that it is far outside the typical neck harness. It is. But for a good reason! You've probably already searched Amazon and seen harnesses for $20.

Except they come with severe limitations. For example, they can't be adjusted, so you don't know if they will fit your head. Secondly, they don't have D-rings, so you're stuck with only performing neck flexion/extension.

Finally, they use a chain to hold plates. In my experience, the plate ends up further on one side of your head, making weight distribution uneven. As the saying goes, buy nice, don't buy twice.

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness vs. Alpha Neck Harness

Iron Neck Alpha Plus vs. Alpha Neck Harness

Frequently Asked Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness Questions

Is This The Budget Version Of The Iron Neck?

This is not the budget version of the original Iron Neck. The Iron Neck is a separate neck training device geared towards leveling up isometric neck exercises. The Alpha Neck Harness allows isometric exercise but is mainly used for loading neck extension.

What’s The Loading Capacity Of The Alpha Plus Harness?

Iron Neck recommends not loading more than 100 lbs on the nylon strap. Few people in the world will be loading more than two 45 lb plates off their neck, so you're safe for loading.

Is Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness Worth It?

The Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness is 100% worth it if you’re in the market for a neck harness and your goal is to build the neck muscles. If you’re training the neck for pain relief or sports performance, I recommend the Iron Neck device for the 360° halo.

Does Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness Build Muscle?

The Alpha Plus Harness will back slabs of muscle on your neck. You can easily and safely load your neck for various neck flexion and extension. But if you're creative, you can also use bands to add rotation.

What Muscles Do Neck Harnesses Work?

Neck extension is the primary movement when using the neck harness, which works the sternocleidomastoid and spinal erectors. The sternocleidomastoid runs below your ear to your collarbone, giving a thick neck look.


There's a reason I've ranked the Alpha Plus Harness the best neck harness on the market. The features are unmatched and you can do much more than neck extensions. Train your entire neck with one piece of equipment that's comfortable and durable.

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Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness

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