Lift Big Eat Big, already a leading name in the fitness, strength sports, and supplement industry has now acquired Himalaya Health Core to further bolster its position as the premier name in the fitness business. This acquisition took place on March 21st, 2023.

What Did Himalaya Health Care Do?

Himalaya Health Care

Himalaya Health Care has since rebranded to Himalaya Wellness. You may recognize their brand at your local pharmacy with their wide range of herbal supplements, personal care items, and pharmaceuticals. They were founded in 1930 and are a worldwide brand.

What Does Lift Big Eat Big Do?

Since 2011, Lift Big Eat Big has been a definitive resource for lifters from all walks of life. We cover everything from gaining muscle, lifting heavy things, the sport of Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and sports supplements and nutrition.

Lift Big Eat Big was founded by Brandon Morrison who was a competitive Strongman athlete and professional coach. Since August 2021, Lift Big Eat Big has been purchased by James de Lacey, professional strength & conditioning coach with a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science. And run with the help of professional Olympic Weightlifter, CrossFit Games athlete, and karate world champion Mona de Lacey.

Lift Big Eat Big has a team of professional coaches and athletes including World’s Strongest Man competitor Colm Woulfe and Powerlifting and Highland Games champion Ed Cosner.

Why Acquire Himalaya Health Care?

Lift Big Eat Big specializes in strength sports, fitness, supplements, and nutrition. This acquisition fits directly into our supplement content providing evidenced backed recommendations on dietary supplements to improve strength and fitness performance.

It’s vital we serve this information to help people avoid dodgy companies like Herbalife and their horror stories. One reason people turn to supplements is to gain weight. Weight gain supplements help skinny guys to increase mass by making an easy to drink calorie bomb.

They have 500-1000 calories in a single serving which easily helps you consume excess calories to grow. Weight gainers for women work on the same principles but it’s better for them to contain less calories per serving to limit fat gain.

But why mass gainer over whey protein? Whey protein only contains 20-30 g of protein totaling 80-120 calories. Mass gainers include carbohydrates making it 5 times more calorie dense.

One of the most popular sports supplements are pre-workouts. The best pre-workout for beginners is often nothing at all. However, if you work long hours or lead a busy life, pre-workout can provide a pick-me-up for your gym sessions.

Another option is to use an organic pre-workout that is coffee based and isn’t filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners. Most importantly, you should find a pre-workout without creatine as you need to take creatine daily to have a positive effect.

Creatine is cheap enough where you can mix pre-workout and creatine on your own.