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You Are Being Lied To...

Everything today is built around the word "easy."

"Easily build muscle with this one weird trick."

"Add 100 lbs to your bench press with this easy hack"

"Use this easy hack to burn fat and build muscle."

This is the formula used by unqualified, self-taught social media "guru" trainers to increase engagement and serve you with horrid, borderline unethical advice.

Pile on top the unmistakable steroid abuse and you have the holy grail of modern day fitness.

It's disgusting.

Before Social Media And...

When there was no needle to boost someone's status.

Instead, there were blood, sweat, and calluses.

And before the 1940s, there were legendary strength athletes that would compete in strength sports and physique competitions...

Dominating their competition and laying the foundation of strength for us.

John Grimek, George Hackenschmidt, Arthur Saxon, Eugen Sandow, & Doug Hepburn are some of the prominent names from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s.

Old-time Strongmen like these could perform unbelievable feats of strength and had the physique to match.

How about winning Mr. America AND representing the USA at the Olympics in the sport of Weightlifting? At 5"8", 195 lbs, John Grimek could squat 700 lbs.

Or Eugen Sandow bent pressing 270 lbs.. At 5'8" with 19" arms.

Or Arthur Saxon lifting his brothers hanging on either end of a barbell... with one arm. Not to mention he could clean & jerk 155 kgs (342 lbs) in the late 1800s at 5'10" weighing 200 lbs.

Success leaves clues. These are examples of raw, BRUTE strength lost in today's glove wearing, machine pumping, pencil neck fitness communities further perpetuated in mainstream magazines.

Imagine Having Guidance From People Who Live & Breathe Strength & Performance...

We have spent our lives dedicated to strength and performance so you can cut through the bullshit and reignite your power and confidence.

We've been there, done that. And we'll share this knowledge without the meathead advice you receive on social media.

Master's degrees, training professional and international sporting teams and athletes, and competing at the highest level of strength sports are who will be HELPING YOU inside the Underground. 

Who Is The LBEB Underground NOT For?

  • You want to remain mediocre, wondering around the gym aimlessly hopping from program to program. 
  • You only caring about blasting your biceps from 15 different angles but can't perform a chin-up.
  • You're allergic to hard work and would rather jump from machine to machine under air conditioning.

There Are Two Different Types Of People...

People happy with the average life where the gym is just a way to spend time socializing outside the office.

And then there's you.

The action taker who wants to break away from the fitness "norm" portraying by mainstream media.

You LOVE strength and performance. Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, feats of strength, and getting jacked in the process fuel your desire for hitting the weights.

The LBEB Underground is the virtual interpretation of this concept where an elite Weightlifter, Strongman athlete, and Strength & Conditioning Professional direct your training to make a bigger total, win that competition, or transform your body and function.

Who Is The LBEB Underground For?

  • A strength training enthusiast who wants to get into peak shape and bust through training plateaus.
  • Beginner to advanced Olympic Weightlifters and Strongmen who understand how brutal these sports are and how expert guidance can instantly accelerate progress.
  • Beginner gym goers who want to start their weight training journey on the right foot while avoiding the misinformation and downright poor advice from the local personal trainer or Instagram influencer.
  • Anyone who wants to be part of a community and movement to bring back effective strength training and fight the mainstream fitness rhetoric.

Get started now!

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Olympic Weightlifting

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Strength & Size

Strength & Size

LBEB Underground main features

A Strong Community Of Lifters

This is a private community with curated content and expert knowledge imparted by the LBEB Underground coaches. Feel free to ask anything training and performance related.

Access To Online courses

Free access to the Lift Big Eat Big online courses such as Weightlifting Mastery and all future video courses.

Olympic Weightlifting Expert

Our resident Olympic Weightlifting expert Mona Pretorius de Lacey will be solving all of your Weightlifting issues from a hugely experienced background as an athlete and coach.


Our resident Strongman expert Colm Woulfe will be solving all of your Strongman issues from a hugely experienced background as an athlete and coach.

Strength & Conditioning Expert

Our resident Strength & Conditioning expert James de Lacey will be offering training tips and answers to your most burning questions relating to strength & performance.

Access All LEBB Programs

Every program from Pump Dragon to Phalanx are available for you to use within the LBEB app. That's $1000s worth of savings.

LBEB Underground Community

This exclusive community is for you to take advantage and seize the closely guarded secrets of world class professionals. Access all LBEB programs, courses, and the community!

About Your Coaches In The Underground

Farmers Walk

James de Lacey

Professional Strength & conditioning Coach

James holds a Master's degree in Sport & Exercise Science with two published research journals. He has spent his career physically preparing professional and international rugby players in three different countries while also working with amateur athletes from various sports such as sailing, motocross, triathlon, and combat sports.

How To Tall Jerk

Mona (Pretorius) de Lacey

Elite Olympic Weightlifting

Mona is a 2018 Commonwealth medalist in Olympic Weightlifting and has represented South Africa for 20+ years in the sport. She is also an African Champion, Commonwealth Champion, and youngest South African to compete internationally at the senior level. Further, she was a CrossFit Games competitor and 6x Karate World Champion. If that's not enough, she holds an Honor's Degree in Sports Psychology.

Strongman Program

Colm Woulfe

Elite Strongman

Colm is the 3x New Zealand's Strongest Man and is a 2x World's Strongest Man competitor. He holds a Master's Degree in Sport & Exercise Science and has published two research journals on the topic of Strongman Training.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my membership?

Easily cancel within the LBEB app.

Does the LBEB Underground cater for women?

Hell yes! We love strong women! Our resident Olympic Weightlifting expert Mona is a great example of a powerful women who has accomplished a lot in strength sports.

What's different to using the bodybuilding forums?

If you've ever trawled through bodybuilding forums, it's a cesspool of poor advice. You often don't know who is on the other end of the comment and can be the 19 year old with 6 months lifting experience. In the LBEB Underground, you know who is helping you (one of our expert coaches) and their qualified background.

Do I need to be an elite level athlete?

You don't need to be an elite athlete. Nor do you need to compete. All we want to do is help you reach the goals you have set yourself. Not everyone has the urge to be competitive. Some of us want to be the best husband, wife, or parent and carve an awesome life.

What if I've never lifted weights?

Then you're extremely fortunate to have this resource at your disposal to start on the right foot for your lifting journey. Whether that's getting stronger, starting Olympic Weightlifting or Strongman, or packing on muscle, we cater to all of these goals.


LBEB Underground Monthly Membership

Join the movement!




  • All LBEB training programs in the LBEB app.
  • Every online course from the LBEB catalogue.
  • All future courses free with your membership.
  • Minimum of 2 live video Q&A's per month with coaching experts.
  • On-going community for you to ask any questions and to have your training problems solved by fellow strength enthusiasts and industry experts.