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No Time To Lift?

There are a lot of excuses for not lifting, a prevalent one being a lack of time. Whether it is work, the kids, or school, you can always find a million reasons to not do something. 

I say f*ck that. You can spend 10 minutes on your lunch break and do 30 clean & jerks with 185lbs, getting back to the office before anyone even knows you were gone. You don’t even need to change your clothes, as I have demonstrated below. Check out the photos and keep them in mind next time you feel like making excuses.
Jacket may decrease ROM
F*ck this jacket
Remove tie for core stability
In case of emergency, remove sleeves
Put tie on head for increased fat loss and toxin flushing
Go back to work pretending your shirt has sleeves
Successful athletes don’t have time to lift, they MAKE time.

10 thoughts on “No Time To Lift?

  1. Bahahaha! Awesome. Your office probably needed to smell more like a man anyway.

  2. Haha – Like a Boss. Thanks for pushing me and giving the tips on how to do the WOD correctly.

  3. That’s your next apparel item. The white sleeveless oxford button-down with the statement “F*ck This Shirt” printed on the back and the LBEB logo underneath.

    “So, Peter, what’s happening? Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?”

  4. BRILLIANTLY played!!

    Shelly in ATL

  5. Exercise actually has been show to improve cognitive function so now there are no excuses

  6. Beyond love how the tie moonlights as a head band. HOT!!

  7. You crazy f… =)). Good job!

  8. “Put tie on head for increased fat loss and toxin flushing” ahhhhhh so that’s what i’ve been missing.

  9. ^ This. I would fuckin’ buy that shirt.

    Make it bro!

  10. Hilarious and true. I actually do workout during my lunch break. I try to get others to work out with me at my office, but I get the typical “no time” excuse. Funny how they can sit in the break room and watch and entire episode of Maury but not find their way to the FREE gym our company has graciously set up for them.

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