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Onion & Garlic for Increased Testosterone

I ran into some interesting information while helping out at the USAW certification course this past weekend, specifically regarding theories on increasing testosterone levels without using illicit substances.
The first theory was regarding a study that was conducted at the Tabriz University in Iran. According to some sources, many men who suffer from fertility issues in Iran cannot afford the medical treatments necessary to increase fertility and testosterone production, so their scientists went to work on find alternative methods. Another source stated that high levels of antioxidants have been known to increase testosterone levels, since onions contain high levels of antioxidants they quickly became  the substance that would be used in the trials. Scientists conducted the study with rats, using a juicer to create onion juice that was fed directly into the stomach of rats via a tube. I am not sure how a poor citizen of Iran is supposed to afford a juicer if they can’t afford simple medical treatment, but that is another story in itself.

The results were nothing short of impressive; over a 300% increase in serum testosterone levels after 20 days for the group of rats that were given 1 gram of raw onion juice per kilogram of bodyweight. LH, FSH and overall sperm quality was increased in the blood for this group as well. It has been stated that in 1967 an Egyptian researcher found that an intake of onion juice increased the testes in lab animals, although I have been unable to find this research myself.
While these results are astounding, and make me want to carry a gallon of onion juice with me at all times, how much of a carry-over there is for humans has not been fully researched. The onion juice was given to the rats directly into their stomachs via a tube, bypassing the normal digestive system. It is unknown whether digestive enzymes would affect the raising of testosterone levels from onion juice. It is also important to note that most readers of LBEB are not lab rats, and are not men from Iran suffering from infertility issues. Most of us have high levels of testosterone already due to our diet and training programs. Still, drinking 1 gram of onion juice per kilogram of bodyweight seems like a great way to test your testicular/ovarian fortitude.
The stinking rose
The second theory discussed was the role of garlic and its ability to increase testicular testosterone when supplemented along with a high cholesterol & protein diet. Different groups of rats were fed casein diets, one group being supplemented with garlic powder and one without any supplementation. The group that was supplemented with garlic powder was discovered to have significantly higher testosterone contents in the testes with decreased corticosterone concentration when compared with the garlic-free group after 28 days. The garlic-free group was fed corn oil which is cholesterol-free, which could have influenced the results, since cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone production.
Although this data indicates that garlic consumption can greatly increase testosterone production, it is important to remember that the studies were conducted on rats, not humans. I would recommend experimentation with both onion juice and garlic supplementation to see if your own testosterone levels are raised, but I would hardly expect to see a 300% increase in an already healthy, strong individual. I may experiment with the onion juice myself as I head into my first week of the Smolov squat program.

12 thoughts on “Onion & Garlic for Increased Testosterone

  1. hmmm, maybe some garlic and onion smoothies for me. i have been thinking about adding smoothies in anyway. i wonder what this would do for my breath.

  2. your breath will stink and your sperms will taste bitter as per your other half lolz and when you sweat it will be another epic story to be told
    But but there is one cure to it
    Try chewing on cinnamom all the time

  3. another good way to increase your test is to get laid on occasion, preferably on every occasion when opportunity presents itself. That and generally being a bad ass.
    I’m not adding onions and garlic to my smoothies just yet…

  4. Someone had been reading how to pick up women books the “how to be a bad ass”

  5. I tried juicing onions and gave up the experiment in 24 hrs. I am used to bad tasting supplements but raw onion juice is so bad is makes your throat burn, eyes water like a baby and stomach churn. That was the good part. I only gave up after I wiped out my co-workers with the worst onion f*rts you could believe existed. I feel sorry for Iranian women and lab rat technicians. Also no noticeable change to testosterone in that time period.

  6. I’m a skinny guy with all kinds of IBS problems so much so I stopped eating gluten and dairy products altogether. I recently heard about this on another bodybuilder website and tried it today, but instead of using a juicer (because mine is on the DL) I just blended it with a Vitamix blender and then put the entire mush onto a mesh strainer (the one with really small holes) to filter the juice from the fiber, using a spoon to squeeze out as much juice as possible. By the time I was ready to drink, I smelled no foul order and had no problem drinking it down after a few test sips. FYI i used 2 organic yellow onions and of course I peeled the outer layer/skin off first and cut off both ends.

  7. Great blog posted here.. Really very interesting.. Testosterone Therapy Thanks for sharing this blog..

  8. I am a 62 year old male. Haven’t worked out in over 13 years. Used to be big on track and X country. In the last year I have been feeling tired and without drive. Used to do everything (well almost everything)at a 100 mile an hour.
    I am ready to try this Onion thing!
    Any suggestions?

  9. You do not want to increase your testosterone levels if they are in the normal range because doing so will lead to increased risk of CVS disease.

  10. nice info Brando … excited to find that garlic consumption can greatly increase testosterone production
    … really interested to try the garlic juice and onion supplementation
    on myself but little worry on its negative outcomes like headache,
    nosea etc.

  11. I am currently doing research on type of testosterone boosters supplements and really interested to find that onion and garlic also testosterone level. Would definitely write on it for my blog

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