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Once in a while you’ll have a strength tool that has a look, a name and the potential to bring great strength to all that lay their hands on it. This tool is the Thor Hammer from StrongerGrip. It has been bringing many a strength seekers hand, wrist, arm and overall strength for some years now. When the Thors hammer was released it quickly became a fan favorite and those in Asgard were smiling down. Recently, back at the strength lab, something NEW was created. You’ve probably noticed some crazy weather and storms around the world, I do believe it’s from the latest offering, THE ULTIMATE LBEB THOR HAMMER!!

These hammers are completely handmade, one at a time by Ryan J. Pitts of StrongerGrip.com. These hammers will change both your approach to grip training, as well as the effort you are able to put in. Each hammer features a 12lb frame that is loadable up to 26lbs with steel shot poured in. The hammers feature a suede handle to increase grip surface area, as well as a 3″ ball at the end of the handle to increase grip ease.


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