Brute Strength & Size To Dominate Your Next Strongman Competition

Not your typical Powerlifting or Bodybuilding style program. 12 weeks to monster gains on the log, loading, and carries.

Get The Most Closely Guarded Secrets Of A World's Strongest Man Competitor And Make MONSTER GAINS In 3 Short Months (That Actually Transfer To Strongman)... Guaranteed!

There is an inherent problem with Strongman training...

It hasn't progressed in the past decade...

Forget the age old wisdom of running a Powerlifting program and tacking an "events day" at the end of the week.

Sure, Powerlifting will get you strong...

Bodybuilding will get you big...

But training like either of these athletes WON'T translate to Strongman performance.

That's why many big & strong lifters struggle to dominate the Strongman events even against smaller lifters!

But what if you could pack on ungodly size and strength in all the right places...

You'll finally see that new log PR.

Loading that enormous stone will no longer be a struggle.

Your gym will need to buy more plates to fit on your farmers handles.

These are the results of a PROPERLY designed Strongman program.

One designed by a successful Strongman competitor who has the PRACTICAL & SCIENTIFIC background...

Now it's time for YOU to reap the benefits of a specific Strongman off-season program.

Off-Season Strongman Program features

Here are a select few benefits of the off-season Strongman program...

Intelligent Split Design

This is NOT a Powerlifting program with an events day tacked on. Instead, it is designed with strength & size for Strongman being the number one goal.

Catered To Your Level

It doesn't matter if you can lift 100 lbs or 500 lbs. Enter your current 1RMs to have be prescribed individual loads.

Video Links

Every exercise is linked to a video so you are never guessing what to do.

Focused On Common Strongman Lifts

You don't always know what events are at your next competition. So you need to be prepared for the most common events and train so your strength can carry over to unique events. That's why this program focuses on the Deadlift, Log, Overhead, & Carry.

Work Technical Kinks

Being brutally strong is great. But it'll only get you so far. This program is designed to iron out technique flaws so you can maximize your strength potential.

Get Yoked

Being a Strongman is not for the glove wearing, mirror posing crowd. This is REAL training and hard work. Your friends and family will freak out at the dense muscle mass you'll build after 12 weeks.

12-Weeks To Beast Off-Season Strongman Program

The perfect solution for the aspiring or competitive Strongman athlete seeking a leg up on their competition to dominate the events. A cutting edge training program specifically designed to make you stronger and bigger for the sport of Strongman.

About Colm Woulfe

Colm Woulfe is a 2x World's Strongest Man competitor in 2016 & 2017. He has won New Zealand's Strongest Man 3 times. He also holds a Master of Sport & Exercise Degree from AUT in NZ with a published research on Strongman training. 

What You Get Inside The Off-Season Strongman Program


4 Days Per Week, 12 Weeks

Each training day has a theme. Some days will focus on overhead and pressing strength while others are all about carrying heavy things. Importantly, you'll never stray away from the events so you don't lose your important Strongman skills.


Hit New PRs

We all love to hit new personal records. But we can't spend each week trying otherwise no progress will be made. These 12 weeks are designed to build up to NEW PRs in specific Strongman lifts.


Get Better At Strongman!

We've all seen it or experienced it. We spend months getting bigger and stronger only to hit the same numbers (or less!) with the Strongman implements. This off-season program takes care of that emphasizing the importance Strongman events.

Get started now!

12-Weeks To Bigger Numbers & More Muscle


Aspiring Strongman

Build your base and get yoked


79.99 $127

  • 12-Week Off-Season Strongman Program.
  • One time payment.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment will I need?

You will need typical gym equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, machines, etc. You will also need access to Strongman equipment. Specifically an Axle bar, Log, Farmers handles OR Yoke, and Sandbags OR Stones. However, alternatives are presented if you don't have these pieces of equipment.

Do I need to be at a certain level for this program?

No. However, some Strongman experience is desirable since you will be performing Strongman events with implements regularly.

Is there a diet I should follow when doing this program?

You should NOT be in a calorie deficit trying to lose weight when doing this program. You must be eating enough calories to sustain this type of training and to build muscle.

What do I do after finishing the 12 weeks?

You can re-run the program with new maxes or move into a pre-competition Strongman program.

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply email [email protected] 24 hours before you want to cancel.

Does the LBEB Underground cater for women?

Hell yes! We love strong women! Our resident Olympic Weightlifting expert Mona is a great example of a powerful women who has accomplished a lot in strength sports.

What's different to using the bodybuilding/strongman forums?

If you've ever trawled through bodybuilding/Strongman forums, it's a cesspool of poor advice. You often don't know who is on the other end of the comment and can be the 19 year old with 6 months lifting experience. In the LBEB Underground, you know who is helping you (one of our expert coaches) and their qualified background.

Do I need to be an elite level athlete?

You don't need to be an elite athlete. Nor do you need to compete. All we want to do is help you reach the goals you have set yourself. Not everyone has the urge to be competitive. Some of us want to be the best husband, wife, or parent and carve an awesome life.

What if I've never lifted weights?

Then you're extremely fortunate to have this resource at your disposal to start on the right foot for your lifting journey. Whether that's getting stronger, starting Olympic Weightlifting or Strongman, or packing on muscle, we cater to all of these goals.

I'm new to Strongman, is the community for me?

100% yes! You have one of the smartest and accomplished Strongman athlete and coach in your corner helping you within the community.

Aspiring Strongman

Build your base and get yoked


79.99 $127

  • 12-Week Off-Season Strongman Program.
  • One time payment.