8 Week Strength Manual For Beginner Lifters

Become self-sufficient in the weight room! 

No Experience In The Weight Room? No Problem!

At the request of several of my new clients, both online and in person, I have decided to write a strength training manual specifically designed for someone that is not previously experienced with the weight room.

Since starting LBEB in 2011, I have had the opportunity to work with a over one hundred brand-new lifters, to help instill in them the necessary information to become self-sufficient in the weight room.

This self-sufficiency in the weight room can be hard to come by as a beginner, due to the exorbitant amount of information floating around the internet.

I pride myself on the fact that I work with beginner lifters best. While some coaches may feel that a beginner is the easiest to work with, because they can do literally anything and get stronger, I feel the opposite.

Beginners are like a blank canvas, and can’t be expected to paint their own canvas when they don’t even know how to apply the right paint. That is where I, and this manual, will come in handy for you.

What will set this manual apart from other beginner strength training methods you may have seen before is the amount of work you will be doing, the assistance lifts that you will be doing from day one (instead of waiting until you plateau), and the photo/video guides for most of the difficult movements.

This simple 8 week program will follow some very easy-to-remember protocols:

The first is that there will be four workouts total, each week. This means that YOU will not be adding anything to this program.

Think of it like a warranty: I promise that if you follow this program AS WRITTEN, you will see great progress. If you deviate from the program and start adding in your own workouts, the warranty is voided, and I can no longer guarantee that you will see progress.

The first three workouts will consist of simple programming I have of course tried on myself first, as well as my personal clients.

These workouts will contain training protocols from Powerlifting and Olympic lifting, as well as adding in some Strongman conditioning, and Bodybuilding movements to help increase joint and tendon thickness.

There will be a day focused on squats, a day focused on all press movements, and a day for my favorite, deadlifts. Make sure you record your lifts, and write down each movement and weight hit in a notepad, to easily see what you did last time, and what you will do next time.

The fourth workout of the week will involve quick, short conditioning workouts, designed to help keep you lean, if that is your goal. If lean is not your goal, the conditioning will still help you increase muscular endurance and lung capacity, more useful than you may originally think.

I recommend following a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday split, to allow enough time for recovery between workouts that will be much more taxing than you originally may think. 

Bare Bones Beginner Strength Program Has 3 Major Benefits

Built For The Beginner

If you have no weight room experience, this program is designed for YOU!

8-Weeks To Make You Bigger, Stronger, & Fitter

Bare Bones isn't a one trick pony. It focuses on developing you as a well-rounded physical speciman.

Springboard Your Way To More Advanced Programs

You won't be a beginner forever. This program will make sure you are well-prepared to handle more advanced training programs.


Bare Bones Program For Beginners

8 weeks of training 4 times per week to maximize your strength, size, and conditioning.


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