8 Weeks To A Powerful Deadlift

The ultimate test of raw strength and power... the Deadlift.

This Is Not A “Powerlifting Or Strongman Program”

This is a program designed to increase your deadlift. Yes, your other lifts will benefit from this as well, but that is not the ultimate goal.

3 times per week training + your press and events day if you are a Strongman equal 5 days a week.

Now it’s time to go do the work. Stay healthy, lift big, eat big, and have some fun while you’re at it. Your PR’s are ready, do not make them wait.

LBEB Deadlift Specialization Has 3 Major Benefits

Sole Focus Of Building A Massive Deadlift

Want to stun people with your brute strength? Get stronger in other lifts? A massive Deadlift will do it.

All Assistance Work Programmed Towards The Deadlift

To build a big Deadlift, you can't JUST Deadlift. That is why all assistance work is designed to blast the muscles used while Deadlifting.

8-Weeks To A New Max

This is guaranteed! If you follow this program to the letter, you will hit a new PB. 


LBEB Deadlift Specialization

8-weeks to a guaranteed NEW PB Deadlift. Watch the rest of your lifts follow.

What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

You will receive the LBEB Deadlift Specialization Program including 8 weeks of training instantly so you can boost your Deadlift PB.

Deadlift Specialization

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