Build An Incredible Physique In The Comfort Of Your Own Living Room

Attack quarantine like a savage!

Don't Go Crazy Being Stuck At Home

If you're like most of the world and stuck under self-imposed quarantine due to Covid-19 Coronavirus, you may be wondering how you're going to not only work out, but also keep from going crazy in your home.

In these manuals, I have written four days of programming that you can do from the comfort of your own living room.

I have taken into account that not everyone has weights at home, some people have no weights at home at all. 

That is why I have written one manual that uses dumbbells as the sole source of weight resistance, while the other manual uses no weights whatsoever, using strictly bodyweight movements instead.

You can do whichever applies to you. Each program has four days each week, and the program can last you a month, unless you choose to run it again for additional month. The choice is yours.

Quarantine Home Workouts Have 3 Major Benefits

Train In The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the space for an epic home gym. Quarantine Home Workouts are planned with a small space in mind.

DB Only & BW Only Options

If you have dumbbells, great! There is a DB only program. If you have no equipment? Just as great! There is a bodyweight only program as well!

Repeatable 8-Weeks Of Training

If you envision being locked down for more than 8-weeks, these programs are easily repeatable so you can smash your old records.


Quarantine Home Workout: Phase 1

4 challenging weeks of 2 circuit style training days and 2 high rep bodybuilding style training days each week.


Quarantine Home Workout: Phase 2

A completely new program to challenge your new-found fitness from Phase 1.

What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

You will receive BOTH Quarantine Home Workouts including 8 weeks of training instantly so you can dominate quarantine.

Quarantine Workouts

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A Message From The Creator

Following the program – This should be straightforward once you get the hang of it. If the letter in the title of the exercise is followed by a 1, that means the exercise is by itself, and you can rest after.

If it’s followed by the same letter and another number, that means its part of a superset, and you can’t rest until all of the numbers of that letter are completed.

This is laid out also if you look at the REST section, which shows you shouldn’t rest until the superset is completed.

Recording weights – While this program isn’t set up to have you attempt all new 1RMs, you should still notice your strength increasing over the weeks.

Make sure to accurately records all the weighs you use, and how many reps from each set you hit. The goal here is to increase weights on each set on each training day of the week. 

Don’t start your first set as a warmup weight though, warm up to a good weight and then that’s when you start writing down your numbers, or you’re going to be leaving a lot of gains on the table.

If you find yourself missing reps, it’s too heavy, and you should decrease weight.

Tempo – This is the tempo I want you to be hitting for each lift, where the first number of the four-number sequence is the eccentric part of the lift, the second number is the middle/bottle of the lift, the third number is the concentric, and the fourth number is the lockout.

So, “4010” on a back squat would mean 4 seconds on the way down, no pause at the bottom, 1 second on the way up (fast ascent), and no pause at the top.

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