8 Weeks To Rid Your Skinny Genes & Build Your Power Muscles

Designed to build insane strength and size of the power muscles so you can command life and dominate anything thrown your way.

If You Want To Build That "Rugged Man" Physique (While Training Half The Time Of The Average Gym Bro), Then This Will Be The Most Life Changing Message You Will Ever Read...

This is what strength training is about. It is my favorite way to train and in my experience, is going to have you dominating your life.

Most strength and size training programs stick to traditional lifting. Get a strong squat, bench, and deadlift. Cool. But have you ever had to pick up awkward heavy shit like when you’re moving house?

Or had to pull yourself up holding awkward tree branches? The idea behind this program is that it will transfer to daily life. 

You’ll have a handshake that exudes power and the forearms to match.

Traditional strength & size programs neglect these power muscles. They focus on the “chest and biceps” crowd. A big chest and biceps are great. But when you don’t have the upper back and forearms to back them up, you just look like a weak physique poser.

This Farm Boy program will challenge you deeply. It is built to build into very tough challenges come week 7 and 8.

Your forearms will ache. Your back will burn. You will drip sweat everywhere. But it will be all worth it when you come out the other side notably bigger and stronger.

I will not be taking any complaints when you're being asked to help everyone you know move house.

Farm Boy Strong Has 3 Major Benefits

No Fluff

Each session is laser focused on building Farm Boy Strength. No unnecessary filler exercises that waste your time. 

Focused On The Power Muscles

Big strong legs, back and traps, shoulders, arms, and forearms are what will give you that power look like you can crush skulls with your bare hands.

Scientific Training

This is not a slap-dash program with anything thrown at the wall (I'm looking at you CrossFit). The set and rep schemes have real science behind them to maximize your gains.


Farm Boy Strong

Farm boy strong is about targeting the power muscles so you can dominate life through bone crushing strength. Just be prepared for all of your friends calling you to help them to move.

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Farm Boy Strong

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