12-Week Program for Shocking Size & Strength

Be stubborn as a mule and you will see crazy results.

I Have Spent The Better Part Of A Year Becoming Absolutely Obsessed With Mules

Did you know that they’re the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse? The offspring of a female donkey and a male horse is called a Hinny.

Did you know they’re sterile as well? You probably already know of their reputation as stubborn beasts of burden, but that doesn’t tell the whole story, and the real story is what inspired me to name this new program after the creature.

What one man calls stubborn, another man calls self-preservation. Typically, being stubborn means you aren’t doing something that someone ELSE wants you to do.

Mules are smart, they aren’t like horses, who will risk their necks just because they were trained that way.

Mules are sturdy, stocky, powerful, and long-winded creatures who can outperform a horse in a multitude of tasks, but only if it wants to.

I want you to take that same approach when it comes to this program.

You’re going to feel beat up, beat down, tired and exhausted, but I need you to be stubborn and work through it, because YOU want to.

And if you truly want to complete the program, then you will. It’s as simple as that.

This program takes a slightly different approach than my other programs, with more training days, and more leg work each week, with the work spread out over multiple days to keep your protein synthesis high, your recovery still manageable, and your brain from feeling the burnout that can so often come from difficult programs. 

The Mule Has 3 Major Benefits

Constant Stimulation

There are no "squat" or "bench" days. You will be thrashing your full body most days to maximize strength and muscle growth.

Mainly Lower Body

Want to know the secret to gaining insane strength & size? It's focusing on the lower body which is how the Mule has been desgined.

Options For Commercial & Home/CF Gyms

Two programming options. One with machines and one without giving you the flexibility to train anywhere!


The Mule: 12 Week Size & Strength Program

Each week will have four training days, and each month (cycle) will have a slightly different emphasis, but the mainstay through each cycle is that legs are going to be a big focus of this program. You will do leg work 70+ percent of the week, with varying amounts on each training day. 


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A Message From The Creator

The structure and layout of The Mule differs from some of my other programs, with good reason.

Rather than having a “squat day” or “bench day”, where you’re hitting these large muscle groups directly only once in seven days, The Mule spreads out the workload so you’re constantly receiving the stimulation and fatigue necessary to promote growth, while still not crossing the threshold where diminished returns are found and where recovery isn’t adequate.

Each week will have four training days, and where those training days fall in your week are up to you. I personally would be doing Days 1 and 2 back-to-back if I were you, with rest days between Days 2, 3 and 4.

If you can’t do that, that’s fine. You can run it however you like according to your schedule. I have written two versions of The Mule, both of which are yours to keep.

One is made for lifters who have access to machines (Machine Mode, which will make the workout go faster, and one is for lifters in their homes, garages and CF gyms (Garage Mode). Both will yield great results.

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