Muscles To Melt For: Women Have Voted Their Favorite Physical Attribute in Men

A recent survey conducted with over 6,000 woman has uncovered a surprising revelation about what catches the eye of women when it comes to men! Get ready to take note, gentlemen!

The findings show that when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, it's not just about a charming smile or sparkling personality, but it turns out that the appearance of a man's triceps can also play a crucial role in catching a woman's attention.

Yes, you heard it right! Triceps are what most women love in a man. This groundbreaking research is sure to turn heads and challenge traditional perceptions about what women find attractive in men.

To make life easier, we broke the survey down into bite-size sections and workouts that men can do to increase their tricep size!

How We Found Out Women Love Triceps

We polled over 6000 women which body part they found most attractive on men. Choices were triceps & biceps, chest, back, legs, butt, abs, and shoulders. These are the results from our survey:

  • Triceps & Biceps - 29%
  • Chest - 20%
  • Legs - 18%
  • Back - 10%
  • Shoulders - 8%
  • Abs- 7%
  • Butt- 5%
Women Survey

We then broke it down into age demographic to see if there's a preference based on age. The categories were:

  • 18-25
  • 26-35
  • 36-45
  • 46-60
  • 61+

Overall, arms are the most loved muscles by women of all ages. Perhaps because of the perception of strength and safety. However, this preference declines with age where larger builds with strong upper bodies and butts seem to increase in preference.

Younger women tend to have greater preferences for abs compared to older women while a large chest seems consistent regardless of age. Finally, legs seem the least important muscle group that women prefer on a man.

New Study Identifies The Best Triceps Exercise For Mass

Triceps make up the majority of the upper arm mass. So focusing on them will get you most of the way to the muscles women love most. Recent research has uncovered the best exercise for huge triceps.

A new study in the European Journal of Sport Science revealed the most effective triceps exercise for mass, and it applies to all muscle groups. Scientists found the overhead triceps extension increased triceps muscle size 1.4 - 1.5x greater than the triceps pushdown after performing 5 sets of 10 reps, twice a week for 12 weeks.

This was even though the triceps pushdown condition performed more volume, which heavily influences muscle growth. The overhead triceps extension is superior because of increased muscle length under load. This is superior for hypertrophy.

Triceps Study

The Best Exercises & Workout To Increase The Size Of Your Triceps

1. Close Grip Bench Press

  • Lying on the bench, find your close grip position. I find just on the edge of the knurling is where my grip feels best. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pin them against the bench.
  • Unrack the barbell and slowly lower it to your chest. Your elbows should pass next to your ribs. Press violently to the top.

2. Overhead Triceps Extension

  • From a standing or seated position, hold the weight behind your head with your arms elevated and elbows bent.
  • Keeping the same elbow position, extend the arm until they are straight. Squeeze the triceps at the top and slowly lower the weight behind your head to get a deep triceps stretch.

3. Lying Triceps Extension w/ Extra ROM

  • Holding an EZ bar above and slightly behind your head, perform the skull crusher motion by bending the elbows. Lower the bar behind your head by moving your shoulders as it gets close to your head.
  • Once you feel a deep stretch, simultaneously extend the shoulders and elbows to find the starting position.

4. Triceps Pushdowns

  • Attach the V-handle or rope attachment to the cable. Stand as close to the cable as possible without it rubbing your face.
  • Keep your elbows by your side as you extend and straighten your arms. Squeeze your triceps at the bottom and slowly bend your elbows to stretch the triceps. Importantly, keep your elbows in the same position by your side.

5. Decline Close Grip Push-Up

  • Elevate your feet on a bench and place your thumbs under your shoulders. Lower your chest to the floor with your elbows moving past your ribs.
  • Maintain a straight line from your feet to your head and push to the starting position locking the arms out.

Ultimate Triceps Workout Women Will Love




A1) Close Grip Bench Press

4 x 8


B1) Overhead Triceps Extension

4 x 10-12


C1) Triceps Pushdown

3 x 12-15


D1) Decline Close Grip Push-Up

3 x 15-20



  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Experience — the interpretation of the study and workout is based on my more than a decade of experience working in professional sport, published research, and what I’ve implemented at the highest level.
  • Survey Poll — data shown in this research was based on females choosing between arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, abs, and butt.
  • Survey Core Data — we conducted a survey of 6,000 women from each of the following countries: USA, UK and Australia. The females that were surveyed were from the age of 21 - 55 years old.
  • Health Fact Checks — data was obtained through peer-reviewed research journals for the highest quality and accurate information.
  • Tricep Workouts  — the website was used to compile the list of top tricep workouts and all data for the index was collected in January 2023.

Full data is available upon request.

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