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Setting The Record Straight

Lately, there has been a lot I need to get off my chest with this site. It appears that some readers think this is a site where all can come, regardless of their approach to fitness, where all will be welcomed with open arms.
This is false.
Folks, this is LIFT BIG EAT BIG, and as the name suggests, we are all about lifting big and eating big. Now if you are vegan, then do your thing, especially if you’re part of that .001% who are allergic to meat. However, you can’t come to this site or Facebook page expecting us to seriously promote veganism as a healthy choice. It’s safe to assume that if you are vegan, you are not eating big, unless you are eating 50lbs of food mass a day. Don’t expect us to promote or support a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to ours.
This is not We aren’t trying to appeal to everyone, because no elite athletes take that site seriously, and neither do I. LBEB is a niche site, and we have no desire to appeal to the mass majority. The mass majority does not lift big or eat big, and it is much more important to have a smaller group of core followers than a large group of followers who are here for the colorful t-shirt.
But don’t stop buying our colorful shirts
As far as training goes, there are only a few things we ask:
1. Squat at least 3 times a week, below parallel
2. Stay off the machines
3. Lift to become as big and strong as possible
Now if you don’t like these simple rules and want to do your own thing, by all means do it. But, don’t come onto to this site and wonder why we get upset when we see people watching the Real Housewives on a treadmill, or are reading a gossip magazine on the elliptical.  We understand that BIG is a relative term. We don’t expect everyone to lift like Marshall or L-Train, but you better be putting in your hard work and aspiring to be as strong as you can. For LBEB readers, the gym is not a social club: It’s a place to get work done and then get the hell out. We don’t come on this site to read more about supersetting our reverse curls.

Finally, LBEB is not a place to bring up the “bodyweight” argument. Yes, it is impressive to see a 175lb guy doing a 3x bodyweight squat. Unfortunately, competitions are not based around how many times over you can squat your bodyweight, they are based around how much weight is moved, usually regardless of bodyweight.  If you see someone bigger than you move more weight, who cares? Appreciate a good lift, don’t try to justify the fact that you can’t lift as much by bringing up bodyweight. 175lbs may be less than 300lbs, but 5’6” is shorter than 6’5”, and that’s at least 12 inches less distance that the weight has to move.
When it comes to shoes, you wear what is required for your sport. If you are running or doing Crossfit, wear vibrams. If you are Olympic lifting, wear Olympic shoes. “Wearing lifting shoes is cheating”, some of you say. Well no, it’s not, because it’s allowed in the sport and everyone in the Olympics wears them. Does a football player cheat by wearing cleats on a football field? No, it’s part of the sport. Don’t use the argument that “well if you were being chased by a criminal, you couldn’t outrun them in Olympic shoes, better to wear Vibrams, to be prepared for anything.” Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? You can train to “not suck at life”, or you can train to not suck at lifting. Your choice.

In closing, we want to remind you that if you are wandering aimlessly around the gym wanting to look like Zac Effron, then LBEB is not the place for you. However, if you are wandering aimlessly around the gym with aspirations of recreational hugeness, then LBEB is the place for you. If you are on this site, you better damn well want to possess a big ass, this is no place for gravy butt. This isn’t “jump rope and eat twigs & berries”; it’s LIFT BIG EAT BIG. IF you don’t like the community, you are free to leave. There are plenty of other communities where you can go to feel better about behaving in a mediocre fashion.

And remember kids:

47 thoughts on “Setting The Record Straight

  1. Recreational hugeness. Amen.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Why someone would come to THIS site (in which the name clearly indicates the beliefs) and expect you to change it, I have no idea.

    Small point though, the body weight thing is entirely relevant. Competitions DO take into consideration how much you lift relative to your weight….that’s what the weight classes are for.

  3. Not really in Strongman, there are only 2 weight classes, which makes for a huge variety of weights.

  4. brandon does not lift big…

  5. Second Kuz’s agreement with the term. How do you make it a meme?

    Great article. Could have used more cuss words and vegan abuse – just sayin.

  6. It sure is easy to be brave when you post as anonymous.

  7. Awesome sight, awesome way to live life, I will be spreading the word when iget back from this dusty country and will continue to berate all those morons who keep using the squat rack to do bicep curls.
    Amen LBEB


  8. All credit for this term goes to Steve Pulcinella, owner of Iron Sport Gym.

  9. Ahh, Stevie P! This does have his manly, musk-like scent all over it.

  10. Well said. However, bodyweight is a factor, thus the reason why there are weight classes. But personally I value absolute strength over relative strength any day of the week. No one cares if I can rep a 3xBW deadlift if it’s only 500 pounds; more weight on the bar will always be more impressive, and ultimately more important.

    I usually tell these “relative strength” guys that the world doesn’t give a fuck how much you weigh. A refrigerator doesn’t consider your weight when you’re trying to move it. Want to get better at moving heavy shit? Eat big, lift big.

  11. I hope you offended people with this. It’s the damn truth, I don’t want mundane people or their gravy butts near me when I’m trying to lift things up and put them down. Still laughing at gravy butt by the way. – Tyler

  12. heck yes! I’m sick and tired of all the pansies telling me to not eat so much steak and quit lifting heavy 4 days a week!
    I just hit my first relative strength PR today… 2x bodyweight squat. but then, I weigh 300 lbs. lol

  13. I get this attitude all the time too and hate it. “Don’t overdo it! you don’t want to get injured!” I don’t think me or most other people in the u.s. are in any danger of “overdoing” strength and conditioning training.

  14. 100000000000% agree with you Tyler and this post! Makes me want to squat now

  15. You get big Through an oly program?

  16. Get after it my man.

  17. Such is life, as a ‘Large Land Mammal’. Little-man always talks about “percentages”, or “pound-for-pound” (for those into the combative sports). It seems like anytime there is an athletic endeavor, where victory favors the ones with a size/strength advantage, there will be categories for weight. Yet, there are no 100-125-150kl allowances in events like the steeplechase, pole vault, or springboard diving. No matter how much the “Napoleonic” spew on about “The bigger they are…”, or “It’s not the size of the dog…”, they rarely want a heads up challenge. It must be really hard on the ego, not only knowing that one doesn’t have much of a chance on winning, but also, that for the most part, nobody is interested in watching you. There’s a reason why most people don’t know about ‘Munchkin-Football’ (, but the folks in NCAA Division 1 Football are making billions. The masses are intrigued by things they can’t do themselves (Hence the popularity of Superheros).

    Except when stars are involved, the heavyweight fights are a bigger draw than the smaller guys, because ‘Joe-Sixpack’ sits and watches two Featherweights fight for a belt, and a big pay check, then says to his buddy, “So what? I could beat that guy’s ass, and I’d do it for less than a half million.” Same guy watching the latest Heavyweight champ at no time says, “Let me jump in there, I think I could give that guy a run for his money.” Just like watching the NFL, NBA, or a Strong Man contest, most folks just stare in jaw-dropping amazement at the ridiculous athletic ability on display. I’m not saying that it doesn’t take hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to get to the top at any level, in any sport. Just don’t tell me the 90 pound 12 year old girl, that just earned her Black Belt in Taekwondo, is going to crush Shaq in a fight. Also, stop trying to sell me on how “GREAT” the WNBA is, or that something involving people under 150 pounds, is “MUST SEE”. I’m not even going to get started on the vegan/eating thing. There’s a reason Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest is televised live, and not Nancy’s Organic Carrot-A-Thon.

  18. I love this sight! A friend posted up and article written here a few months back and now I find myself religously checking for new articles. I’m a crossfitter but I also lift big and eat big. I love how you say it like it is and it just makes sense. Our box thrives on lifting. We’re doing periodazation scales before our wod’s each day right now and I see a major squat PR in my future.
    Please keep posting all the great stuff and I’ll keep reading and buying T Shirts!


  19. 1- Power to weight ratio is legit, shut up u ogre fuck.
    2- 5’6″ to 6’5″ is an 11 inch differential, not 12.
    3- you get no pussy.

    eat a dick this site is for faggots

  20. Get your stupid ass out of here. He’s right and you’re wrong and you just don’t want to admit it. LBEB is the only site that actually makes sense when it comes to training and nutrition. It’s pretty damn simple actually, Lift Big and Eat Big! If you don’t understand that, then get the fuck off this site.

  21. Lift big eat big small cock

  22. “…You can train to “not suck at life”, or you can train to not suck at lifting. Your choice.”

    Perfectly said.

  23. High school throwing and strength coach here. A couple days ago, I taught a clinic, showing a roomful of freshmen and sophomore boys what squats are all about. Very satisfying. Stay strong.

  24. Can I just say, amen and hear-hear. I’m no powerlifter – but I certainly enjoy the power lifts and I eat tons of meat, lift the big three all the time…. so I love your site. And I love that you don’t take crap about anything. Breath of fresh air.

    “You can train to “not suck at life”, or you can train to not suck at lifting. Your choice.”

    Great Quote^

  25. That is a t-shirt idea there…

  26. Agreed! 100% agreed.

  27. I love the shoe thing! Some of us would not run…
    We had a hugeness/toughness test at the fire house the other day. Other people answered for you.
    Q: if a bear walked into your camp, what do you do?
    A 1: turn and run because the bear will get tired before you.
    A2: grab a rock or log and go to work.
    If you received answer 1… Need to lift bigger and eat bigger!
    If you received answer 2, well done. Stay strong my friends.

  28. Your “holier than thou” attitude and eleeeetism stinks of the exact same type of arrogance as a noob crossfiter proclaiming how much better his training is because he can do 12 kipping pull ups. When you say things like “But, don’t come onto to this site and wonder why we get upset when we see people watching the Real Housewives on a treadmill, or are reading a gossip magazine on the elliptical,” all it does is alienate your small sliver of the fitness population and further brand powerlifters as egotistical, meatheaded douchebags. Why do you care if others are on the elliptical reading a magazine or running and watching TV? Perhaps you should take your own advice, STFU and lift something instead of concerning yourself with what others are doing in the gym. You’ve got good articles, good advice, and decent programming, but the fanaticism and eleeeeeetism you exude is nauseating.

  29. If you had read the article all the way through, you would have seen the GTFO at the bottom.
    That was for you.

  30. We are egotistical, meatheaded douchebags and we like it that way. People have the right to go on the elliptical just as much as we have a right to talk mad shit about them for being stupid. If you don’t like it then tough titties.

  31. Thanks for immediately and convincingly proving my point.

  32. why are you even on it then? shouldn’t you be on elite fts, watching super suits doing half lifts?

  33. Love the site, love the articles, crushing on some of the athletes. So what if some little chick or little dudes don’t like the site they can GTFO. I totally get stares from them at the gym when I’m KILLING it. So kiss my ass if you think I’m fat and don’t get it. Oh and by the way I am an egotistical meat-head douche bag chick and I love to lift big and eat big and I love my frat brotherhood and sisterhood.

  34. Perhaps it is because I am 5’7 and a 155 lbs.. But I have a hard time respecting a 6′ 240lb guy bench pressing 225 for sets of 10. That would be like me bench pressing 140lbs for sets of 10. It’s easy fucking weight. Is it impressive to see guys lift massive amounts of weight? Yes, I won’t argue with that. But I also like not looking like a fat assed retard. I find it much more impressive seeing a guy under 148 lbs deadlifting over 500, then seeing a 160 lb guy deadlifting over 500. Do I agree with the lift big eat big motto? To an extent. I like having abs and being able to see my dick. You want to see someone impressive, look at Layne Norton. At 220 lbs he’s deadlifted over 700 (RAW) Let me repeat that RAW, Raw, raw, rAw, raW, no matter how I say it I know you guys won’t like it. But to me a squat suit, knee wraps, wrist wraps, etc. is cheating. If I can bench press 300lbs at 155, than you bench pressing 350 at 245 just doesn’t impress me. Relative strength > Absolute strength. Let the hating commence…

  35. 260 lb guy deadlifting over 500***

  36. Just an observation: These words were said, by Marshal, on his own site. Getting upset at him for stating his opinion, ON HIS OWN SITE, is a bit like telling people what they can or can’t do in their own home.

    Just sayin …

  37. It’s really simple: “Life isn’t fair”

  38. You seem to be under the impression that we are powerlifters. Only one of us (jay) is a powerlifter. The rest do crossfit, strongman, or olympic lifting. Just because we are big doesn’t mean we are fat, and benching is the absolute lamest thing to brag about, so I wouldn’t do it.

    We don’t wear squat or deadlift suits either.

  39. I don’t get your “raw, raw, raaaaaw” comment. I’ve never seen Marshall or anyone else from LBEB wearing a suit of any kind. You obviously have no clue what LBEB is about. Seems to me you’re just mad at everyone else here who lives it… just GTFO.

  40. If im in the woods and i come across a bear, ima jump kick it in the head with my Loafers!!! chyeaaaaa!!!

    Its very very simple folks. If you LIFT BIG (to your own ability’s) and you EAT BIG (with all the food groups for a somewhat balanced diet) ….you WILL see results. you will gain, you will conquer.

    If you want to be a pussy and do db curls in the mirror ….GO AHEAD
    you wanna run 5miles on the tred mill….GO AHEAd
    you wanna eat salads and tofu…GO AHEAd

    Point being: I, Matt “L-TRAIN” LeBLanc do not give one flying fire truck. because what YOU do does not, will not, never will effect me, my training, my comps, my life. LBEB is simply a site to educate the people willing to dedicate themselves to get bigger, to get stronger, to be a better athlete, to preform better at a specific task or just in life in general and if you disagree….Cool. As they said in the Corps….no one is holding a gun to your head. no one is forcing you to read LBEB posts or follow its programming…..LBEB is a family full of bad motherfuckers, say what ya want, hate on what yah want. when it comes down to it, we will fuck your shit up.


  41. Sigh.. Bad is right. Crossfit. You people should just shoot yourselves if you’re doing that pathetic excuse for a workout program. Excuse me for wanting to be aesthetic.. I bid you good day. And as always.. Relative Strength > Absolute Strength. <3

  42. I for one am interested in the programming even more.

    Can you elaborate on the three times a week squatting and how you program it together with the presses and pullls?

    Perhaps in a future article?

  43. I’m not going to argue that he doesn’t have the right to say his opinion on his site (and I think it was Brandon, not Marshal, who wrote the article) – what I am saying is that proclaiming this type of elitist attitude to an impressionable audience only further perpetuates the all-too-negative stereotypes about powerlifters, strongmen, etc. And your metaphor is flawed – sure, something said in the home is no one’s business, but the moment you broadcast that opinion to the world via any public means (i.e. the internet), you open yourself up to criticism. Hey if you want to lift heavy weights and eat a lot, more power to you – I know I do. But STFU if you think that being able to squat 600 pounds is the end all be all to fitness. Are marathon runners skinny and small? Sure, but they sure as shit are probably going to outrun you in the unlikely event of a bear attack. I’m just saying the hate is unproductive and divisive.

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