Should You Train Glutes And Legs Together?

February 22, 2023

The glutes have become the female version of the bros chest and biceps. Many programs include a glute day to prioritize a perky behind. But should you train glutes and legs together within the same workout?

You should train the glutes and legs together since the same muscles are involved in most of the exercises. However, you can emphasize the glutes on one day and the other leg muscles on the other.

So, how do you plan this training to maximize glute and leg growth?

Should You Train Glutes And Legs Together?

Since many exercises work the glutes and leg muscles, it’s near impossible to isolate your glutes to their own workout without training your legs to some degree. For example, the prominent glute exercise, the hip thrust still hits the quads and hamstrings to varying degrees.

The inherent problem with thinking you can isolate the glutes without hitting the legs is the gluteus maximus primary function is hip extension. That is also one of the hamstrings primary functions. So, if you’re doing exercises like the Romanian deadlift, you’re getting significant glute and hamstring involvement.

Theoretically, you could isolate the glutes by focusing on hip external rotation exercises to target the upper glute shelf. However, this won’t lead to any real glute gains.

Should You Train Glutes And Quads Together?

Should You Train Glutes And Quads Together

You should train your glutes and quads together but emphasize one for each training day. For example, one day may involve more squat variations to hit the quads and glutes and the other more hip hinge variations to hit the hamstrings and glutes.

This way, you can maximize the training effect for all the leg muscles. The idea of hitting your entire leg musculature and glutes in one day doesn’t make sense if you want your lower body to be proportionate to your upper body.

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How To Split Leg Day Into 2 Days

If you want to get a bigger butt, this is how I would structure your leg and glute training.

Day 1 (Glute/Hamstring Emphasis)




A1) Hip Thrust

3 x 8, 1 x 15


B1) Band Hip External Rotation

3 x 20


B2) Back Extension

3 x 15


C1) Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge

2 x 10-12/leg


D1) Seated Leg Curl

3 x 12-15


Day 2 (Quad Emphasis)




A1) Back Squat

4 x 8


B1) Romanian Deadlift

3 x 8


C1) Leg Press

3 x 15


D1) Leg Extension

2 x 12-15



You can't separate glute and leg training, so to effectively hit all your lower body muscles, splitting leg day into two days is ideal. One day can prioritize the glutes and posterior muscles, while the other prioritizes the quads.

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