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Stop Waiting To Be Proud Of Yourself

There seems to be a trend among new athletes, and even intermediate athletes, that they feel they shouldn’t yet be proud of their accomplishments. They feel as though, once they reach a certain number or weight, THEN they can be happy with their progress.

The problem with this, of course, is that you will NEVER be happy if you take this approach. I think some folks adhere to this way of thinking for fear of reproach from advanced lifters who think their numbers suck. Well I just have to ask: what kind of environment are we, the more advanced lifters, fostering, where a beginner has to feel like crap about their lifts or we will make fun of them?

Now, we all know the guys and girls who’s lifts can’t keep up with they way they run their mouths, but this post isn’t about them. I just got off a call this morning with a client who was embarrassed to tell me her numbers. Why are you embarrassed? Because someone in the world is stronger than you? How does their lift affect your life in any way?

I think some lifters have no idea of just how impressive even “average” numbers sound like to someone that doesn’t lift. Don’t believe me? Go into a chain gym, pull anywhere from 315-405lbs, and watch the groupies with googly eyes start to head your way.

This is because we are surrounded by like-minded individuals, and we forget that we are an incredibly small minority of the population. The majority of the world can’t even deadlift 250lbs, so to think that your 300lb squat sucks is just ridiculous. The world can’t fathom the weights you’re moving, even if they aren’t the heaviest weights in your weight class yet. Celebrate every PR, and be happy with your progress. Otherwise, why are you even doing this?


7 thoughts on “Stop Waiting To Be Proud Of Yourself

  1. as a 40+ year old dude that’s been athletic most of his life, paleo for years and ‘fit’ (lean and weak)… recently deciding to get serious with lifting and serious with eating… I go back and forth with being proud. my PRs aren’t impressive but are steadily rising, it’s FUN and I can destroy an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ.

    I’m doing Practical Programming novice & eating all the things. all of them. in obscene portions and washing it down with mucho milk (I’m lucky enough to have access to plenty of fresh raw milk & get a whole cow butchered at a time).

    cheers for writing this article!

    I gotta go crush a large pizza now…

  2. Wonderful little piece, I always tell this to my GF

  3. I have a goal of a raw 2,000 total, and am not happy with my current total of about 15-1600. I agree with the article, that you should understand where you stand in the general population, not to be comparing yourself to the elite, but if your goal is an elite one, then shouldn’t you? What blurs the lines for me is knowing what is in your personal realm of possibility.

  4. I saw the title of this article heading home from my competition yesterday… I mentally marked it as one I needed to read. Still being very new to strongman (as in just closing on a year) I get down on myself…too much…for how low my numbers are, or my lack of progress, my missing a lift that in my head I have no excuse for…. Sure you already know the rest.

    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for reminding me that within our circle I am not the strongest but compared to the masses I am almost Hercules. Really enjoy your articles! Keep up the good work!

  6. I almost let this very thing keep me from my gym’s squat challenge next week. All bc I don’t want to have the lowest starting weight? That’s just crap! I will still be cheered and encouraged. I might be the oldest and the HS girl who just started last week might have a heavier weight, but I am me. And I am where I am and I see improvements each time. Just this week – hit depth in squat, increased DB weight for upper body work & knew how to do the training. Always learning. Always growing.

  7. Quote by Dan “(I’m lucky enough to have access to plenty of fresh raw milk & get a whole cow butchered at a time).”

    Where you at? I want to move in next door.

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