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The Superiority of Eggs

It’s no secret that we here at LIFT BIG EAT BIG consume copious amounts of eggs on a weekly basis. Best served with a large side of bacon and avocado, we consider eggs to be the best breakfast food you can lay your grubby little hands on.
A dozen eggs can be purchased for as little as $2.99, which equals out to roughly 25 cents per egg, making it one of the cheapest quality protein sources you can find. Keep in mind that at $2.99, you probably won’t be getting pastured, organic eggs, but this isn’t a perfect world and sometimes you have to decide whether to buy the pastured eggs or pay the school loans.
At the most elementary nutritional level, eggs are a superior breakfast food because they contain 6-8 grams of protein and 220mg of cholesterol, making it a nutritional powerhouse for anyone who is interested in making strength gains.
On a more in-depth level, eggs also provide all 9 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and an exhaustively long list of other nutrients that you didn’t even know you needed. Things like Choline, Lutein+Zeaxanthin, and linoleic acid. This link outlines the entire chemical ingredient list of an egg, quite impressive, I must say.
 The egg has been chastised in recent decades for its high cholesterol content, being accused of contributing to heart disease, but most readers of LBEB know that this is a myth. On the contrary, cholesterol consumption has repeatedly been shown to improve cardiovascular health, as well as directly contribute to healthy hormone levels in men and women.

Many bodybuilders and general followers of the Tracey Anderson Method continue to advocate the throwing away of the egg yolk, as it contains cholesterol.  What they are missing out on is arguably more important than the very important protein of the egg white, the dark, rich yolk that contains the cholesterol. As a waxy steroid of fat, it is a precursor to the production of testosterone, and as such, the yolk should be the part of the egg that is most sought after. Testosterone levels in men and women are so low in recent years that doctors have actually lowered “normal” levels to cope with this nation-wide drop.
Some popular cereal brands tout their products as a superior breakfast food because they “contain as much protein as an egg”, yet they also come with 13g of sugar, 8g of whole grains, and a serving of soy protein. You know what else contains as much protein as an egg, without all of the added junk? AN EGG.
Next time you are trying to figure out what to have for breakfast, ditch the low-fat banana smoothie and whole wheat toast, and instead reach for 3-4 eggs and a side of bacon. Unless you want to stay looking like Gwyneth Paltrow.

25 thoughts on “The Superiority of Eggs

  1. The truth!Been saying this forever! Awesome article …

  2. Eggs are just damn good…go through about 4 dozen/week

  3. Im inspired to cook scotch eggs today. Looking good Steph!!

  4. LOVE Scotch Eggs!!!

  5. Recipe for the scotch eggs plz? k thx bai gotta go do moar squatz.

  6. +1 on Scotch Eggs recipe please 😀

  7. Thoughts on the Omega-3 eggs? They appear to have 8x the DHA of regular eggs and usually only cost $1 more.

  8. The omega-3 in those comes from flax seed that the chicken is fed, and is not very readily absorbed by your body.

  9. Off to the Iron Thistle Highland Games in Yukon, OK, on Saturday… Scotch eggs are one of the foods on my list of things to eat…

    Several months ago Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple had a recipe for scotch eggs that did not require a deep fryer.

  10. Brandon,
    Great post. As a cardiologist, I’ve been preaching against the egg cholestrol boogie monster for years. Keep it coming. By the way, those scotch eggs are best fried in coconut oil and skip the bread crumbs.

  11. This is why I have six hens clucking around my back yard!

  12. Scotch eggs recipe:

    1. hard boil eggs (any way you prefer) & peel them.
    2. Buy any pre-ground sausage you like.
    3. Take about a “burger’s worth” of sausage and wrap it around the cooked hard boiled egg.
    4. bake at about 350 F (~175 C) for about 40 minutes.
    5. Profit.

  13. I will eat these “scotch eggs”. They look delicious.

  14. As someone with a natural body type that unfortunately is very like Gwyneth Paltrow’s, that last line has got to be one of the best thing I’ve ever read on LBEB!

    And scotch eggs are my fave snack ever!

  15. Much tastier that cigarettes!

  16. You guys must have expensive eggs… I get them in michigan at 69 cents for medium, and 1.09 for xl. Good article by the way

  17. I recognize Beth’s!! I love that place! 6-Egg omelet’s and endless hash browns… AWESOME!!

  18. It’s great to see so many people awakening from the “cholesterol is bad” dream state. Eggs for dinner!

  19. It’s fun to go out to a restaurant, ask how many eggs come in their omelette (usually 3 or 4)… then tell them to double it! The look of surprise on the waiter’s face is priceless.

  20. “You know what else contains as much protein as an egg, without all of the added junk? AN EGG.”

    Great line!!!! Great article.

  21. Can we find out how to make SCOTCH EGGS???? 😉

  22. Hah damnit, I just got a magic bullet blender and since I dont handle solid food well in the morning, I’ve been making a giant protein shake with greek yogurt as the base, some True Mass powder (2 scoops) some OJ for that vitamin C to wake the fuck up, and 2 bananas :/ i guess i could always take out the bananas and put in bacon bits and a raw egg?

  23. are those omelettes? holy shit.

  24. Well I certain do not want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, so pass me the freaking eggs!

    PS – Love what you guys @LBEB do! Please keep the good reads coming.

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