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Time for Training

Written by Marshall White for
One of the most common things I hear from aspiring strongmen is that they don’t have the time to lift like they should to make the gains required to be successful.  I reply the exact same way every time.  “Bullshit!” Not having the time to train is just another excuse in the long line of excuses that weak people use to justify their CHOICE to remain sub-par.
As I have progressed in my career as a professional strongman my “personal” life has gotten busier and busier.  I have gotten married, obtained a degree in mortuary science, obtained dual licensure as a funeral director and embalmer,  moved from Texas to Washington State, moved from Washington to Colorado, opened a funeral home, had my first child, second child on the way, competed in 4-7 international and domestic competitions a year,  etc etc.  Throughout all of this I have chosen to make training a priority in my life.  This means I did not miss training sessions.  I have had to make sacrifices but the sacrifices I made came at the cost of a social life, never at the cost of my family, job, or training.
You think Streaky built this body with excuses?
When making training a priority you have to take a long hard look at your life and decide what is and what isn’t necessary to you reaching your goals.   Do you need to train before the kids wake up, or after they go to sleep?  How much TV are you watching?  Is your flower bed really that important or can you grow pretty flowers when you’re old?  All of these things seem like regular life but when training becomes truly important you start to see how insignificant they really are.  You will also see how much of your life you are wasting doing crap like watching TV.
I know I will catch a lot of shit because people are going to say “well I can’t neglect my family, etc”.  This is true!  The thing is though you don’t need to train 9 times a week to see gains.  Have you noticed that Lift Big Eat Big advocates squatting 3x a week?  Why?  Because squats are a movement that can change your body, or increase your performance if they were the only movement you chose to do!  It’s all about maximizing each workout to the fullest.  I have a hard time believing that someone can’t find 30 minutes 3x a week to squat their ass back on.  Stop watching America’s Fattest Fat Asses on TV and there’s your 30 minutes right there.  
Brian Crilly setting the world record farmers carry
The moral of the story is EVERYONE can find time to train and reach their physical goals.  Believe me I lead a busy life and I find time to do it (notice how I train in my own garage?).  Move some things around in your busy life, make training a priority, get someone who knows what they are doing to write up some full body shorter workouts, and become the person you were meant to be.  After all, summer’s here and you know you want to take some clothes off.

8 thoughts on “Time for Training

  1. Great post, Marshall. Haha, “stop watching America’s Fattest Fat Asses on TV and there’s your 30 minutes right there.” Love it! And isn’t it so true that we make time for the things that are important to us.

  2. Excuses are generally just a person saying they don’t care or don’t want to do something. I tell potential clients I encounter if they aren’t interested in changing, then that’s fine, don’t waste my time. There’s NOTHING wrong with not wanting to change, but own up to it!

  3. Dude, it’d be sweet to see you in an undertaker jacket, total badass. And most people could just wake their lazy asses up an hour earlier to fit some training in. It blows my mind when people say they sleep from 11-9 or something like it. But hey, they’ll have that part down when the time comes.

  4. Good points and great opinions. There is always time if you make it, people just need stop wishing and wondering what could be if I …. With all that wastes time you pondered away, you could have been well on your way to a healthier body. No excuses, no ifs, ands, or buts, just do the work, enjoy the results.

  5. GREAT post – too many people make excuses. If you want to get into better shape, find a way to make it happen or quit bitching about it.

  6. Marshall is spot on.. I work 80-100hrs a week in the oilfield and I also train for Strongman out of my garage. I don’t have a social life, but I make time for my family, job, and training because I don’t spend 2 hours a day watching TV… Great Post!!

  7. It’s not always ‘excuses’and the situation is not the same in every country! Training to me is not a ‘have to’; it’s actually the one thing in my life I truely enjoy.
    And at this moment i just feel stuck. I dont have enough money for food or health care i need, i write two application letters a day and the rest is spent writing articles, by which in the meantime i can at least make 2 bucks an hour. i do so, hoping to get to a better life.
    I hate so many people use time as an excuse while some, like me, are really struggling, trying as hard as they can and could use some mental support :S

  8. Amen!

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