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Training Music

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 Alright, that’s it! I’ve had a gut full and I have to say something! Listening to metal all the time in gym SUCKS!! There I said it. I know some of you are going to hate me for this but I have to say it. I’m so tired of going in to the gym and hearing that blaring screaming music and watching dudes walk around all puffed up and excited, gritting their teeth and mean mugging everyone.

Look I can get in to metal just as much as the next guy, I love Lamb of God and Meshuggah, hell I can even get down with some Belphegor and Children of Bodin. Here’s the thing though, in my many years in the gym I’ve come to realize that the guys listening to metal, spreading their lats and mean mugging everyone the most are usually the ones lifting the least amount of weight. Now, this is not a hard and fast rule it’s just a casual observation I’ve made, so don’t go getting all butt hurt on me. If you are butt hurt then you just proved my point.

Think about this, the Spartans didn’t have Pantera when they marched off to war, neither did the Scots, Vikings, or any other badass society. Yes, these societies had some horns and stringed instruments but do you know what they mainly whooped ass to? Drums. Yeah that’s right they conquered and rampaged to some sick beats. The drums set a rhythm that they could follow and do work to. I’m sure there’s some theories out there about circadian rhythms and all that, and that would be interesting to research, but for now what I know is I, along with tons of other big lifters lift better to drum beat based music.

Lets take a look at some of the best lifters in the world. Ever notice how Klokov’s videos always have trance or house music playing in the background? How about Zydrunas Savickas? See what I’m getting at here? I’m not saying listening to metal is bad or even negative, what I am saying is that maybe you should try throwing on some hip hop or some dub step once in a while. I know that Streaky and Stephanie love listening to dub step while training and myself, Talia, and Pastor always throw on some dirty rap, and all of us as a team put up big ass lifts on the reg. Give it a shot, if nothing else hopefully it’ll broaden your horizons and maybe make you a little less angry while in the gym.

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  1. Great post! I personally love drums and trance music. It supports what you do without getting in the way, if that makes sense.

  2. Marshall listen to this big ass white dude rap…Not only does he sound awesome he talks about food a lot which gets me hungry for my after workout scarf session…I have a few metal songs Pantera specifically that I reserve for PR time but most of the time I’m jammin to rap…

  3. Scatman john. Period.

  4. Son, I am disappoint.

  5. Maybe try some good metal like Be’lakor or Insomnium or Vader! Shit you listed is lame ass pop-metal

  6. Tool is some of the best music to listen to while you lift. It is a great in-between. The rhythms are complex and their songs and albums are so damn long and bizarre that you get lost in them. Very trance-like. But I prefer their sound to a lot of dubstep, and most metal. Just listen to vicarious and tell me you couldn’t wreck a squat listening to that.

  7. I’m obviously too old at 49 cuz I don’t even know what dub step is(at least not by name but possibly if I heard it) I’ve listened to everything from urban jazz to Rush to Queensryche depending on what’s going on in my noggin’ that day. Sometimes even no music

  8. Maybe it’s cause I’m from South Carolina and transplanted to sunny San Diego via USN but Hip Hop (Not that MTV little wayne bullshit) offers way more drive, rhythm and focus for me to decimate. Don’t get me wrong, I love old school power-metal and New York Hardcore but in the gym it’s gotta’ be Hip Hop

    In fact the newest playlist that gets me bouncing is…
    Big Moe-Barre Baby
    Dj Screw-Southside Groovin
    Three 6 Mafia-Hard out here for a pimp
    Bone Crusher-I aint never scared
    Rick Ross-Hustlin
    Aaron Cohen-Stanley Kubrick
    Waka Flocka Flame-Hard in da paint
    T.I.-Every chance I getDJay-Whoop that trick
    Three 6 Mafia-I gotta stay fly
    Aaron Cohen-Hate this
    Meek Mill-Im a Boss
    Tre Tha Truth-Choppa Talk
    Aaron Cohen-Hellen Keller

  9. Ya’ll need a LBEB Spotify account and create some playlists. Marshall has one, but no playlists. Shit will change the way you listen to music.

  10. Metalstep. Best of both worlds.

  11. But Metal IS drum based music. Just put on something with a 4/4 beat if you want to work to a rhythm. I find the aggression from metal empowering. I am going in there to pull and push weights, not to cuddle them.

  12. Why wouldn’t you want to be angry and full of rage when lifting? We should lift while in a pleasant mood? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. This post is like saying that if you don’t eat sweet potatoes you won’t get as big and strong than those who eat white potatoes.

    Eat what you like, pick the songs that get you pumped, and lift.

    P.S. I live in NYC and most of the mean-mugging comes from assholes rapping out loud while benching 275 wearing ankle weights…

  14. I listen to epic classical type music Like requiem for a tower and the group Two Steps From Hell and than some techno just to change it up a bit so im not listening to metal everyday

  15. Spice 1 – Amerikkka’s Nightmare in its entirety
    Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli in its entirety
    all you need. I do listen to hella heavy hardcore as well though. haha.

  16. Well this blog has really taken a dive….

  17. Only listen to metal while training…hmmm I ain’t heard a that

  18. Metallica is the best

  19. Oh man, seriously. Loud as possible, dance music that you don’t give two fucks about is the best. Gets you pumped but is so easy to tune out when you’re dialing in your breathing for a big lift.

  20. Good post. Historically though—I’ve always thought this was fascinating—the Spartans mainly marched into battle with the music of flutes. If you’re curious I’d be happy to provide references, which I don’t remember off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it comes up in Plutarch’s Parallel Lives.

  21. I absolutely LOVE that all 3 songs on this post are HOUSTON legends. People say Houston has no impact on the hip hop world, but all popular music now a days is inspired by these same Houston legends.

    R.I.P Hawk, Moe, Screw

    UGK+SUC 4 life!

  22. Lift to what makes you feel motivated. Whether it be rap, metal, grunge, country. I do agree having a nice varied playlist can help. After hearing the 5th or 6th Meshuggah song it gets a little repetitive.

  23. I’ma second AndrewResendez, I’m a newer lifter but I am from Houston, and I do listen to a lot of hip hop when I lift.

    Still good to see some H-town being recognized.

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