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Why I Am Starting This Blog

Good morning loyal subjects, this is my first blog post, on my first blog, after years of saying I would never start a blog, it looks like I caved in. I may as well tell you a little about myself, and why I started this blog.

I am 23 years old, recently married, currently trying to attain my Bachelors in Strategic Communications, I am a huge fan of eating amazing food, especially food that my wife cooks,  and  I am an avid Crossfitter but have recently started to focus more on Strength and explosive speed, specifically the Powerlifts and Oly Lifts.
I love Crossfit, I think it is a great program and a great way to include people of all ages and backgrounds in a comprehensive fitness program. However, there are 3 main points of the Crossfit program that just don’t sit right with me:

1) Kipping Pull-Up vs. Strict (This topic has been beaten to death, resurrected, and beaten again)
2)High Repping Oly Lifts (Encourages decreasing good form and potential injury inducing)
3)Lack of Focused Programming 

Concerning #3, I know that this is what Crossfit is all about, But i prefer a goal to work towards, rather than doing one movement once or twice a month.

I also have decided to eat a very relaxed version of Paleo,  I also think the paleo diet is great and is what a lot of people need. But I am 6 foot 5 inches, and 230 pounds, and the last time I did paleo, I lost almost 17 pounds, which is the opposite of what i wanted. It is simply too hard on my wallet to get the 5000+ calories i need every day just to maintain my weight, much less add muscle, from eating strict paleo. Another reason is that my wife is an amazing cook, and can make some of the most epic meals ever, they almost bring a tear to my eye. She cooks everything from scratch, and always uses fresh ingredients (we dont eat anything packaged), so if there is some flour in the recipe or noodles, that is fine with me. I simply cannot get enough carbohydrates from a paleo diet, but if it works for you, then go for it.

In closing, this blog will focus on 4 main things, with possible divergences, the 4 topics include:

1) Progessions In My Lifts and CF WOD Times
2) The Meals My Wife Makes (Which Will Make You A Man)
3) Articles and Videos From Fellow Lifters and Websites That Inspire Me
4) Ranting and Raving About The Everyday World Which Pisses Me Off.

To finish off this post, Here is a picture of the best meatballs ever made(grass-fed beef, chicken sausage, duck eggs, spices, etc…), and 6 pounds of heavenly pulled pork. To quote one of my favorite sites “”,

“Eating is training. Beowulf had Grendel. We have Mongolian and Chinese buffets. If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.”



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